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Whether you just want to be friends or interact on a more professional/blogging level (or both!), there are many ways to contact me, so feel free to do so with the method of your choosing! I’ll definitely get back to you in less than 24 hours. Really, an hour or so is most likely, as I am addicted to my phone.

You can find me on:

Twitter: @coolbeans4_ My DMs are always open, even if you don’t follow me!

Facebook page: Coolbeans4 Send me a message!

Instagram: @coolbeans4_

You can also email me at or with the contact form down below!

I’m always open to writing guest posts or participating in things! I love to write and blog, so any opportunity to do so is great!

If you’re an employer and have a paid job opportunity, I’d be happy to link you to my LinkedIn profile (for privacy reasons, I’m not putting the link here).

Send any questions, comments, opportunities, and projects my way! Hope to hear from you!