Netflix: You’re Playing Yourself

Netflix is on some thin freaking ice over in this household, let me tell you.

What was once a revolutionary, groundbreaking platform servicing content lovers in a unique way is now a greedy, dime a dozen platform that really doesn’t understand its audiences at all. And I can’t wait to see it self-destruct, all on its own accord. Which it will, if it keeps up with its behavior.

As I said, Netflix used to be in a league of its own. It used to be the only streaming service, and for a good price too. For people who liked consuming content without commercials or binge-watching, it was perfect. But now it’s not alone. Whether anyone asked for it or not, there are several streaming services out now, and several more to come. Off the top of my head there is Hulu, Crave, Amazon Prime, DC Universe, and the soon to be available Disney+. And there are many more smaller ones as well as the regular old internet where you can stream anything for free if you know how and don’t mind the illegalness of it. So you’d think that if Netflix wanted to keep its users and compete with these newer platforms, they’d act like it.

you don't care gif

But they don’t seem to care.

First the price: just last week in Canada, they raised the prices for all the plans by about 30%. Now Netflix prices are almost double what they started out as. How are students supposed to afford that? Even in other countries, there are price hikes. And I get that Netflix can raise prices and they have a right to increase profits when they spend so much on their original content, but it’s not conducive to retaining customers or attracting new ones in this competitive age. My father has announced that next year, he’s probably cancelling our subscription (we only got it in the first place because it came with our TV package for a year and we decided to keep it) and I’m not even that mad considering I don’t use it that often and can stream anything I want from other places if I so desire. With more and more streaming services out there, people aren’t going to want them all, so they’re going to look at two things: price and content.

And Netflix isn’t shining in the content department, either. Especially not in Canada or countries other than America. I guess there are laws on what Netflix can or can’t have in other countries, but I can personally confirm that Canada’s selection is abysmal. There have been so many shows I’ve wanted to watch and Netflix has let me down. And while we do get every Netflix original, even they aren’t great. Sure, Netflix has produced a lot of winners, but there are also a lot of losers. Have you ever looked through Netflix’s originals catalog? There’s a lot there that I’ve never heard of. Not every show can get super popular, but you’d think that Netflix would specialize in shows people want to watch and get hype. And even the ones that do get hype aren’t always that great, in my opinion. Last year, everyone went gaga for A Christmas Prince. As a huge fan of cheesy Christmas movies, I obviously watched it. It wasn’t anything special. I’ve seen cheesier, better-acted, more original Christmas movies with way better romance from Hallmark, who cranks out dozens every year. And yet Netflix made a sequel this year. Surprise-surprise: it was way worse. Boring, not as cute, worse acting, and a dumb plot.

im disappointed but not surprised gif

And my point isn’t that Netflix can’t have any crappy shows—goodness knows network TV has a lot of junk too—but you’d just think that since they’re the masters of their own domain and don’t have as many hoops to jump through the way other shows/movies do, there’d be more content of a higher quality. Instead we get Insatiable and 13 Reasons Why.

“But Netflix totally wants to please us! They kept FRIENDS!” Okay, yes, they did keep FRIENDS after the internet made a big stink about potentially losing it this week, but at what cost? 100 million. As this Tweet points out, there are many other ways to watch that show and that money could have been used to make new/better content or save beloved cable shows. But yeah, let’s keep raising monthly prices.

And I’ll be honest, a big motivator for this rant came from the cancellation of Daredevil. I was big time mad when it was announced. Though it may not have been Netflix’s fault as it seems Disney wanted it (or the property) for Disney+, the fact that Daredevil and the other Marvel shows are essentially done really lessens the attraction of Netflix for me and many people. And now there are rumors that because of contracts between Marvel and Netflix, if Disney+ wanted to keep the show going (and use the season four that was already planned out, by the way) they legally couldn’t use the same cast, so what would be the point of a new version? You can’t beat perfection.

Anyway, once Netflix cancels Jessica Jones and The Punisher, the only Netflix original show I’ll care about that’s still alive is Queer Eye, because I doubt Canada’s luck is going to turn and we’ll get good other content from them. Or from any of them. Hulu and DC Universe aren’t available here. I’ll just stick to watching things online illegally and watching the eventual downfall of all the streaming services (but especially Netflix). It’s why regular TV will never die.

watching it crumble gif

So…is anyone else mad at Netflix (and/or the plethora of streaming services)? Be mad with me.

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Is There Such Thing As A Perfect TV Wedding?

Another year of TV has recently come to a close, and this year, I was treated to four TV weddings. Of these four TV weddings, only one of them went somewhat as planned, and even that is a bit of a stretch. Haven’t you noticed how TV weddings can never go right? There’s always gotta be something that happens, something that messes up what is supposed to be the most magical event of these characters’ lives.

Fitzsimmons' wedding on Agents Of SHIELD
While Fitz and Simmons’ wedding did go according to the last minute plan, there’s no way it’s the wedding either of them wanted to have. Their real-life families weren’t there, Yo-yo wasn’t present, Lance and Bobbi were missing…it was cute and all, but it wasn’t perfect.

I feel so bad for all these fictional characters. I mean, I myself have not gotten married, but I imagine that when I do things will go as planned, and if things did go awry, they’d be very small, insignificant things like an awkward 10-second break in between songs or a glass breaking accidentally. Things that when my future attractive husband and I look back on the event we won’t really remember or care about because everything else came together perfectly.

But TV characters don’t get that luxury because TV weddings always go wrong. Always. Why is that? Why can’t we just get a nice event where it all goes right? Do networks think that’s boring? Because I’m at the point now where wedding mishaps are what’s boring me. Oh, a literal last-minute unexpected venue change? Wowee. I can’t even enjoy the events because I’m just so annoyed to watch yet another TV wedding go awry only to have it come together in a ‘cute’ way at the very end. We have to sit there and pretend that the ‘cute’ way is more meaningful and special and it’s all good when it is NOT all good. It is not all good at all, because if those ‘cute’ little weddings happened in real life to real life people who spent real life time and money planning their dream wedding, it would suck to have it all be messed up on the day of.

I did a count, and I have seen 28 TV weddings over 16 shows (give or take a few, and I’m not counting shows where there were only quick clips of a wedding like This Is Us or The Middle). Of those shows, 8 are comedies and the others are actions/dramas. Of course, not every wedding from those 28 were complete messes. Barney and Robin’s wedding in How I Met Your Mother goes over smoothly except for the fact that both of them had major pre-wedding jitters. Chandler and Monica’s wedding in Friends also goes well except that Joey arrives in a soldier costume from filming and does an awful job as the minister, and the reception is largely overshadowed among the three girls by Rachel’s pregnancy. Brittany and Santana’s wedding on Glee also goes well, except Kurt and Blaine spontaneously got married alongside them, so though they gave the go-ahead, it was clearly not what they planned for.

The only two TV weddings that I can think of that go essentially perfectly in terms of who attends and how it happens are Jane and Kurt’s on Blindspot (though we didn’t really see the wedding, only a quick montage and later some recordings) and Burt and Carole’s on Glee. Burt and Carole weren’t even main characters; they were hardly secondary characters. Isn’t it sad that those are the only two TV weddings that I can think of that go completely well?

Burt and Carole getting married on Glee

Can you think of other TV weddings that go perfectly? Because if you can, cherish them for defying the genre and odds. Relish in their easiness because who knows when we’ll see another one again. And in case a TV writer is for some reason reading this post, know that I for one would really appreciate seeing nice TV weddings that go according to plan. We root for these characters, and in some cases, their lives are stressful enough, so they at the very least deserve to have a nice wedding day. We as viewers deserve that too. Please.

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An Archie Fan’s Perspective Of ‘Riverdale’ Post Season 2

If you were reading my blog at the start of 2017, you’d know that I was head over heels hyped for the CW show Riverdale, a darker and more dramatic twist on the light and long-running Archie Comics. I had been keeping up with news of the show long before it aired, and when it did air, I even wrote this blog post in which I explained my thoughts on the pilot. Because I was a huge fan of the comics and because I enjoyed the pilot, I obviously continued watching the show with enthusiasm.

But guys. I don’t think I’ve ever changed my opinion on a show so much so fast. Here we are at the end of season two (34 episodes since the pilot) and I can’t believe how disappointed I am with this show now. Everything I liked about it is gone and we’re just left with these over-the-top and unfamiliar characters and zany plots. I’ve watched a lot of shows, some of which haven’t been fabulous and some of which had low moments, but I’ve held on and been able to overlook the negatives because of the prominent positives. But with Riverdale as it is, I’m struggling to do so.

 disappointed gif
Me over the course of 35 episodes

The show has become trashy. It’s a bunch of wildly dramatic sixteen-year-olds acting like they’re twenty-five in the middle of a random mystery that isn’t even compelling anymore. I kind of hoped the Black Hood would kill them all, honestly. Season one, though not perfect, was decent. The episodes fit in well with each other and didn’t drag on, we got a good introduction to all the characters, and it was interesting enough to keep me watching. There was great music often, I liked some of the parallels between the kids and the adults, and I didn’t mind the modern and darker twist on the characters because it fit in well with the world created for the show. At times it was borderline weird or cheesy or cliché (with most of this coming solely from Cheryl/The Blossoms, so it was almost okay) but that didn’t linger. The show should have ended after season one with the mystery being solved.

Season two is just a whole new show and it’s a hot mess. The characters are more dramatic and annoying, their decision-making is waaaay out of the realm of a normal sixteen-year-old, and the drama is just tiring and unrelatable. No longer are there child/parent parallels or football vs music dilemmas or the core four enjoying milkshakes and smiles at Pops. Now there’s stalking and street racing and guns and gangs and blackmail and more. The plots are all over the place. One episode had Betty tearfully cutting ties with her friends so the Black Hood wouldn’t kill them, and the next one had them all being friends in public again with no mention of the killer or his connection to her. One episode would have Veronica loyal to her parents and their habits, and the next she was going against them all. There was no sense of connection or a storyline in season two.

Jughead sighing disappointedly gif
Me thinking about this show

I knew a couple people who watched the show and they have all called it quits. I do not blame them. I often considered walking away mid-season, but I didn’t for three reasons. One, I had nothing else to watch during its timeslot. Two, I have trouble letting go — I always have. And three, because I still (foolishly, probably) had hope that the show can get better. But I just can’t do it anymore. Season two is over and though the show has been renewed and I still don’t have anything to watch Wednesdays at 8pm, I don’t think I can keep going. I never want to become one of those people who consumes something solely so they can revel in their hatred for it online, so I do my best to keep my livetweets somewhat positive, but it’s so hard when the disaster of a show makes it so easy to be critical.

And speaking of livetweets, what really is shocking me is that people still seem to love Riverdale. I read tweets upon tweets from people invested in the show and loving every new dramatic moment. Are they watching it ironically or despite the awfulness? Or do they legitimately think this is quality television?

So this is me, breaking up with this show. It hurts me to do so considering how freaking pumped I was for it, but it hurts me more to watch the nonsense every week. I am disappointed, to say the least. And if you started watching the show because I told you to, I apologize. I should have foreseen this based off of the first few episodes, but I was a fool. I’ll go back to my Archie Comics, where things are happy and concise and enjoyable.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this video I saw in my YouTube recommendations (which was weird, since I haven’t even watched any Riverdale videos lately) as it perfectly sums up what I’m saying here. The creator of this video has several other Riverdale follow-ups, so look into that if you care.


And if you found that interesting, there’s also this video that also breaks down why Riverdale is just so bad.

That’s all for now!


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Goodbye To ‘The Middle,’ An Underrated Show

Next week (the 22nd) marks the end of ABC’s family comedy The Middle. Though it started the same year as Modern Family and is quite similar at times, this show never got the same amount of love and attention, which is a shame considering how great it is. After nine years, this show is coming to an end. Luckily, it’s a planned end.

The Middle logo

I found this show by accident. Well, my brother and I did, about six years ago. It came on after something we were watching and we never got around to changing the channel. Next thing we knew, we were laughing at this family try to play a mish-mashed board game while camping, and I was flipping through a TV guide to find the name of the show. We made our parents watch it later as well, and even they enjoy it still.

For those who don’t know it (and shame on you), The Middle is about a lower-middle-class family in Indiana, the Hecks. There’s Frankie, the mom, who is overbearing and nosey, but caring and passionate. There’s Mike, the dad, who’s reserved and passive and calm. There’s Axl, the oldest son, who’s wild and sarcastic and outgoing. There’s Sue, the middle child, who’s bubbly and peppy and determined. And there’s Brick, the awkward youngest child, who’s quiet and quirky and has a bit of a disability (palilalia). They’re all dynamic characters and we get to see them grow and survive and face life. They are really average characters doing average things, but in that sense, it’s very relatable. In the nine seasons, we’ve seen them struggle with a lot, be it financial issues, relationship issues, family issues, and more, and it’s always done in a real and honest way. It’s similar to Malcolm In The Middle in this way, but better. My mom reminds me of Frankie a lot. There was one episode where Axl went off to college and Frankie kept constantly texting him to see how he was while Mike just let him be, and that is 100% my parents’ dynamic with me.

The Heck family

This show is also hilarious. Of course it has sweet moments and sad moments sprinkled in, but the show is primarily a comedy so mostly there are just plain funny moments. All the characters deliver the laughs in their own ways, and they work so well together despite their varying personalities. The family dynamic is so great, it feels a lot more real than that of Modern Family. And the humour maintained throughout. This past season, because the writers knew it was the last and gave it their all, was amazing. I was laughing every episode.

I’m really going to miss this show. It was always a pure 30 minutes in of my week. Though these characters weren’t always thriving and having a good time, The Middle is really a feel-good show because there was always goodness and family under everything.

I already said Frankie reminded me of my mom, and though Mike and Axl only occasionally remind me of my father and brother, I didn’t really find myself relating strongly to Sue, but I wish I did. Sue was always, always so positive and open and unique, and I wish I was more like that. Nothing got her down and she never let anyone stop her from doing what she loved. If I take one thing from this show, it’s how refreshing and wonderful characters like Sue Heck are, and how I should try to be more like her.

Sue Heck smiling gif

Anyway, if you’re looking for a light and underrated comedy show to watch that is a standout for family shows and comedy shows, give The Middle a try. It’s great for the whole family, and you, too, will quickly fall in love with the average relatableness of the Hecks. And to the cast, the crew, and the network: thank you for giving us such a great show and allowing it to be the quaint, endearing show it is. I hope it ends well, but know that even if it doesn’t, it’ll always have a place in my heart.

P.S. This is the 200th post on my blog!

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100 Reasons Why I Love Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

On March 9th, the Marvel and ABC show Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air its 100th episode. 100 episodes is always a remarkable feat for any show, but I am particularly proud of AoS because it’s my favourite show and I’ve been watching since day one. I’ve proclaimed my love for it numerous times on this blog, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. To celebrate this milestone and to further state my devotion to this show, I thought I’d list 100 reasons why I love it. I’ve managed to list 150 reasons why I love Canada, so a mere 100 reasons for a show I adore should be doable, right? Let’s go.
agents of shield logo

  1. We’re five seasons in and the show has not wavered in quality at all.
  2. It continues to be the highlight of my TV watching every week (and I watch a lot of shows, so that’s saying something).
  3. There’s edge-of-your-seat excitement all the time.
  4. Is it a drama? Yes.
  5. Is it a comedy? Sometimes (though season one was peak humour).
  6. Is it action-packed? Big time.
  7. Are there cool sci-fi elements? Heck yes.
  8. It has a very diverse cast.
  9. And the cast, by the way, seem like such a nice, pure group of people.
    The cast laughing
  10. The crew also seems really friendly and nice on Twitter.
  11. The cast live-tweets when they can.
  12. Also, special shoutout to Brett Dalton and his top-notch puns and his cheekbones that I miss.
  13. The show’s special effects are almost always on point, which is impressive for a TV show.
  14. The acting is always outstanding. The cast (especially Iain) is robbed of award nominations every year.
  15. The show is a part of the MCU.
  16. There have been some really cool direct MCU tie-ins.
  17. And a lot of interesting comic references.
  18. And some cool guest characters like Nick Fury and Maria Hill and Lady Sif.
  19. The show isn’t mandatory for MCU understanding, so it’s just one big long bonus.
  20. The show isn’t afraid to slide in some relevant political digs.
  21. Each season has its own theme and issue so they all feel fresh and exciting.
  22. Of course, the characters make the show, and AoS has so many amazing, unique characters (and I will now name a few).
  23. Phil Coulson, who is the heart and soul of the team. Marvel was right to bring him back to life.
  24. Melinda May, who is my ride or die favourite. Watching her fight is a blessing.
  25. Leo Fitz, who is the bravest, kindest, smartest guy around. An icon in sweater vests or leather jackets.
  26. Jemma Simmons, who is a brilliant pure ray of sunshine. Watching her grow from the quiet rule-follower to the sassy rebel over the years has been a pleasure.
  27. Skye/Daisy Johnson, who has really come into her own, going from hacker to hero. Though I miss her computer days, seeing her fight and stand up for S.H.I.E.L.D. is so awesome.
  28. Grant Ward, who I loved so much in the first season, and would have supported through a redemption arc. At least he sort of got one in the framework…
  29. Alphonso Mackenzie aka Mack, who’s been there since season two, and though I didn’t love him at first, he’s really grown into a deep, heartfelt, and interesting character. He’s relatable and dedicated.
  30. Okay, I don’t want this whole list to just be characters, so here are a few more stand-outs: Elena, Bobbi, Lance, and Trip are four characters who I adore and who are/were great additions to the team in their own special ways.
  31. The beautiful relationship that is Fitzsimmons. From best friends to lovers, these two are one of the purest, most magical and functional couples on TV ever. No one will ever love me as much as Fitz loves Simmons, and I am honestly okay with that.

    A gif of Fitzsimmons being in love
    Pure love.
  32. We get bloopers every year, and they’re hilarious.
  33. I’m forever going to say “It’s a magical place” whenever someone mentions Tahiti.
  34. When the show wants to make you cry, it can and will. The show has got me in tears many times. The biggest cry so far for me was when Bobbi and Lance left and there was the whole spy’s goodbye montage.
  35. The show really introduced me to the superhero genre and how cool it can be. I now watch many comic book TV shows, all thanks to AoS.
  36. The Grant Ward plot twist in season one which shook me to my core and remains one of the best twists in TV history.
  37. And show in general has some of the best plot twists that I’ve ever seen. Every season astounds me.
  38. The show is great for all ages.
  39. S.H.I.E.L.D. has a cool logo.
  40. Even though this current season aired later, we’re still getting 22 episodes.
  41. The hashtag #itsallconnected has really proved itself accurate, and still does even years in.
  42. I’ve made some great friends because of the show.
  43. There was a character who had the same name as me, and she was pretty cool.
  44. We got the Slingshot miniseries.
  45. The music man, Bear McCreary, is a talented dude, even if my dumb brain can’t compute the music while watching. I did appreciate that at the end of season one we got a soundtrack because I downloaded and still regularly listen to two of the songs (‘Aftermath Of The Uprising’ and ‘Rocket Launch’; the latter was my morning alarm for a while).
  46. There have been some great villains. Aida and Hive were particularly interesting.
  47. Trying to figure out who the Clairvoyant was in season one was really fun. I saw some very creative theories thrown around, and had a few of my own.
  48. Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other pop-culture references? Check!
  49. There are some really talented people in the fandom.
  50. Livetweeting is always fun because there are so many people who match my levels of excitement and emotions in sync.
  51. Fitz, Simmons, Lance, and Radcliffe have some amazing accents.
  52. Sometimes we get episode poster art and it’s always really pretty and fun to dissect. We should get that more often, to be honest.

    A show poster featuring a maze
    This was one of my favourite ones.
  53. The prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella with a hint of homemade pesto aioli sandwich, which most of us have never had but we all know.
  54. My favourite episode ‘T.R.A.C.K.S.’ had a different narrative structure, which was super interesting.
  55. Jed and Maurissa, the show’s creators, seem like good people. Fun fact: Fitzsimmons is lowkey based on them.
  56. Watching the show is a great way to forget about real-life stresses (because you’re too busy being stressed from of the show). I always love when shows can draw me in like that.
  57. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team dynamic is very strong, which I totally dig.
  58. Furthermore, it’s really cool to see the mini dynamics once in a while. Coulson and Daisy, Fitz and Mack, Simmons and Daisy….it’s good stuff.
  59. In season one there was a series of videos called S.H.I.E.L.D. Declassified where the cast would play games, and they were always so fun to watch.
  60. “Don’t touch Lola.”
  61. I love how after season one, we’ve never had to doubt the goodness and loyalty of the main team. They’re in it for the long haul, and the writers never toy with that, which I appreciate.
  62. We got the Agents Of SHIELD vs Agent Carter Dubsmash battles, which were iconic.
  63. Mack’s legendary shotgun-axe. I don’t know who came up with that, but yes.
  64. Before the Hydra reveal, I loved Skyeward, and when they kissed for the first time in that storage room, I lost my mind. I’ll always love them.
  65. The show makes good use of the MCU’s advanced technology (without getting too farfetched) like with the holotable in season one or Coulson’s robot hand in season three onwards.
    Ward and Coulson trying to use the holotable
  66. I love that even in season five when the Bus is long gone, we still refer to Fitz, Daisy, and Simmons as The Bus Kids.
  67. And Coulson and May being the exasperated team parents is always amusing.
  68. And speaking of, I love the fandom joke that Coulson loves to adopt kids to his team.
  69. There was a top-notch Stan Lee cameo.
  70. The show brings in other races of aliens very well.
  71. The characters take murder and killing very seriously, and I appreciate that because some action shows are just kill-fests.
  72. Though he didn’t stay very long, the Inhuman Joey was the MCU’s first openly gay character.
  73. There’s amazing character development. I mentioned Simmons’ briefly already, but everyone has grown and developed for the better, really. Daisy is a hero, Fitz isn’t as awkward, May is channeling her sadness and opening up more… I love watching it all and rooting for them.
  74. Furthermore, all the characters are so well-rounded. They’re real. They have flaws.
  75. Yo-Yo usually ties back her hair when she fights.
  76. As any good spy show should, there’s been some brilliant undercover scenes.
  77. There are so many strong female characters!
  78. Even with the addition of Inhumans, the show does a great job of proving that you don’t need to be super to be a hero.
  79. The dialogue is never awkward or forced.
  80. Most of the time, the episode trailers do a perfect job of getting me hyped.
  81. In season one or two, Ming-Na Wen started the #Mayisms tag on Twitter, and it was hilarious.
  82. It’s fun to recite what SHIELD stands for (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. I had that memorized years ago).
  83. The show’s title card changes every once in a while, and it seems like every new design is better than the last.
  84. The show airs all around the world so there are fans worldwide.
  85. CTV airs the show in Canada at the same time as America, and when CTV has their upfronts each year, a cast member or two usually attends.
  86. Though it’s not perfect or lasting, the show does try to properly portray mental issues like PTSD and Fitz’s brain damage a bit.
  87. The original characters are so good and so loved that a few of them even made their way to the animated/comic world a few times.
    Fitz and Simmons in a Spider-Man show
  88. I read that the showrunners said they have an idea for how they want the show to end and if the season five finale is the very end, then it’ll be implemented, meaning it will likely be satisfying for fans, and I’m so glad because that’s literally all I want from TV shows.
  89. That being said, if the showrunners and the network wanted to, the show could, in theory, stay on for several more seasons because it’s been built up so well and there is a lot more material to work with. Five season is a lot, but the show is so good that it could handle more and still be good quality.
  90. I like how we’ve learned a lot of the backstories of the main characters, but over time so it feels more natural (May and her husband/past SHIELD work, Coulson with that cellist, Fitzsimmons at sci-ops…).
  91. The show is rarely confusing. Everything is explained and clear and you don’t feel like an idiot (with the exception of that time travel episode in season five. It took four people explaining it to me before I kind of understood what happened).
  92. Having Daisy do the “we’ll return in a moment” instead after Coulson was abducted for the framework was brilliant. There are so many little things like that that the show does so well.
  93. Even some of the more antagonistic characters like Cal and Raina and Talbot have/had endearing qualities.
  94. The show also has a fun handful of background characters like Agent Piper and Agent Davis, proving that S.H.I.E.L.D. is more than just the main six or seven. These background characters known to some as The B Team can be a pleasure to see (though after last episode, 5×11, a certain someone is on thin ice).
  95. The Agents Of Hydra arc in season four was just brilliant. Not only did it parallel real life a little, but it paralleled S.H.I.E.L.D. in season one, it gave the cast a chance to play different characters, it brought back old favourites, it had all the stakes and drama we need, and it fit in so well with the season and the show. It was agonizing to watch, but it was so good.
  96. There have been some cool guest stars like Patton Oswalt, Lucy, Lawless, Constance Zimmer, Dove Cameron, and Bill Paxton (to name a few).
  97. Once in a while we get behind the scenes videos or pictures, which I love.
  98. The show made us care deeply about the characters very quickly. In episode 1×06 ‘F.Z.Z.T.’ when Simmons got the disease and fell out of the plane, I knew right then that I cared very much for the team. Usually TV shows don’t grab me that fast, but I was about to cry then and there.
  99. The fight scenes are always SO GOOD. Especially ones with May involved. They’re always choreographed so well and are always just the right length.

    May fighting her look-alike in season 2
    May vs May. Good stuff.
  100. It’s a remarkably unique show that manages to combine several genres and tropes but still be original and exciting. It’s one of a kind. I love it.

And there we go! 100 reasons to celebrate 100 episodes. And I know 100 episodes is a lot, but if you’re thinking about starting the show, don’t let this deter you! It’s an amazing show and it deserves so much love. If you like Marvel and sci-fi action spy shows then please give Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. a whirl!

And to the cast, crew, showrunners, and fandom, thank you for giving me this show and making so many aspects of it so enjoyable. If season 5 is the end, then just know that I enjoyed every minute of it!

Do you have other reasons for loving Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Leave a comment and let me know!

That’s all for now!

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