Best Things On The Internet: Election Memes

I know elections are very serious matters, and this year’s especially so. America is in quite a gross situation and it’s very sad to see how ridiculous things have gotten. Donald Trump is a disgusting, unacceptable bigot and I can’t believe there are Americans who honestly support that.

But I am not American. I am Canadian, and therefore, I’m allowed to sit back and just laugh a little. I don’t really have a huge interest in politics, especially American ones, so one thing making this election less boring is the internet. The memes and jokes that have come out of this election have been top notch, so I’ve decided to share my favorites regarding the finale two nominations.

This is…disturbing.

Jim Halpert’s glances into the camera are so iconic! And I love that somebody edited the image!

The fact that two of these are High School Musical songs amuses me greatly. But what’s better than reading these? Hearing them!

Classic. CLASSIC.

I shared this before, but it’s totally worth sharing again. This video is a few months old too. I’m sure it could be twice the length by now!

Image result for hillary clinton 2016 memes

Even I could tell she (and her campaign team) were trying just a bit too hard to appeal to the younger generation.

Bad Lip Readings are ALWAYS funny. That ‘Time To Act’ part was hilarious!

Image result for donald trump election memes

So I leave you with this:

I hope these brightened your day a little. I know that I have readers from all over the world, but on the off chance that I have any readers who are undecided of-age Americans, I urge you to vote for Hillary because things will be awful if Trump is elected. He’s the worst. I do a great job keeping my opinions on politics and religion to myself online, but I figured I had to take this one opportunity.

Anyways, feel free to send me any other election memes you like. I forced myself to keep this post about the leading two, because if I had expanded to the whole election, this whole post would be all Ted Cruz. The internet had a field day with him.

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12 thoughts on “Best Things On The Internet: Election Memes

  1. I got a good laugh from these — but then had to stop because I’m American and this election is a huge pile of garbage :/ How on earth did this happen?!

    But seriously — great memes 🙂

  2. Loved this. The Shrek/Donald Trump one was my favorite. In all seriousness, I am from America and the state of our election is so sad it is almost comical and it is interesting to see how people in other countries look at us and what we are going through!

    • I know I’m not supposed to tell anyone who to vote for, but voting for an independent will do nothing except waste a vote. The stakes are so high and the competition is so fierce between the top two that every vote matters when it comes to them.

      • One of them is qualified but I don’t agree with her policies, and the other is nothing but a joke. I want to be able to sleep at night, so I’ll be voting for the Libertarian,

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