This Blog Is 6 Years Old!

I don’t really celebrate my blog’s anniversary (blogiversary, as some call it) aside from maybe a sappy tweet on the day, if I can remember (and usually I don’t). But this time I figured I would. Six isn’t even a fun milestone to celebrate, but so what? We still celebrate all human birthdays and anniversaries. I’m really proud of my blog, so today you get this post from me.

Though technically my blog turns six tomorrow. But I was due for a post today.

celebrate gif.

Last year when I was job hunting, my blog would come up a lot in interviews, not just because it’s a hobby but because I work in marketing/content creation, so it’s useful to talk about. One thing I always stressed when mentioning it was that I’ve done at least one post every single week. And when you think about it, that’s wild. Like, I’m so proud of that. For six years, throughout school, jobs, holidays, sicknesses, whatever else, I’ve still managed to get a post out each week, and I never had to resort to a really, really short one or resharing an old one to get by (though I’ve come close a few times!).

In the pandemic and during my time unemployed, still having a blog to maintain was great as a constant thing. It forced me to still do something ‘productive’ and allowed me to connect with people beyond my small real-life circle.

I’m also so proud of my attitude towards my blog. It’s healthy. Perhaps my most healthy hobby, actually. I’m realistic with my posts, my interactions, my goals, and I for the most part don’t get hung up on stats or other people’s successes. I know exactly where I stand. I think it’s so easy in the blogosphere to lose sight of why you started blogging or fall into some unhealthy mindsets, so I’m glad I’ve been able to kind of stay on my own path and do what makes me happy.

Animated gif in collection by elle sutton on We Heart It

I’ve been able to write about so much and it’s been really cool to know that people enjoy it despite the randomness and will go out of their way to leave comments or tell me how much they like my posts. I don’t take that for granted at all.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say today. Yay me. Yay coolbeans. Yay you for reading!


That’s all for now!


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What I Don’t Blog About

I blog about a lot of stuff. I purposely made my blog fairly niche-less so I could write about anything, from serious thought-provoking topics to dumb rants. I’m so glad that I have an audience who accepts this from me because I love to do it and I love the freedom I have to do it.

But just because I am open and have written about a lot, it doesn’t mean everything is on the table. I don’t lie and I don’t censor myself that much, but I am very aware of how and what I present.

I Know What I'm Doing gif.

It comes down to readers. I know my mother, for example, is a reader of my blog, so I’ll avoid talking about things that will incite a conversation. Both my parents are kind of conservative and the kind of parents who will turn a joke into a lecture, so it’s just easier to avoid some things altogether.

I also have links/references to my blog on LinkedIn and my resume, and it often came up in job interviews, so I know that potential bosses and coworkers read it, so I do try to be, for the most part, professional and mature. Some stuff isn’t even bad per se, but I don’t want or need people I work with professionally knowing things about me or having the power to know things that don’t relate to work or align with the relationship. Example: I do occasionally drink alcohol and though I am very responsible with it and am always the soberest person at a party, I don’t need a boss knowing about parties I go to, even if it’s normal and reasonable for someone my age to do this.

And speaking of relationships: friends read my blog. I share posts on Facebook once in a while and I know some friends read my blog regularly. Therefore, I’m always sure to protect identities and careful that I’m not sharing anything that could cause conflict or awkwardness. One time I was talking to a friend about a guy I had a crush on. This friend suggested I blog about it as it was relatable and something I didn’t often talk about. I shut down that suggestion real quick because the specifics of the crush were too specific, and I couldn’t risk that as my blog was known to this guy.

FRIENDS cute guy.
Forever mood.

Then there’s also stuff I don’t share that protects my identity. While I do have friends and family read my blog, most of my readers are strangers all around the world, and that is really cool but also scares me. I don’t use my full name and I don’t post pictures of myself. While I know that I probably can safely as many do, and I know that not doing so does make some of you be a little skeptical of me, it’s still something I choose to do for my own comfort. So I am purposely vague on some details or just choose not to share certain things.

And as much as I am honest and don’t shy away from getting deep when I need to, I also sometimes worry if I come across as too whiny or too victimized when talking about things like friendships or life issues. I know I’m not the most positive person and sometimes my attempts at being real could be off-putting. I want to be relatable, but not annoying and not repetitive. So often some of the more serious posts get more edits than other posts just so my feelings aren’t as prevalent or boohoo-y.

This is getting too real gif.

Lastly, I stay mostly in my lane when it comes to politics or stuff like that, not that this blog is ever that political. I’m a white cis neurotypical middle-class female who has lived a pretty sheltered life and luckily hasn’t had many life struggles, so who am I to speak on anything outside of that realm when others more important have said it first and better. When I need to link resources from people who deserve to be heard more, I absolutely do. But for the most part, I stay away from ‘controversial’ topics. It’s just not what this blog is about.

Otherwise, that’s basically it. There’s still a lot of room for my nonsense and rants and reviews and thoughts. And who knows, maybe down the line, things will change. As I develop as a human and as my life goes on, some things I’m not comfortable diving into now may change. Who’s to say. Guess you’ll have to stick around and see.


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Negative Commentary For The Fun Of It

I watch a considerable number of commentary YouTubers. Some that I watch talk about specific topics and some just react to anything or will comment on a variety of things. I appreciate anyone who can get their point across well and do it in an entertaining, well-researched way. That’s why I spend a lot of time watching that kind of content, and that’s why I enjoy reading that kind of content in blog form too.

I love stuff like that gif.

One YouTuber I watch is named Nick DiRamio, and he does a series called Clip Breakdown where he analyzes movies/TV shows/music videos and reacts to them and explains what they could do to be better. He’s very funny and smart, and I enjoy his commentary. Recently, he did videos on the music careers of Niki and Gabi De Martino (they’re twins and YouTubers, but you don’t need to know who they are. They’re not relevant to this post at all). Nick, with good reason, tore into Gabi’s messy music videos, but for Niki’s he prefaced his video by saying he overall liked her video style and her music, and throughout his commentary, he kept highlighting good things she did and how much he enjoyed them.

And for some reason, seeing a commentary YouTuber who has more positive things to say than negative took me by surprise. It got me thinking about the commentary genre. On YouTube specifically, since people are usually there for entertainment, it’s really easy to get cheap laughs by ragging on something objectively bad. It’s like why people purposely go watch bad movies because they can enjoy how bad it is.

I understand why these YouTube funny people do it because there’s literally an unlimited pile of bad/cringy things to make fun of, but I’m now wondering if there are lasting effects of this. Are people constantly looking for things to dislike or reasons to ruin a piece of media? Are people who do like things being made to feel bad for liking it? Are people unable to enjoy bad media? Are people becoming overall more negative because we’re used to everything being hated on?

Something To Think About GIF.

In a similar sense, it’s like how in the news, there’s often a lot of bad news rather than good news. Obviously, that can’t be helped as much, but it is worth considering. How many people have built their careers off of being negative and tearing into things others made with (hopefully) love?

As a person on the internet, I’m thinking about my part in it too. I blog reviews on things sometimes, or I’ll Tweet out my thoughts on a movie, and while I won’t pretend that bad things are good just for the sake of it, I do think I’m overall mostly positive. Often when I talk about media, it’s things I love and want others to love too. Maybe I’d do more of the negative stuff if I was making bank from it the way YouTubers do, but who’s to say. To that point, I do think a lot of people who do this professionally do it because it works, algorithmically. But is it right? Let’s refer back to my lasting effects questions.

We are living in a dark, dark age, and you are part of the  problem. GIF.

I’m not saying we should all stop watching things/YouTubers who are consistently negative or making fun of things, but I at least am being a little bit more conscious about how much of it I take in. And I’m also reminding myself that one person’s opinion doesn’t matter, and if some random adult on the internet says something I like (or liked, as often it’s children’s media that is getting torn apart) is bad, I don’t have to agree, nor do I have to explain why I don’t agree.

Do you have thoughts on this topic? I’d love to hear them!


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Temporary Friends

I knew this girl in high school who I considered a close friend at the time. We had shared interests, and we were always joking around when we had a class together. A mutual friend, though, described this girl as someone who would be your best friend but only when it was convenient for her. So as soon as that class ended and extra effort had to be made to interact, she’d drop you and move on to whoever was next. This wasn’t an inaccurate description of the friendship, and for a while I was mad that I let myself be played like that.

Best Wow Ok Lee Howon GIFs | Gfycat

But, to some extent, don’t we all do this? Like, sure, could she have put in more effort to maintain friendships outside of class? Could she have maybe been less chummy while we were together, especially if she thought of me as disposable? Maybe. But looking back, I think she was just making the most of the situations she was in, and it’s perhaps partly on me to not get so attached.

In a perfect world, we carry the friends we make throughout our whole lives. We grow together and give each other what we need and never let each other down. But this is not a perfect world. We change, we lose friends, we make friends, we adjust, we figure ourselves out. It’s how life is. I’ve realized that I’m perhaps more needy in terms of my friendships. I would love for the people I care about to want to be with me as much as I want to be with them. I would love for them to make me a priority and really go out of their way to show that. Unfortunately, this is not realistic and not my reality with most people, and I accept this, though it does mean I’ve had to think hard about my friendships.

Kate Mckinnon Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

Between school friends, childhood friends, internet friends, coworkers, and whoever else, it’s impossible for every nice friendship you ever have to last decades and be consistently strong. It’s not a personal attack when things fade or end. Because in a lot of cases, we’re all just making the most of our lives in that moment. If a sucky summer job can be made better by a goofy coworker, then hell yeah! If a school project can be made better by a competent partner you bond with, then way to go! We should appreciate what these people bring at that time without worrying about what it’ll be like in five years. We should learn from them, take the good aspects, and carry it with us into the future. It doesn’t mean that either party is a bad friend. And we should be able to look back with fondness at that time and remember those people not as ex-friends who abandoned us or played us, but as people we connected with once and now wish well.

There are people in my life now who I doubt I’ll still have contact with in 10 years. Because of a temporary situation or just changing styles, I know it’s likely that eventually we won’t have time or a desire to interact as much or at all, and there probably won’t be a dramatic and conclusive ending to the friendship. Of course this makes me sad, but rather than being pre-upset over this, I’m trying to make the most of this time and enjoy these bonds I’ve made for now. Who cares if we’re all just each other’s temporary friends? Life is full of them, and I want to be remembered as a good one.

Accept It GIFs | Tenor

I think temporary friends is a concept that should be more normalized. I’m not saying you shouldn’t put in an effort to maintain friendships with the people you care about (because you definitely should, and I know I can work on this too), but the idea that people can be in your life for a short time without hurt feelings should be okay. I’m prone to feeling like I’m the problem common denominator in many failed or weak friendships, but maybe those people were never meant to be in my life long term. They were always just meant to get me through that time in a nice way, and that’s okay.

As Glinda and Elphaba said, “because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”


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A Dragon Rant Because I Dislike Sisu’s Look

My friend called me a “dragon purist” recently after they had to sit through two different rants from yours truly about how silly the dragon Sisu in that new Disney movie Raya And The Last Dragon looks.

So maybe I am a dragon purist? Like, sorry I don’t want whatever this is.

The dragon from Raya And The Last Dragon.

The body of a greyhound, the horn of a unicorn, the snout of a wolf, and the fur of a main coon cat. This is not a dragon.

While, yes, I prefer that dragons have scales and wings, I totally respect that a lot of dragon designs from Asian cultures are different. I own several dragon things that are of this style. They’re still incredibly beautiful yet fierce. Most importantly, they still look like dragons. See below.

Chinese Dragon. A Japanese Dragon.

Chinese New Year Dragon. The Dragon-Phoenix on treasures of the Nguyen dynasty.

Another reason why I was called a dragon purist is because we were looking at this chart of different dragon types, and I expressed how some of these, like the ones without arms, are poor excuses for dragons.

Dragon type chart

Are we really gonna sit here and say a Wrym is a dragon? That’s a snake.

Anyway, here is a list of the dragons from media I don’t like, based on looks only:

  • Sisu from Raya And The Last Dragon
  • the dragon from The Neverending Story
  • the dragons from Zelda: Skyward Sword

Here’s a list of dragons from media that could be better but could be worse, based on looks only:

  • Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon (sorry, he’s too goofy looking!)
  • the dragon from Spirited Away
  • Mushu from Mulan
  • the dragon from Pete’s Dragon (both versions)

And lastly, here’s a list of dragons from media that I like, based on looks only:

  • Dragon from Shrek
  • the dragons from Harry Potter
  • Smaug from The Hobbit
  • Saphira from Eragon 
  • Spyro
  • the dragons from Game Of Thrones*
  • the dragons from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

So, to summarize, I am very passionate about this, in case you haven’t noticed, and I’m big time mad that Disney had a chance to have a really cool dragon as a main aspect of the movie, and they chose to make it look so bad. Not to mention that since it’s voiced by Awkwafina (who under other circumstances I don’t have an issue with) the dragon will be Quirky™. I mean, this was concept art Disney showed in 2019, which I like a lot better!
Sisu concept art being presented.

And this is allegedly early concept art from someone who worked on the movie, but I can’t confirm this. Still very cool and fierce.
Raya and the Last Dragon - Sisu Concept Art by Scott Watanabe - Raya and the Last Dragon Photo (43813111) - Fanpop

They actively went worse, and for what? So kids would buy more merch? I don’t know, but I am appalled.

What do you think about Sisu from Raya And The Last Dragon? What dragons in media do you enjoy visually?


* P.S. here is a supercut of just the dragon scenes in Game Of Thrones in case you’re like me and don’t care for the show but want to still see some cool dragons!


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