Monthly Look Ahead: April 2020

Well. March was some kind of month, eh? And it seems April will also be a weird one as well. I know I said I wouldn’t talk about coronavirus too much more on this blog, but for a Monthly Look Ahead, I can’t avoid it. Being stuck inside all day and night means there’s very little to look excitedly ahead to, and there’s always a risk that the things we do still have could get cancelled or postponed. But this is the cross we bear as we all work together to deal with this pandemic.

monthly look ahead logo.

  • A week ago I took out our old Nintendo Wii that I haven’t touched in probably a decade. I have a handful of games I never beat, one of which is Zelda: Twilight Princess, and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it again. I think I’m over halfway through, so I plan to beat that this month. I’m a huge Zelda fan so I always regretted never finishing that one. I also never beat Wind Waker for the Gamecube, so I will probably play that one afterward.
    Link in Twilight Princess.
  • A new season of Nailed It is out on Netflix on April 1st. It’s by no means a favourite show of mine, but it’s easy to watch and entertaining.
  • Two shows are airing their series finales this month: Modern Family and Schitt’s Creek. Both had really great runs and both will have a farewell documentary thing air before their final episodes. So, needless to say, I will be crying.

There’s no better time than now to do your own Monthly Look Ahead, because it’s now that we need reminding that there are still good things happening in our world to look forward to, even if it’s something small like beating a 15 year old video game. What’s getting you out of bed this month?

I hope everyone is staying safe at home.

We're All In This Together.

That’s all for now.


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I Still Love And Miss You, Clippy

I’m going to admit something very controversial: I like(d) Clippy.

Do you remember Clippy? He was that little paper clip Microsoft Word assistant. He could also take the form of a few other characters, like a dog or a wizard. Microsoft got rid of him ages ago, and he’s now the subject of memes galore. People hate Clippy. Sure, perhaps he was a little too talkative and didn’t really help you that much, but I liked him.

Clippy gif.

See, Clippy was around when I started writing on a computer way back in 2007. I was in grade six and decided to write the next big novel. Picture little me alone in the corner of a cold unfinished basement, typing away at my dad’s desktop computer after school. I didn’t know much about computers or Microsoft Word or writing, and no one was there to teach me or keep me company (my brother was off playing mini sticks by himself). So who was my companion during this time? Clippy. Always there, always smiling, and always ready to try to help, if I ever needed it. His existence made me feel less lonely.

So I was sad when he was gone from later versions of Word. Once my family got a laptop, no longer was computer use regulated to the cold basement, which was good, but Clippy was gone.

i miss him gif.

I wish we had the option to use him still. If people wanted that feature off, they could have it, but I assure you, writing essays in university or updating my resume would have been so much better if I had that friendly little face on the side of my screen.

These days, we have Alexa and Siri as virtual helpers if we so choose, but they don’t have a physical form. They don’t feel like a friend. I mean, heck, Alexa feels like an eavesdropping spy (because she is one). How can people tolerate these bodiless know-it-all robots but not cute characters like Clippy? It’s hypocritical. It’s unacceptable.

judgemental gif.

So I’m making it clear. Even as the haters go on dragging Clippy’s name and legacy through the mud, he’ll always have a special place in my heart. I still love and miss you, Clippy.

That’s all for now!

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9 Alternative Things You Definitely Should Do While Stuck At Home

So you’re in quarantine. Self-isolation. Social distancing. Sorry, I just needed to get those keywords in. Anyways, maybe you have work to do still and aren’t as bored. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re like me and have been unemployed for months, so these weeks of panic and staying home are really nothing different for you except that job postings are slowing down and you can’t go curl a few times a week.

And while you can just binge watch Netflix and I’m sure there are 5001 articles and posts suggesting fun shows/movies to watch during this time, I’m here to outline some…other things to do with your time. You’ll thank me later.

hear me out gif.

  1. Clean up your email inbox. Whether you have 20 unread emails to 20000, get rid of ’em. Doesn’t seeing that number bother you? Just thinking about it bothers me. Now, you could just mass mark them all as unread, or you could take time to unsubscribe from silly mailing lists and organize your inbox so they don’t pile up again. I never want to see another Tweet like “lol look at how many emails I’ve yet to open! Didn’t even know it could go that high lol” because there’s no excuse for not having time now.
  2. Memorize all the lyrics to the musical Hamilton. This is a three-fold goal because a) you can appreciate the beauty of the lyrics and great songs, b) you can flex on people who don’t know the lyrics, and c) you can prepare for when the movie is released in theaters next year. So sit down and don’t get up until you can recite ‘My Shot’ in its entirety.
  3. Watch TikTok compilations on YouTube as a crash-course in youth culture. Don’t let yourself be that one loser who doesn’t know what Renegade is.
    tiktok logo.
  4. Read the novel your best friend wrote two years ago because I know she gave you a copy.
  5. Play the Alphabet Game. This can go on for ages, and I know this because about ten years ago, my brother and I once played over a weekend, and it was so intense that we haven’t played since.
  6. Train yourself to see Magic Eyes if you can’t do it already. It’s possible. (Related: this blog post on how to make your own Magic Eye, which is weirdly one of my most popular posts)
  7. Pull out your Nintendo 64 from the back of that closet and beat that one game you could never finish. Simultaneously, if you have young-ish kids, introduce them to the wonderful world of crappy graphic games. Remember when Link looked like this?
    N64 Link.
  8. Organize and maybe label your drawer full of random chargers and wires and cords. This tip is brought to you by the fact that three days ago, I almost started a fire by somehow charging the TV remote overnight with a Blackberry charger (no one in my family has a Blackberry????) and apparently the batteries got very, very hot.
  9. Put on your old wedding dress or prom dress. Have a fancy day. Just ’cause. Bonus: counteract the formal attire by speaking in pig latin all day only.

Like last week’s post, this is a little jokey. It’s the only way I know how to be right now. I didn’t want to give y’all some downer post on COVID-19 because I’m sure you see enough of that on the 24/7 news channels, and honestly, my family and I are totally fine. And I considered posting one of the non-coronavirus posts I have written, but it just feels weird. Like, denial or something. But I promise this will be the last one for a few weeks at least. Back to regularly programmed nonsense after this.

Take care of one another. Stay home. Do your best in these trying times. I’ve been at home for months now, and it’s not that bad. You’ll find things to do. And if you really do need TV or movie recommendations, hit me up!

Inside Good, outside bad.

That’s all for now!


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Coronavirus Memes Because I Just Want To Laugh, Ya Know?

Sporting events? Cancelled.

The stock market? Tanking.

Shelves at Costco? Empty.

Hotel? Trivago. 

Covid-19 aka Coronavirus aka the only thing people can talk about is a big deal. The world is shutting down and it’s affecting everything from schools to airports to Broadway to conventions. And while there is reason for legitimate concern, I also think a lot of it is overreaction and paranoia, perhaps brought on by the (social) media, which is something that was not nearly as prevalent during Swine Flu and SARS and all the big illnesses of past.

Either way, we are at the mercy of the germs and the people in charge, I guess, and we just have to wait it out and do our best to stay healthy and then see what the fallout is. And while things may seem bleak, there is one good thing, and that’s the memes. As serious as Coronavirus is, there are some quality memes born from it, and I want to be able to laugh and help you guys laugh too, so I compiled some of my favourites. I made a meme post towards the end of the Trump vs Hillary campaign where I, a Canadian, could do nothing but watch, and this is similar except this time I can also wash my hands. And you should too.

So enjoy!

Flintstones vitamins meme

$8 round trip flight meme

cheap cruise meme

working from home denied meme.

Summer 2020 hazmat suits.

flexing now vs then.

Sweet Caroline meme.


toilet paper meme.

handwashing with Smash Mouth meme.

(There are many, many, musical variations of this handwashing meme. All top notch.)

They say laughter is the best medicine, and while I don’t know if the CDC will agree with that in this case, I hope you at least got a good chuckle out of these. I think the internet’s collective reaction to anything of jokes and memes is really comforting even though I had to unfortunately see a lot of racist memes while collecting these. I believe that all these extreme measures and reactions we’re facing these days are happening for our benefit, and I hope that when it’s over/less of a risk, we can smoothly transition back to normalcy, but perhaps with better hygiene habits.

These next few weeks will be interesting, to say the least, so I hope you all stay safe and healthy and wash your hands properly as we get through this.

That’s all for now!


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5 Musicals I Disliked While Everyone Else Seemed To Like

I love musicals, but I don’t love all musicals. There’s no musical that I hate, but there are some that I have no desire to see again. I mean, I wouldn’t turn down free tickets ever, but I would not pay to see these five shows in particular. However, I must note, that I have not seen these five musicals live on stage, and perhaps my dislike would change if I saw them in that format, but it’s unlikely.

1. Falsettos
The revival of Falsettos in 2016 got so much hype, probably because it had a pretty recognizable cast including Christian Borle, Andrew Rannells, and Stephanie J Block. The show was even pro-shot! And then people were raging when it lost the Tony for Best Revival. But I was kind of glad because I did not like the show. They were all good singers, but I just found the music and the plot so boring. I was bored. I listened to the soundtrack too to see if there was at least a song that would stick with me, but nothing did. I understand that the show has some powerful moments, some sad moments, but it was not enough to hook me in. I was just forcing my way through.
falsettos musical.

2. SpongeBob SquarePants
I grew up watching SpongeBob so I was very familiar with the characters and setting. The musical did a lot of things right (for example, I like how they made them human-esque rather than in mascot costumes), but overall, I just did not love it. Maybe kids would. My two main issues with this show were that a) the music was kind of dull considering they had so many great, talented names behind the songs, and b) the plot was so different from the TV show’s shenanigans. SpongeBob is a fry cook. He works and catches jellyfish and hangs out with Patrick. Bikini Bottom is pretty normal. Yet in the show, there’s a volcano going to erupt, and it’s up to SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick to save the city while everyone else has a concert fundraiser so they can afford to evacuate. It’s just kind of not a typical SpongeBob scenario, and I was kind of disappointed overall.
Spongebob musical.

3. Moulin Rouge
I had friends who were obsessed with this movie, but when I watched it, I was not into it. It was just too weird, and I just didn’t like any of the characters. It was a little too artsy for me. That being said, if I come across a bootleg for the current Broadway production of Moulin Rouge, I will probably give it a go, if for nothing other than Aaron Tveit. I’ve heard that the soundtrack is good, and they picked some good modern songs to be a part of the medleys.
Moulin rouge.

4. The Book Of Mormon
This is a very popular show that’s toured all around the world, and while it is a very funny show at points and has a few good songs, I think it’s just too vulgar for me. It’s written by the people who made South Park, so it’s not a surprise that this show does not hold back on making jokes about any topic. A lot of it is just gross, unrepeatable jokes that you could not make in any other setting. For a society so concerned that everyone and their dog is politically correct, I am honestly surprised this show has survived. Either way, I was not a fan of this show. When we went to New York a few years ago, my mother innocently suggested we go see it, but I shut that idea down real fast because you could not pay me to sit next to my fairly conservative parents and see that show.
Book of mormon.

5. Chicago
The one and only time I saw Chicago was the movie version at a sleepover in grade eight, but I was not impressed and have no desire to watch it again. I’ll admit, I’m not usually a fan of older musicals because I don’t jive with the music, but I also just didn’t care for this plot. Even when Glee did some of the songs, I just was not into it. And yet, the show is the 2nd longest-running on Broadway, so clearly others like it.
Chicago movie.

There are a handful of other musicals I wasn’t too impressed with based on the bootleg I saw or the soundtrack I listened to, but they aren’t as popular and seemingly well-liked as these five are. Not every show can appeal to everyone, so I’m not embarrassed to voice dislike for these shows.

What are musicals you dislike even though everyone else seems to love them?

That’s all for now!


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