Let’s Give Some Respect To These 6 Comic Strips

With nerd culture being at an all-time high, when you hear the word comics, you probably think about superhero comics in those plastic covers or graphic novels. You probably don’t think about comic strips. Just a few panels tell a story, often found in the newspaper. Those are the kind of comics I read and grew up reading. Well, those and Archie Comics. And I think they need more respect.

I think it’s really cool how a comic strip can make people laugh with only a few frames and a few sentences. The art has to be on point and concise. The Toronto Star, a large Canadian newspaper that my family receives, has a great array of comics daily. I read them as often as I can, and I force my parents to read particularly funny ones. If you’re looking for some light, fun, pure reading material, I highly recommend the following comics as they are favorites of mine. They’re great for all ages!

1. Calvin And Hobbes

I’ve never laughed out loud more than when I read Calvin And Hobbes. My father has almost all the books, and my brother and I read them when we were far too young to understand most of the dialogue, but it was still so funny as it is a great mix of dumb kid humour and thought-provoking adult humour. The comics follow a rowdy, imaginative six year old boy named Calvin who is far too smart for his age, and his sassy but loyal pet tiger Hobbes, who may or may not be just a toy.

calvin and hobbes.

2. Zits

Zits is loved by my parents and I because it’s relatable for all of us. It’s about a lazy, stereotypical teenager named Jeremy and his parents, and the comic does a good job making both the parents and the son the butt of the joke, depending on the situation.

zits comic.

3. For Better Or For Worse

This comic is really cool because it ran in real-time over thirty years, and follows a small town Canadian family, so you see the kids (Michael, Elizabeth, and later April) literally grow up and have their own kids. This comic may not have slapstick jokes that I’m chuckling out loud at, but it’s sweet and honest and Canadian. It’s in its second rerun, and I think it’s cool that people reading it daily can grow up with it even if they missed it the first time around.

for better or for worse comic.

4. Pajama Diaries

Similar to For Better Or For Worse, Pajama Diaries also runs in real-time, but has only been going for about 13 years. It follows a Jewish family of two parents and their two daughters, but with a focus on the mom, Jill. The daughters are now teenagers, so the vibe is similar to Zits often. Sometimes the strips are about the family, Jill’s interactions with friends, and even Jill’s job as a graphic designer, so there’s a lot of material, and it’s usually funny, especially on Saturdays where it gets an expanded slot so it’s usually extra creative.

pajama diaries comic.

5. Retail

If you’ve ever worked retail, this comic is for you. It exposes the frustrating, funny daily happenstances of a store. We meet a variety of employees, managers, and even annoying customers. Even if you’ve never worked such a job, you’ll still get it and be just as amused.

retail comic.

6. Rhymes With Orange

If you don’t want a story and characters to keep track of, this comic may be better for you. It’s just a joke comic, each one unrelated and sometimes punny. They’re always kind of silly and smart, and I really like how the joke is in just one frame, plus a little bonus mini joke in the title frame.

rhymes with orange comic.


If you don’t get a newspaper or yours doesn’t have comics, see if your local library has these comics available to read! Or just go buy them from a bookstore. Or see if you can find them online (I spent like half an hour giggling at Calvin And Hobbes comics online when writing this post). Just get your hands on comic strips and appreciate the purity and humour they’ll bring. No one is too old for comics!

What comic strips do you like? Or which ones did you grow up reading?


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Like A House Tour But Of My Dragons

I’ve been into dragons since I was a kid. In grades five and six, I read some dragon books and just got hooked. I even tried writing my own awful, dragon-filled story way back then. I’ve grown out of a lot of things from when I was a little, but my love for dragons is not one of them. I don’t think I ever will see a dragon thing and not have my brain go !!!!!

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a fair number of dragon things. I guess you could say it’s a collection, but I think it’s more like a style choice. A good chunk of them were gifts. I’m not going overboard with dragons. Though maybe after this post you’ll disagree. Some YouTubers/bloggers do a house tour, but I’m doing a dragon tour. So if you’re like me and have a love for dragons, or maybe you just want to see what dragon things I have, here we go! Feel free to click the images to view them larger.

So there we have it! Those are my most prized possessions. I hope my beautiful dragons amused you or inspired you. If you have dragon things in your possession, I’d love to see them! Or if you have suggestions for dragon things I should acquire, tell me. I can’t wait until I have a place of my own to live and I can put dragons all over the place rather than just in my room.

That’s all for now!

P.S. Sorry my photography skills are sucky.

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Copying And Stealing Online Angers Me Greatly

There are a lot of great things on the internet and a lot of great opportunities for connection that the internet has afforded us. But one thing that angers me more than anything online, and it’s gotten worse in recent years, is when people blatantly copy (aka steal) things on the internet. My rage regarding this is at immeasurable levels, and I know it’s a dumb thing to get mad about, but I see it far too often, and I know it happens just for clout. Is the validation of strangers online so powerful that so many people feel compelled to do this?

I see it on Twitter the most. There’ll be a funny tweet with thousands and thousands of likes and retweets going around, and it’s one that I know I’ve read word-for-word months/years before, despite the fact that this tweet is only like 15 hours old. That means that this person not only stole a joke/message, but didn’t even bother to rewrite or change it. And because other Twitter users either don’t remember, never saw the original, or don’t care, this one person gets now a bunch of new followers, attention, and interactions.

you don't deserve any of this gif.

And it’s so dumb because it’s very easy to check if the tweet is stolen. Just copy and paste into the search bar and if it’s stolen, you’ll find many, many of the same tweets, probably, all word-for-word. I know stealing content/stories is also unfortunately too common on other platforms like Reddit, but I think it’s harder to check and verify.

Lying online is one thing. There is a slight art to making up something from nothing (and getting away with it). It’s storytelling in the most immoral sense. But at least it’s your lie, you know? It’s a dick move, especially because people are just doing it for clout, but at least they’re not stealing someone else’s stuff. (Related: this post about people lying on LinkedIn and the fun account calling them out.)

You know what you did gif.

The good news is that some people are up on the scam. In almost all the stolen tweets I’ve seen in the past year, there have been many replies of people using memes to call out the poster for stealing a Tweet. This is good because at least the person knows we know that they’re guilty, and these call-outs are usually the top replies, so they’re somewhat seen. But I think the damage is still done. A lot of people don’t read replies, they just retweet/like because a joke is a joke.

If you are someone who purposely copies things—particularly tweets—online, I hope you know that you’re an awful person. And if you don’t but you see something that you know has been stolen online, either call it out or refuse to engage with the content. It’s unfortunate that the internet has made it so easy to copy or steal something, and I hope platforms and users take a stand and do what they can to stop or lessen the occurrences.

Okay, rant over. I just really needed to get that out. Again, I know it’s only a slight problem probably not worth a whole blog post, but I see it so often. Humans suck sometimes.

deep sigh gif.

That’s all for now!


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Monthly Look Ahead: September 2019

Well, here we are in September. The last third of the year is beginning, which is wild because I am sure that 2019 started a few weeks ago. Anyway, despite not yet finding a job, I actually had a pretty decent August. So here’s hoping September keeps up the same vibes, even though the warm weather will slowly be going away.

monthly look ahead logo.

  • The best thing about September is Fall TV starting back up. Returning shows this month for me are: This Is Us, Modern Family, God Friended Me, A Million Little Things, The Good Place, Superstore, and Titans. I’m also going to see what Carol’s Second Act and The Politician are like.
  • The Emmys are on the 22nd, and I’ve actually seen a few of the nominated shows this year.
  • I’m going to try making pickles! I love dill pickles, and making my own doesn’t seem too hard, so I’m going to give it a shot. My mother thinks I need a new hobby, so I hope she’s pleased. There’s a chance I may make a blog post about the process or the results (in a few months) so stay posted.
    pickle gif.
  • The sequel to the book Carry On is out on the 24th called Wayward Son, and I liked Carry On once I was able to mentally get past the Harry Potter-ness of it all, so I’m looking forward to reading this new book.

So that’s my September! If you’ve got fun things happening in your life, make a Monthly Look Ahead post of your own or leave a comment. And keep crossing your fingers for me in the job realm; I’ve hit the 100 applications mark, so something should work out soon, right? Right?

That’s all for now!


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Living Despite Impending Doom

Maybe it’s just me, but thinking about the future these days is just so tiring because we are living with constant impending doom. It’s like we’re in a dystopian novel but refusing to accept it, so we’re just going on, pretending everything is fine. Canadians used to be able to chuckle darkly at other countries going through turmoil but now we’ve got a plethora of problems too.

As a young person trying to figure out the rest of my life, I’m forced to think about the future the most. How am I supposed to have a 10 year plan when our world is so unpredictable and in a state of absolute craziness?

"i don't even have a pla" Friends quote gif.

Every day it seems we get a new threat about the environment like ‘Humans have only 15 years to save the planet!’ and for every article like that, there’s another reminding us that Earth’s damage is mostly due to greedy corporations ruining ecosystems, so me using a metal straw is really not helping that much in the grand scheme of things. It seems we are just forced to wait it out (to whatever the outcome will be) and shame each other into using homemade zero waste toothpaste in the meantime.

And then we’ve got political issues. As I mentioned, Canada has its fair share, and it’s so disheartening but also so not surprising. We’re not at America or North Korea levels of panic yet, but could we get there? Maybe. All it takes, as we can see, is one really awful person to really screw it up. And with so many countries also dealing with their own political issues (France, Japan, Greece…) as well as issues between countries, it’s fair to wonder if WWIII is on its way? Learning about wars is school was kind of like, here’s this barbaric thing countries used do but that was long ago. But it seems like every day we’re one step closer to conscription and fearing overhead bombs. I’m not ready for a modern war. What would that even look like? And sure, maybe I’m overreacting a little, but Russia is literally out here taking nukes for a test drive, so then again, maybe I’m not.

Tony Stark yikes face gif.

But okay, let’s stick to smaller, more personal issues. Like how I don’t think I’ll ever be a homeowner. Houses are so ridiculously expensive and the cost of living is so freaking high that I legitimately don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a house, and if I do, it won’t be in a city. Unless, of course, my future attractive husband ends up being super rich too, but I just don’t think I’ll be that lucky. And it’s not just houses that are expensive. It’s education and public transit and flights and TV and cellphone plans and so much more. I really, really feel bad for people at the stage of life where they’re deciding to have kids or not. Not only is even one kid going to cost so much, it just seems like we have a hopeless, crappy world, which is the exact opposite of what you want to bring new life to. It feels like sentencing babies to a lifetime of suffering, you know? This is something that I’m already thinking and fretting about, despite being hopelessly single and very not ready for kids on account of still lowkey feeling like one.

I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing as a 23 year old: looking for a career, looking for friends, trying to save money and the planet, and all in the hopes of living a fulfilled, normal life and then retiring. And yet I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s all for naught, and that I’ll never actually be able to retire or that I’ll never live a normal, settled life. I just don’t think the future will be normal; it’ll be some horrible new normal of the rich getting richer and everyone else just trying to stay alive under our Amazon and Disney overlords.

Deep, aching sense of dread gif.

So I guess my closing question is for everyone, but specifically fellow younger people. Do you feel the same, and is just going along with it the best way to deal or the only way to deal? What’s giving you a sense of security in the long run? Because I feel like my current method of taking things one TV season at a time is starting to fail me.


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