The Good Stuff: Lousy Book Covers

We all need some good stuff right now.

I don’t remember how I came across this website, but I’ve been enjoying its content for over a year now. It’s called Lousy Book Covers and its sole purpose is to share really bad book covers. We can debate for days on end if we should judge a book by its cover, but no matter what side of that argument you fall on, you can still enjoy seeing these particularily lousy ones.

Lousy Book Covers’ format is simple. Each post is one cover, and he also provides the link to the book and a funny comment about the cover he’s featuring. Honestly, some of the covers on the site aren’t that bad in my opinion. But some are…yikes. So here are some of those yikes ones, along with the comment from LBC.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This website has been going for almost a decade, so there’s a lot more content to go through if you want a laugh or to feel better about your art skills.

Most of these covers are from self-published books. Is it mean to make fun of these? Maybe a little. But at the end of the day, they put it out there so we could see it. And perhaps it’s even more important for self-published authors to have an attractive cover because they can’t rely on support/publicity from publishing companies or stores or anything, so we have to judge it on that alone (or the book blurb, which the site will occasionally feature as well if there’s a particularily bad one).

And look, I myself am a self-published author. I spent hours on photoshop, making my book cover look as nice as I could. I could have paid someone to do my cover nicely for me, but I chose not to. I think mine is pretty good, but perhaps others hate it, and that’s just how art is. I made my bed, and now I lie in it, just like the choices made by other small authors sometimes result in their covers ending up on a joke site…and then this blog.

objectively not good.

Anyway, I always get a kick out of seeing Lousy Book Covers’ posts on my Reader, so I wanted to share it with you because it’s always good stuff. I follow them through WordPress’ Reader, but you can also Like their page on Facebook.

That’s all for now!


P.S. This post is dedicated to the curling club’s unofficial book club who has allowed me to sit in on their quarantine video meetings even though I rarely read and don’t have much to say. Hi, y’all!


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Coronavirus Memes Because I Just Want To Laugh, Ya Know?

Sporting events? Cancelled.

The stock market? Tanking.

Shelves at Costco? Empty.

Hotel? Trivago. 

Covid-19 aka Coronavirus aka the only thing people can talk about is a big deal. The world is shutting down and it’s affecting everything from schools to airports to Broadway to conventions. And while there is reason for legitimate concern, I also think a lot of it is overreaction and paranoia, perhaps brought on by the (social) media, which is something that was not nearly as prevalent during Swine Flu and SARS and all the big illnesses of past.

Either way, we are at the mercy of the germs and the people in charge, I guess, and we just have to wait it out and do our best to stay healthy and then see what the fallout is. And while things may seem bleak, there is one good thing, and that’s the memes. As serious as Coronavirus is, there are some quality memes born from it, and I want to be able to laugh and help you guys laugh too, so I compiled some of my favourites. I made a meme post towards the end of the Trump vs Hillary campaign where I, a Canadian, could do nothing but watch, and this is similar except this time I can also wash my hands. And you should too.

So enjoy!

Flintstones vitamins meme

$8 round trip flight meme

cheap cruise meme

working from home denied meme.

Summer 2020 hazmat suits.

flexing now vs then.

Sweet Caroline meme.


toilet paper meme.

handwashing with Smash Mouth meme.

(There are many, many, musical variations of this handwashing meme. All top notch.)

They say laughter is the best medicine, and while I don’t know if the CDC will agree with that in this case, I hope you at least got a good chuckle out of these. I think the internet’s collective reaction to anything of jokes and memes is really comforting even though I had to unfortunately see a lot of racist memes while collecting these. I believe that all these extreme measures and reactions we’re facing these days are happening for our benefit, and I hope that when it’s over/less of a risk, we can smoothly transition back to normalcy, but perhaps with better hygiene habits.

These next few weeks will be interesting, to say the least, so I hope you all stay safe and healthy and wash your hands properly as we get through this.

That’s all for now!


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The Good Stuff: Parodybill

If you like musicals and jokes, then this is the post for you. A while ago I came across this Instagram account called Parodybill, and I did not hesitate to click Follow right away (a feeling all of my blog followers felt when they first came to my blog, I’m sure). Parodybill basically takes a Broadway musical/reference and mashes it up with something else—usually another musical, but sometimes it’s a movie or a TV show—to create a parody Playbill. They’re so well done and so funny. I would never even think of these mashups, but they work perfectly.

In the almost two years they’ve been parodying musicals, they’ve done a lot, but I want to share my favourites. (Click to enlarge)

Aren’t these just so fun? I always enjoy seeing them pop up on my feed. And on their Insta stories they also sometimes show their brainstorming and sketching, which I think is neat.

And they do it just for fun, because they love doing it. They do sell Tshirts and mugs and prints and stuff here, and for reasonable prices actually, but otherwise, they just want to make some theatrical art for us to all see. So go follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with their wonderful, entertaining creations!

Though as great as they are, they currently don’t have any Mamma Mia ones, which is a shame. What’s the deal with that, Parodybill?

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Be Me Bingo Card

I saw this idea on Tumblr and thought it was fun, but I’m more of a passive Tumblr user, so I knew no one would see it or do it if I did my own there. So here we are on my blog.

So we probably all know how to play Bingo, but since I know it’s more of a North American game and I do have readers all over the world, here’s a quick explanation: Usually a Bingo card has random numbers in all the boxes, and an elected leader would call out numbers like B12 or G60 and you’d mark off what ones you have on your board in an attempt to get a straight line. The middle one is a free space. Once you get a line, you yell Bingo! and win. Pretty simple. My grandmother plays it on Friday nights, and I always ask her, “Nonna, what did you win at Bingo?” and she always shrugs and says “fifteen cents” because they play for nickles, apparently.

yelling bingo gif.

Anyway, on Tumblr, I’ve seen people make Bingo cards with personality traits rather than numbers to see who best aligns with them. It’s cute and a quick way to know someone.

So here’s me in a Bingo card:

Coolbeans4 bingo card.

Yes, I did make this on Microsoft Paint, thanks for noticing! I encourage you to play by copy/pasting the image into MS Paint and marking off what applies to you, then pasting it into a comment below or by Tweeting it at me. There’s no pressure and no winners. Unless you get all of them, in which case you’re legally obligated to be my new best friend. Otherwise, I’m just curious to see who best aligns with me, and what boxes of mine no one relates to.

And feel free to make your own! If you do, I’ll play! I just Googled ‘blank bingo template’ to get the boxes and it took me like 20 minutes to think of the traits to fill in and then another 20 minutes moving the boxes around.

Well, hopefully you found this fun and consider it Quality Blog Content, because that’s the goal, always.

you're welcome gif.

That’s all for now!


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The Good Stuff: The State Of LinkedIn

I don’t use LinkedIn that often. In my second year of university, I had a prof that raved about its benefits, so I created an account and updated it whenever I was about to begin the harrowing Summer Job Search. That was about all I used it for until I got my current job, where I now use it for the company (I’m in marketing), but even then I’m not doing a lot with it. I always saw LinkedIn as something that had a good concept but in practicality wasn’t giving results, especially not for people my age at the start of our careers so all our connections were just our friends. I also don’t like the idea of connecting with complete strangers just for the sake of seeming connected.

Anyway, every morning at work, I scroll through my LinkedIn feed quickly, and I’ve seen an increasing number of wildly pretentious posts from grown adults. It’s like when hot Instagrammers flex except it’s middle-aged businessmen. And these posts are often from people who’ve got about eight job titles displayed, one of which is usually motivational speaker or author (both of which are stretches, I’m sure).

why are you like this gif.

And I’m not the only one who is amused and confused by these posts, because I’ve stumbled across a great little Twitter account called State Of LinkedIn and they basically just share the cringiest of the cringy LinkedIn posts for us to enjoy and laugh at. It’s very interesting to see just how weird people can be on LinkedIn, which I think is the least interesting platform. If you’re gonna lie online for clout, do it on Twitter or Facebook where you can get maybe a bit of fame from it. And yes, I did say lie. A lot of the posts that State Of LinkedIn shares are just a little too good to be true, meaning they’re probably fake. But if these people insist on doing it in 2019, then I think State Of LinkedIn is free to roast them for it.

So whether you’ve seen this nonsense on LinkedIn or not, enjoy this small sample of tweets from State Of LinkedIn:

Even if State Of LinkedIn’s commentary isn’t the funniest, what they’re sharing is always an amusing read, and I hope I’ve managed to get that across with these tweets. There are many more where they came from, so if you also get a kick out of silly people online, follow their account.

I hope you’ve learned to not be annoying on LinkedIn. And I hope you’ve enjoyed this second installment of The Good Stuff!

That’s all for now!

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