Embracing The Future And A Lack Of Expiry Dates

Next week I start a new job! I am excited because it’s a new chapter in my life, and it’s a job in my field so it’s something that I’m trained to do (which is very satisfying after four years of school) but I’m also a little nervous because this new chapter doesn’t have something I’ve always had in almost all aspects of my life: an expiry date.

High school was always four years and university was four as well. Had I decided to do a Masters, even that would have only been another year or two at the most. Any job I’ve ever had has only been for a summer, excluding the paper route my brother and I shared, but I knew I obviously wouldn’t be doing that forever (thought the six years I did do it for felt like it). In high school, I knew my time living with my parents would end when I went to university, and I also knew that my time living in my university city would also likely end when I graduated.

That's the plan gif

But now…now things are different and I don’t have an expiry date. This new job I have has career potential. I could stay with this company and in this field for the rest of my life. Who knows when I’ll be moving out of my parents’ house now. Who knows what my life will look like now. This is both daunting and exhilarating. The future is open, and I need to embrace it. It’s all I can do.

And to do this, I think I’m maybe subconsciously closing doors to the past. I spent this past week, my last week of Being An Unemployed New Grad, playing video games. Specifically, video games I never beat as a kid. On a whim, I dug out my old Gameboy and Nintendo DS, and I’m having a good time. I beat Zelda: Minish Cap, Super Princess Peach, and I’m almost done Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of The Sky. After that, I think I’ll tackle The Legendary Starfy. I haven’t touched these games in eight or nine years, and aside from the two-week long Pokemon stint a few years ago, I haven’t played any video game for that matter. But they were a big part of my childhood, and I’m finally beating them. It’s a fitting way to spend my week and end my time before I enter the big, scary, and limitless world of Adulthood.

Entering adulthood

And besides, there are plenty of other things in my life that don’t have expiry dates. This blog, some friendships, the MCU, my love for pizza…

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post of new-job jitters. I’m going to be honest, I spent so much time playing video games, that it’s really all I have to share this week anyway. But if you’re at a point where you’re starting a new chapter in your life, know you’re not alone, and we can all embrace the future together. Life comes at you fast.

That’s all for now!


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High School Clichés In Movies

Lately I’ve been obsessively listening to the Broadway Mean Girls soundtrack (it’s good stuff, y’all–listen to it here), and there’s one song called ‘Where Do You Belong’ that isn’t even in my top five songs of the show, but I’ve had it stuck in my head a lot. It’s a really showtune-y song and it’s really fun, but the reason I’m talking about it is because it’s all about finding and sticking with your clique in high school. If you’ve seen the Mean Girls movie, you’d know that it heavily relied on the concept of high school clichés and cliques.

Mean Girls isn’t the only movie to feature this. If you’ve seen any high school-set piece of media, you’d know what I’m talking about. High schools in America all apparently have these popularity hierarchies with football players, cheerleaders, and mean girls at the top and band geeks or nerds at the bottom with everyone else living precariously in the middle, afraid to disrupt the order.

Stick to the status quo gif
High School Musical had a whole song about it!

And I say “America” because I am Canadian and this high school set up is so weird to me. My high school wasn’t like that at all. I mean, we didn’t have football players or cheerleaders, but we did have more well-known kids (I wouldn’t say ‘popular’) and kids who played Yu-gi-oh before class and musical theater kids. But there was no set hierarchy that dictated the way we behaved. There was no pronounced bullying. I’m not saying we were all BFFs with each other, but there were no clear cliques. We were just kind of friends with who we wanted to be friends with. That’s why I’ve never really identified with high schools portrayed in media because they all seemed so hellish and unnecessary.

Are American high schools really like the way they seem in movies and TV? Do football players really run the show? Do the hallways really part when popular kids stroll through? I’ve considered that perhaps my high school was just an anomaly and other Canadian schools may align with the media, especially given that I went to a Catholic school in a largely middle-class town, so I asked around. Overall, people said that there were popular kids (often athletes) and some mild bullying, but nothing strongly resembling the movies. To be fair, I only asked like ten people, and I think they all went to school in the same province as I did, so I know it’s not concrete data, but still. I also asked a couple of American internet friends, and while they said their high schools were a bit more clichéd, it still wasn’t as dramatic.

So, now the questions remain: are there high schools where people are labeled and forced into hierarchical cliques and football players are local celebrities? And if not, why does movie after movie perpetuate this idea? What’s fun or smart about portraying a wildly unrealistic setting? Isn’t the point of high school-set media to make it relatable to everyone because we all went to high school?

I don't get it gif

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so let me know what country you went to high school in and what that experience was/is like.


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Monthly Look Ahead: July 2018

We’re officially more than halfway through the year, and that’s wild. Now it’s July, and I don’t have a lot lined up, but that’s alright. Here’s what’s getting me out of bed:

monthly look ahead logo

  • As I do every Canada Day, I’m going with my best friend and her family to a BBQ where we can hang and socialize and watch fireworks.
  • Ant-Man And The Wasp comes out on the 6th. The first Ant-Man movie wasn’t my favourite of all the MCU films, but I didn’t hate it. Not to mention that this new movie is getting some good early reviews. After Infinity War, it’s clear that I’ll watch everything Marvel throws at me, so I’m ready for some Ant-Man.
  • But the movie I’m most excited for is Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again on the 20th because Mamma Mia is my favourite musical, and I enjoyed the movie (even if it was a little cheesy) so I’m excited to see what happens next. We haven’t set a date or anything, but I suggested going to see it with my mom, my best friend, and her mom.
    Mamma Mia 2 poster
  • Later this month is SDCC, an event that I’m once again very far away from, but am still excited to experience over Twitter. Give me ALL the TV show news!
  • I might be going with my parents and some family friends for a little annual weekend getaway. My presence is not confirmed yet, but if I’m able to go, I will, and I will enjoy it.
  • Getting a job??????

And there ya have it, folks. July is set to be decent, and that is all I can ask for. What do you have going on this month? Let me know!


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That Time I Had A Mosquito In My Ear

I currently have about seven mosquito bites on the back of my thigh, right under my butt, which is a really awful spot for scratching. I don’t know when I got them but I have on my longest shorts to cover them up. But would you believe that this isn’t the worst mosquito-related incident I’ve ever faced? As you can tell from the title, I once had a mosquito in my ear, and I thought it’d be a fun story to tell. If YouTubers can do random storytimes, so can I.

So this happened when I was maybe eight or nine years old and I was in bed trying to fall asleep. But I couldn’t because this sound kept me awake. Every minute or two, I’d hear this really weird sound that was loud and clear and unusual. It sounded like a single twang of a guitar string with a slight echo. Considering that I don’t own a guitar, it was a really odd sound to be hearing in my room, especially with such clarity. So I called out for my mom.

Calling for mom

Mom came in and was a little concerned about this information. I’m not one to cry wolf, but she couldn’t hear the sound when I still clearly could. What do you do when your daughter claims to hear guitar strums at night? I turned on my little lamp and she sat right next to me, but she still couldn’t hear it. I remember her even pressing her ear to my ear and still not hearing it. Eventually we resorted to kind of shaking my head around and rubbing my ear. I guess that worked because I couldn’t hear the sound after several minutes of us sitting there, listening in silence.

And then Mom noticed something on the wall. She turned on the overhead light and we both stared at a very large mosquito. We kind of both clued in at the same time: the mosquito must have been in my ear. Luckily, it didn’t bite me in there or lay eggs or anything, but it was still creepy to experience. I hate bugs (though I suppose mosquitos aren’t the worst compared to others) so having one inside me was weird, and it took me a while to fall asleep after that.

Kimmy Schmit survived

So that’s the story of when I had a mosquito in my ear. There’s not really a moral here except like, maybe don’t let mosquitos into your house? I’ve often considered sharing random stories here–is this a thing you’d want to read? I don’t have that many, but it’s an easy blog post, and I like when things are easy.

That’s all for now!

P.S. Speaking of mosquitos, do you use heat on mosquito bites? We have this thing that my family calls The Heat Thing (see below) and it just applies heat to your bite which is supposed to soothe it, and I don’t know if I believe it works. I feel like it’s a placebo. Thoughts?

Mosquito bite heat thing
Our Heat Thing is black, but this is similar.

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Is There Such Thing As A Perfect TV Wedding?

Another year of TV has recently come to a close, and this year, I was treated to four TV weddings. Of these four TV weddings, only one of them went somewhat as planned, and even that is a bit of a stretch. Haven’t you noticed how TV weddings can never go right? There’s always gotta be something that happens, something that messes up what is supposed to be the most magical event of these characters’ lives.

Fitzsimmons' wedding on Agents Of SHIELD
While Fitz and Simmons’ wedding did go according to the last minute plan, there’s no way it’s the wedding either of them wanted to have. Their real-life families weren’t there, Yo-yo wasn’t present, Lance and Bobbi were missing…it was cute and all, but it wasn’t perfect.

I feel so bad for all these fictional characters. I mean, I myself have not gotten married, but I imagine that when I do things will go as planned, and if things did go awry, they’d be very small, insignificant things like an awkward 10-second break in between songs or a glass breaking accidentally. Things that when my future attractive husband and I look back on the event we won’t really remember or care about because everything else came together perfectly.

But TV characters don’t get that luxury because TV weddings always go wrong. Always. Why is that? Why can’t we just get a nice event where it all goes right? Do networks think that’s boring? Because I’m at the point now where wedding mishaps are what’s boring me. Oh, a literal last-minute unexpected venue change? Wowee. I can’t even enjoy the events because I’m just so annoyed to watch yet another TV wedding go awry only to have it come together in a ‘cute’ way at the very end. We have to sit there and pretend that the ‘cute’ way is more meaningful and special and it’s all good when it is NOT all good. It is not all good at all, because if those ‘cute’ little weddings happened in real life to real life people who spent real life time and money planning their dream wedding, it would suck to have it all be messed up on the day of.

I did a count, and I have seen 28 TV weddings over 16 shows (give or take a few, and I’m not counting shows where there were only quick clips of a wedding like This Is Us or The Middle). Of those shows, 8 are comedies and the others are actions/dramas. Of course, not every wedding from those 28 were complete messes. Barney and Robin’s wedding in How I Met Your Mother goes over smoothly except for the fact that both of them had major pre-wedding jitters. Chandler and Monica’s wedding in Friends also goes well except that Joey arrives in a soldier costume from filming and does an awful job as the minister, and the reception is largely overshadowed among the three girls by Rachel’s pregnancy. Brittany and Santana’s wedding on Glee also goes well, except Kurt and Blaine spontaneously got married alongside them, so though they gave the go-ahead, it was clearly not what they planned for.

The only two TV weddings that I can think of that go essentially perfectly in terms of who attends and how it happens are Jane and Kurt’s on Blindspot (though we didn’t really see the wedding, only a quick montage and later some recordings) and Burt and Carole’s on Glee. Burt and Carole weren’t even main characters; they were hardly secondary characters. Isn’t it sad that those are the only two TV weddings that I can think of that go completely well?

Burt and Carole getting married on Glee

Can you think of other TV weddings that go perfectly? Because if you can, cherish them for defying the genre and odds. Relish in their easiness because who knows when we’ll see another one again. And in case a TV writer is for some reason reading this post, know that I for one would really appreciate seeing nice TV weddings that go according to plan. We root for these characters, and in some cases, their lives are stressful enough, so they at the very least deserve to have a nice wedding day. We as viewers deserve that too. Please.

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