Don’t Make Director’s Cuts A Thing

I was very surprised when a Synder cut of the 2018 DC movie Justice League was announced. While I didn’t hate the first version, I knew it could have been better, and this Snyder cut promised to do it all and more. But then I watched all four hours of it, and while it was more, I don’t think I can say it was all that. Between the weird colouring, the 20 minute dream sequence, the dumb timeline-messing save, and the random villagers singing, this version of the movie really made some wild choices that I’m glad the studio or apparent trash human Joss Whedon decided to remove years ago.

confused man gif.
Me watching that dream sequence

The Snyder cut obviously took advantage of the at-home delivery by making it six parts over four hours, which is fine, but I think that a) you therefore can’t compare it to other movies because you got two more hours to tell a more fleshed out story and b) even if you edited it down to a reasonable movie length, this version wasn’t that much better. Parts of it sure were, like the explanation of the cubes or Cyborg’s story, but as a whole, I was disappointed. I kind of expected this to be like The Best Movie because it was hyped up to be Authenticly Snyder’s Untold Story and Undoing How Awful Joss Was, but I guess that’s on me for having a high standard. It was better, but it wasn’t worth the years of campaigning.

And that’s why I’m very wary of this new hype train of other directors cuts that may or may not exist. I know some of it is just memeing like this TikTok, but still. I’ve seen far too many headlines saying that there are hours more footage of some movie no one wants to see more of or that studios are considering doing more director’s cuts of other things or that fans are campaigning for other ones. It’s probably not true, but just in case, here’s my official statement: no thanks.

that's a real quick no. gif.

I won’t pretend to know how much involvement movie studios have in final plot or editing, but based on my limited knowledge and my eyes during Snyder Cut, I can’t imagine that this is a useful direction (pun intended) for the film industry. If a studio can’t deliver me the absolute best version of a movie the first time, then they gotta live with that shame and possible financial loss. You can’t just keep pumping out different versions to appease people. As they say, that’s show biz. Justice League may have been a special case because of the crisis in Snyder’s life during original filming, forcing Whedon has to take over, but for other movies that didn’t have something similar going on, I just feel like there’s no excuse.

And who is this even for? The fans? I have trouble believing that, because I feel like if fan satisfaction were the ultimate goal, they wouldn’t have given us garbage to begin with. Is it for the directors? Giving them their moment to shine? Unlikely. So I guess this just smells like a big ol’ cash grab.

Am I Wrong GIF.

The only version of a director’s cut I’m not opposed to is what Lord Of The Rings did. They had the extra stuff as an optional bonus DVD feature that didn’t negate the regular normal-length theatrical release. If studios want to give us that (though without DVDs, it’s just bonus content on streaming services), then sure. Whatever.

Director’s cut? More like cut that nonsense out before it starts please.

Thoughts? Did you enjoy the Snyder cut of Justice League? Is there a movie you want a director’s cut of?


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The State Of Romcoms

Like a lot of people, I enjoy romcoms (romantic comedy movies, for anyone who lives under a rock). I think they’re great and fun and cute. Some are so iconic and everyone knows them, or parts of them at least, to the point where they’re sometimes more relevant in pop culture than big blockbuster movies that made twice as much money in theaters.

I love romcoms gif.

But I think romcoms and their popularity and purpose has changed a bit over the years. There certainly still are romcoms being made in recent years that are well done and overall enjoyed by their viewers, but I think that compared to the romcoms of yesteryears, they may not have that longevity and popularity years down the line.

It seems to me that romcoms really took off in the 90’s. There of course were some in the 80’s that checked the boxes of having romance and comedy, but a lot were the iconic teenage coming of age movies, and as much as they’re in many ways great in their own right, I don’t know if anyone’s calling Pretty In Pink a classic romcom, ya know? But in the late 80’s and leading right into the 90’s, that’s when romcoms really took off and made lasting marks on the genre. People like Huge Grant, Julia Roberts, and Meg Ryan became legends.

Notting Hill gif.

And then in the 2000s we got a wide mix of content. Romcoms may have kickstarted in the previous decade, but there were so many that were made in the 2000s, with old and new names joining in and contributing. Ones that stand out to me are Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, and Ryan Reynolds. Not all of the movies are worth talking about today still, but they were entertaining, and it is always fun nowadays to turn on the TV to find some old forgotten mid-2000’s romcom and recognize the whole cast (this happened recently with the movie View From The Top).

Off the backend of the 2000’s and going into the early 2010’s, I noticed that the number of romcoms started to dwindle and there was a shift in the kind of comedy (more hokey and dumb) as well as in the leads for the romcoms. I feel like they went from some big-name staples in the genre to being comprised of mostly people who, for some reason, either had or later did have a deep association with an NBC show (eg. Kristin Wig, Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, Steve Carell…).

Once in the 2010s, I don’t know if it was because of the 2000’s romcom overload or if the better movie technology just lead to more action movies being made instead, but there are not a lot of romcoms in this decade. There are some, and luckily for us all, some of the some are really good and favourites of mine, but I find that overall, the genre kind of died out. A lot of the ‘top romcoms’ listed in articles online are ones that I don’t find to be that memorable in terms of a movie and especially not in terms of a romance, like Easy A, Trainwreck, Silver Linings Playbook, or Sleeping With Other People. It’s too bad. The dozens of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies made every year prove that people aren’t opposed to watching simple romance in movies still.

Where Is The Love? GIF.
Me @ 2010’s “romcoms”

What will the romcom genre look like in the 2020’s? I don’t know and based on the trend, I don’t expect too much. A lot of the romcoms released in the last several years came from streaming services rather than theaters, and maybe that’s for the best as romcoms are best enjoyed at home rather than in a large theater. I also think a reason for a lack of recent romcoms is because there aren’t a lot of mid-20’s/early 30’s aged actors who are a) super popular and b) want to be the romcom legends of the era. There’s a good chunk of early 20’s people (Timothee Chalamet, Tom Holland, Zendaya, Noah Centineo, Hailee Steinfeld) who largely have already jumped into more edgy, action-packed big paycheque projects. 

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I don’t think the genre will die out at all, but I don’t know if anything made any time soon will be able to match some of the purity and quality of older romcoms and lines like “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her,” (even though I kind of find that line very cringe).

What are your thoughts on romcoms over the years? Do you enjoy modern ones just as much as 90’s classics? Do you think the genre is dead or dying?

powerful and relevant performance gif.
My mom, rewatching Love Actually for the 1000th time

That’s all for now!


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I Love Cheesy Christmas Movies So I Started A Database

Every year, I watch a gross number of those cheesy Hallmark Christmas romance movies. There’ve been days where I’d literally watch like four or five of them in a row, so you could imagine that in two months I could hit big numbers some years.

Sometimes I just want to see abnormally good-looking people fall into a wildly quick romance just in time for the holidays. Is it because I would like to fall into my own wildly quick romance just in time for the holidays? Partly, sure, but also partly because I just like the escape and the simple stories. They’re dumb and silly and predictable and everything you don’t want a movie to be, but I still enjoy them. I love Christmas, and they’re always so festive and cheery, and some are really cute. All in all, you know what you come for, and you almost always get it. Honestly, what other genre delivers with basically 100% success?

Quality gif.

And because these movies are so silly, they can be entertaining on your own or with others. I’ll watch them with my parents sometimes, and it’s always fun to guess the weak plot twists or laugh about how we can always tell when this fresh couple will face some challenges because they kiss too early in the movie.

This post was originally just going to be me justifying my love for these movies, but then a friend asked for some movie recommendations. Over the years I’ve watched about 140 of them (if my records are correct), yet I struggled to give good reccs because the movies blurred together. So I started a database of sorts. Every time I watch a cheesy Christmas movie, I’ll rate it, and that info is there not just for future me but for you too, so you can skip the bad ones and enjoy the quality!

You can also view it here and bookmark it so you can search and access it easily next year too if you’d like.

So elephant in the room: are most of these movies starring straight, skinny white people? Yep. This genre is notoriously low on anything else. POC are almost always the sidekicks. Last year there were a few Hallmark movies with Judaism, and I did see one of them, but I read that Jewish people weren’t thrilled with some of the messaging in them, and that’s valid. I also know of three gay Christmas movies out this year (though one isn’t Hallmark-y and one isn’t the focus of the movie), but it’s kind of surprising that it’s taken so long for those to be a thing. So I do acknowledge that there is a lot of room for improvement in these movies. There are only a few channels that air these, so I kind of just watch whatever’s on, but I’d like to see some more representation. Cheesy, unrealistic love at the holidays can be experienced by everyone, ya know?

We Should Get What We Deserve gif.

Anyway, if you like cheesy Christmas movies as much as I do, I hope you enjoy my database. I’ll be adding to it throughout the month and in years to come!

If you have any cheesy Christmas movie recommendations for me, please let me know!

That’s all for now!


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35 Favourite Movies That I 100% Recommend

I certainly do not consider myself a cinephile or anything like that and I know there are some very famous, classic films I have yet to see, but I think I’ve seen a decent chunk of movies in this world. I like movies. (Who doesn’t?)

I don’t have a definite top 10 of favourite movies, but I do have a general list of movies I enjoy and recommend to anyone who asks. Though so far, the only people who’ve ever asked is The Album and a wonderful lady from curling (who is probably reading this. Hi!).

Anyway, I know most of these movies I’m about to mention are ones you’ve probably seen as they’re mostly well-known, but I just want to gush in no particular order, so let me do it.

watching movies gif.

  • Begin Again– this is probably my favourite of them all. It’s sweet, it’s funny, got great music, and is just such a good watch. It’s a little indie but it’s got big names in it.
  • Tower Heist – who doesn’t love a good heist movie? I think this one is so smart and funny and I watch it every time it’s on TV.
  • About Time – just a fun romcom with a slight magical twist. If you don’t watch this movie and walk away just in love with Domhnall Gleeson, you’re a broken person.
  • Sing Street – from the same guy who gave us Begin Again, we get this fun ode to 80’s music and dreams.
  • Bridesmaids – I still laugh out loud every time I see it. It’s a really great comedy starring some really funny ladies at their best.
  • 13 Going On 30 – an absolute classic romcom that really deserves the hype it gets. It’s so pure.
  • Avengers – maybe it seems cheesy now that the MCU has grown so much, but I really loved this movie. It was a great intro to the characters (as I didn’t know much going in way back then) and really showed the power of bringing heroes together to fight. The action, the humor, the style, it was all on point.
    Avengers gif.
  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – I thought this movie was genuinely good. It opened up a new Potter-adjacent world to explore and the characters were great. The sequel wasn’t as good, but I have faith that the rest of the franchise could be decent.
  • Music And Lyrics – another movie about music, and said music is so good. Even ‘Pop! Goes My Heart’ which is supposed to be cheesy and kind of bad is actually a bop. I love the dynamic between the two leads.
  • Set It Up – yes, a Netflix Original Movie is on this list. I thought this movie was so cute and fun and feel-good. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, and I’m glad that Netflix can make some quality films when they try.
  • Into The Spiderverse – I dragged my feet on watching this because animated films are not really my vibe, but this was so well done! The animation style was so unique, the storytelling was well done, and it felt both familiar and new as a Spider-Man movie.
  • Mamma Mia – don’t judge me. The music, the acting, the aesthetics, the emotions….this musical is supreme and this movie deserves more love than it gets.
  • Edge Of Tomorrow – I watched this on fluke once and was so captivated. It’s so exciting and action-packed and puts a fun spin on the time loop trope. Part of me hopes there’ll be a sequel but part of me knows nothing can match it.
    Edge of tomorrow GIF - Find on GIFER
  • Age Of Adeline – this is a sweet romcom similar to About Time in that there’s a bit of a magical twist. It’s a feel-good movie.
  • The Way Way Back – I was browsing Netflix one night and saw that Steve Carell was in it, so I gave it a go and really enjoyed it. It’s a coming-of-age kind of movie, but not in a cringy sad way. It’s fun.
  • Frozen – I missed the Disney boat as a child, so this was one of the first Disney Princess movies I properly saw, and it was great! Very cute!
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy – no superhero movie has ever been or will ever be as fun as GOTG. It’s so funny and so iconic and the soundtrack absolutely slaps. Even if you don’t love superhero movies, this one is one to watch as you don’t need prior knowledge and it’s so entertaining.
  • Always Be My Maybe – yet another Netflix movie. I had heard good things online and sure enough, this romcom ended up being great. Usually comedians turned actors doesn’t impress me, but Ali Wong did in this.
  • Now You See Me – like Edge Of Tomorrow, this was another fluke watch that had me and my friends wide-eyed and gaping. The premise was interesting enough, but then it had a twist at the end that no one saw coming.
  • Palm Springs – this is the most recent addition to this list, as this is a Hulu movie that came out in July. It’s also a time loop movie, but it’s cute and fun in an unhinged, modern way.
  • Monsters Inc – this is my favourite Pixar movie. It’s so incredibly creative, quotable, and funny. Even as an adult, it impresses me to no end.
    monsters inc gif.
  • The Intern – not to be confused with mediocre comedy The Internship, this movie is a sweet one starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway.
  • Spy – no shade, but Melissa McCarthy movies are usually light hit or big miss, but this one was a big hit. She’s in a role unlike her normal ones and there’s action, but it’s not short on quality jokes either.
  • Pitch Perfect – the sequel and threequel aren’t amazing, but I thought this first movie was great. It made acapella cool for a whole generation, was funny, and had great music from both the girls and boys’ teams.
  • Evan Almighty – maybe because I was raised Catholic so I understand the whole biblical parody, but I do think this was a quality movie. It was funny.
  • Ferris Buller’s Day Off – another classic that has stood the test of time. That parade scene? Iconic.
  • Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle – I was ready to hate this because ugh reboots, but I found this to be actually very well done and entertaining.
  • Hidden Figures – this should have won the Oscar that year, and my father and I will die mad about it.
    Hidden Figures gif.
  • The Martian – who cares if it’s unrealistic, it’s an interesting movie set on Mars and I enjoyed it.
  • School Of Rock – this is, without a doubt, the role Jack Black was born to play. It’s amazing.
  • The Incredibles – another quality animated movie that’s so well done and exciting at any age. It was ahead of its time as far as superhero movies go.
  • Knives Out – Chris Evans in a thick sweater is only one reason to watch this movie. It’s an entertaining mystery movie that keeps you guessing along. I like it because it’s not creepy like a lot of mystery movies are.
  • Alice In Wonderland – I really enjoyed this live-action movie. It had a fun style and I adored Cheshire Cat. It was a good watch.
  • Mean Girls – this was just one of those movies that every girl I know has seen. It’s so iconic and timelessly funny.
  • The Devil Wears Prada – it’s iconic, and if you haven’t seen this, you live under a rock.

I’m sure there’s many more middle-grade but quality films I’ve forgotten to mention here, but overall, this is a solid list of movies I love and respect, and it’s not too late for you to love and respect them too. Spend quarantine watching some quality films that have been living rent-free in my heart for years!

And if you know of other movies similar to any of these that you think I’d like, let me know!

That’s all for now!


Guess who remembered a good movie three days after posting? Meeee. So every time I continue to remember, I shall update this post here.

  • Kingsman – don’t talk to me about the sequel, but the first movie was so fun and different and interesting, even if you don’t like spy movies.
  • Elf – usually Santa movies are kind of silly, but Will Ferrell’s Buddy is just so, so funny. The movie is so quotable and pure, and I enjoy it year-round.


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What I Didn’t Love About ‘Avengers: Endgame’

I saw Endgame a few weeks ago when it came out, and that night I wrote this post congratulating Marvel for their amazing accomplishment that is the MCU. What they did is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean it was flawless. After discussing the movie with friends and thinking it over from a less emotional standpoint, I think I’m able to explain why I personally liked the movie but did not love it. It’s still a great movie and I still love Marvel, but for a movie that’s closing out a 22 movie saga, it perhaps could have been less polarizing and more complete. (And yeah, there are spoilers here).

At first I thought my dislike was based around Tony’s death. He was the one character I desperately wanted to live, but I do understand that his death was full circle and he did get his years of happiness and he was the only one to be able to do what he did. It also wasn’t a death that the movie or Marvel took lightly, so I know they didn’t do it just for the surprise factor. But I am a little miffed that Tony died while Steve went on to live his ideal life.

Steve and Tony in Endgame.

And that bothered me not because I don’t want Steve to be happy, but because the time travel aspect of it felt incomplete. This movie did not do time travel well, and it has left me and many others a little confused, which I think is a very incorrect feeling to have when we’re talking about a movie that was supposed to close the door of a 10 year cinematic phenomena.

Marvel has touched on time travel before a bit (AoS, Dr. Strange), but this was bigger. Time travel is an incredibly difficult concept to use because it is so far removed from our reality. The limits of our imagination are mostly based off of movies or shows we’ve seen, and the rules and logic of it are subjective to the content. Endgame chose to have it so going to the past makes that your future (or something) which makes sense in the basic way the Ancient One explained: take a stone but return it and all will be fine. Only that didn’t happen. Through a series of events, the timeline of the MCU that we came to know over the years was changed…or something? Loki disappearing with the Tesseract, old Nebula being shot, 2014 Thanos getting dusted in 2023, Steve going back in time to be with Peggy…these all have large ripple effects on the MCU, and it hurts my head to think about what it means.

Only I don’t know if it means anything. I genuinely think Marvel doesn’t have huge plans to explain that. And why should they, when Endgame was the closing to this saga? The Loki TV show, GOTG3, and even Far From Home may touch on it to some extent, but I don’t know if we’ll all ever completely understand the timeline. And that’s because the directors and writers also don’t really understand. When they’re all doing contradicting interviews and saying things like ‘we think there may be two Steves now’ it leads me to believe there isn’t an answer, and for a movie that had so many fun loops and closed so many great arcs, this aspect stands out to me as unfinished and rude. We spent so much time invested in the series, and then they go mess it up in the end? Based on the Far From Home trailer and articles I’ve read, now Marvel is going the multiverse route where Loki taking the Tesseract, for example, created a branch of another timeline. But it still feels like a BS way to end Endgame. (Not to mention that they never explained if the 2014 Thanos that died in 2023 was from the Prime Timeline or a new branch or what). What was the point of the MCU and its interwovenness that we all were in awe of if it’s all just going to go to hell in the last movie? I am upset.

'I don't get it' gif.

Tying into the failed time travel concept was the five year jump. That was also not well done. Through Steve and Scott, we got glimpses of what a post-snap world looked like, but I think we needed a lot more. The snap wiped 50% of all living creatures, and we mostly just saw what it meant for our small team of Avengers, which wasn’t much. Clint went crazy, Thor got depressed, Nat took over the Avengers, and Tony made the most of his luck. But what about the rest of the world? Everything would be changed. Food production would stop. Medical care would stop. Political systems would crumble. And these aren’t things that I think would work itself out in five measly years, and I wish we got to see more of just how ruthless Thanos’ action was to everyone. But by doing that time jump and having the dusted return to 2023, it cements the action. This is real, and any future MCU content should deal with it. Far From Home will, so I hear, but will Runaways? Or the Disney + shows? Or Agents Of SHIELD? Probably not, or they’ll mention it lightly but not show any huge consequences, which I think is dumb. Most likely they’ll take the easy route and say “Oh, no, there are no consequences because this show is an alternate branch/universe!” And listen, I loved Morgan and I’m so glad Tony got her and she has a future, but she alone was the only reason why the Avengers didn’t use their snap to just go back in time and deal with things in 2018, saving us all from time travel headaches and greater MCU repercussions.

All in all, I can deal with everything else in the movie—the jokes that went on a bit too long, the fact that we never got a chance to mourn Nat, Clint’s dumb haircut—but the fact that this movie basically ruined itself for no reason is just not sitting well with me. We didn’t get full closure and we also didn’t get logical hints at what’s to come, and I am shocked and offended that Marvel okayed that. I feel like they dropped the ball at the worst time.

'I expected more from you' gif

The TL;DR of this is that I didn’t like how Endgame used time travel in this movie and screwed up the single straight timeline we all understood.

Other than that, I really liked the movie. I liked how we got to see the OG Avengers do their thing, I liked they there were a bunch of easter eggs, and I liked that it included all the heroes the way it did. But I just can’t overlook that feeling of confusion and slight disappointment that I and so many others are unfortunately experiencing after this final movie.

Do you agree? Or did you have other large qualms with Endgame? I’d love to discuss, so leave a comment!


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