Country-Based TV Laws Are The Work Of The Devil

As a Canadian, I am lucky. I’m close enough to America to get American channels, and Canadian channels have deals to air American shows as well, so 98% of the time, I get TV shows at the same time the Americans do. I am so thankful every day for this.

But I do feel so bad for other people in the world. Some countries don’t air TV shows at the same time. Some countries don’t air shows for weeks or months afterwards (good luck avoiding spoilers). Some countries never get them. And I know that American TV may not be very popular in really foreign countries where English isn’t the first language, so having network deals may be a waste of time, but there are some fans who would watch if they could. I knew of people who would get up at 3am to livestream an American show that was airing 8pm our time. Their dedication is real, but there are limited options for them, and all of them are technically illegal.

American networks block things. They alienate fans who don’t live in America. And then they wonder why ratings aren’t going up…it’s because people take to watching things illegally online because it’s all they can do.

And what’s worse is that when episodes finally do air in far away places, like in the UK for example, the episodes are sometimes edited so swear words and more graphic scenes are either cut short or cut out altogether. People are paying for edited things and they can’t control it, as there are only a few providers with American channels, the biggest one being Sky.

Though I just explained how lucky I am as a Canadian, I’m not entirely free from these restrictions. The official websites for the American channels won’t let me watch any videos, and prices for shipping on any merchandise is sky high. Normally, I don’t care too much as I don’t frequent these sites, but sometimes I need to. Agents Of SHIELD used to post sneak peeks and BTS videos on the ABC site and on ABC’s YouTube channel and then tweet about it, and I wouldn’t be able to watch, though I and their other thousands of other foreign followers would see that videos do exist. We can get so close, just never close enough. I gave up angrily tweeting back a reply of “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE CANADA???!!!!???” a long time ago because it’s clear they just don’t care.

That being said, it’s not just American channels that limit. I’m really ragging on America here as they’re the biggest producer of the shows. But other countries block too. Not a single American I know has a clue what Mr. D is (though it’s not a hugely popular show…) and when the Brits air Sherlock and Doctor Who, I don’t think North America gets it on time either. It’s a shame.

Image result for why can't we all get along gif

And as a cherry on the cake, there’s all this talk about the TV industry dying and online platforms like Netflix taking over. Let me tell you, that’s somehow even worse for non-Americans because even these revolutionary platforms like Netflix are limited. Canadian Netflix is pretty bad, so I often have to go stream elsewhere.

I know it’s all business deals and contracts and money but I dream of a world where none of that exists and I can just watch TV in peace. Is that too much to ask?

P.S. If for some reason you’ve read this exact post before on the internet, I actually wrote it for a blogging course I took two years ago in university, so it’s all my own words, I’m just reposting it on my real blog!

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5 Feel-Good TV Shows

There are a lot of TV shows out there these days, and I enjoy watching so many of them, but not all the shows I watch are feel-good shows. Even the ones that are my favourites, like Agents Of SHIELD, stress me out more than they do calm me. I love it, but it's not exactly the kind of show you want to watch right before bed or when you're having a bad day and just want to relax with some TV. So I decided to compile a small list of shows that are 100% always feel-good and if you're ever in a situation where you just want or need to watch a pure, happy show, I hope you'll choose one of these.

1. Cash Cab

Obviously the version I watch is the Canadian one (which is the best one!), but I assume the versions around the world are just as feel-good. This show is great, and you learn some things while watching. The show is about a taxi cab driven by a host who, as he takes people to their destination, asks them a bunch of trivia questions. If they get the questions right, they win cash. If they get three wrong, they have to leave the cab. This show is great because you get these fun groups of friends who didn't expect to be in such a cab, and they always get so into the game. They're never mean to each other, and even if they lose, they're just glad to have tried.
cash cab scene where happy players are about to highfive

2. Say Yes To The Dress

Okay, so maybe this show isn't that appealing to men, but if any of you ladies haven't seen this show, then you are missing out. At a fancy bridal shop, consultants help bride-to-be's find their dream gown. I'm not even a big lover of dresses but I do like seeing all the different styles and how different people respond to them. And while there sometimes can be a bit of drama from the family/friends accompanying the bride, it's never too annoying or intense. This show is also so positive. No matter what the bride looks like or what kind of dress they want or what their budget is, the consultants are always ready to do their best and make the bride happy. It's so inclusive and nice. Say Yes to this show!
a consultant and a bride look at a dress with the bride's entourage in the back

3. Hollywood Game Night

This show has jumped around a bit in terms of scheduling and also doesn't get a lot of notice, but it's great. Jane Lynch hosts a game show featuring two teams, each team made up of three celebrities and a regular person. They play a bunch of fun games and money is donated to charities and it's just a good time. It's never too competitive, and everyone is so nice, and it's fun to see celebrities having fun playing the games. And speaking of the games, they're so creative and unique and entertaining to watch, really making this show stand out from other game shows. I'm laughing every episode. Currently it's on this summer, Thursdays at 8 in America and Tuesdays at 9 in Canada. Sometimes game shows can get too intense or awkward, and HGN never is.
a scene of players mid-game

4. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen is the best. Let's get that out there first. She's so nice and funny and kind. I watched her show after school for most of high school, always looking forward to it, no matter who the guests were. Ellen encourages so many good things, from being active to being kind to helping others, all while being so casual and hilarious. Even when she is broaching sensitive topics or being serious, she always does it with respect. I wish I had time to watch this show every day again, or even more often, but I know that whenever I can catch it, or even just a clip, it's always going to be so great. She and her show deserves the record breaking number of Emmys she has.
ellen laughing during her show

5. Face Off

Reality competition shows are often drama-filled and forced, but not this one. It's never rude or harsh. Contestants compete with their amazing makeup and prosthetic skills to create characters and designs under weekly themes and are then critiqued by a panel of three judges. As someone who can barely do her own eyeliner right, watching these amazing makeup designs and unique characters come to life is really cool. These people are so talented, and are often their own worst critic. If you ever want to just sit back and watch amazing creations be made right in front of you, then this is the show for you, especially if you're a fan of fantasy/sci-fi things.

contestant applies makeup to an alien face


Believe it or not, even listing five shows was kind of hard. I also consider comedies like Parks And Rec to be feel-good for me, but I can understand if aspects of it are not feel-good for everyone. These above shows are as pure and calming as they come. I enjoy watching them at all times because I never walk away feeling anything other than pleased.

What are your feel-good shows?


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Dear Arrowverse

Dear Arrowverse,

First of all, I just want to say I’m a huge fan. Had you told me three years ago that I’d be this deep in DC TV, I’d have laughed, but here I am. And though you’re not perfect, the worlds you’ve created, characters you’ve developed, and stories you’ve told have been amazing, and I am definitely looking forward to what’s to come.

This past week saw the season finales for Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow, and I thought I’d take a sec to address these shows, along with Legends Of Tomorrow, because I want to see them succeed even further in their coming seasons, and what better way to do so than in a long (seriously, sorry for the length) and slightly spoilery open letter?

Image result for arrowverse wallpaper


Dear Supergirl,

First of all, please bring Cat Grant back. If the last two episodes of this season proved anything it’s that Cat Grant makes everything better. Her confidence, her brilliance, and her speeches are so great, and her belief in Supergirl is inspiring. Bringing Cat back would also mean a refocus on CatCo. It’s not that James did a bad job as CEO, but it just didn’t matter overall. We saw James as Guardian more (and I still think that was very unnecessary) but I want to see Cat take back her throne and work alongside Kara again. That unrelenting girl power was such a great part of season one.

And speaking of James, let’s give him a bigger role too. As I said, I didn’t think his new hero side-job was a good idea, but if that is to continue, have him train more (like we saw Laurel do on Arrow) and have him work with the DEO. His subplots are not the strongest and they take away from the main plot, so it’d be better to work them together. I do like his bromance with Winn, though. Season one was kind of awkward with them, so I’m glad all is good now. As for Winn, please let him have a good relationship with a girl. Lyra was crazy and abusive and I can’t believe her outburst in the bar there was passed off as okay.

And since we’re talking about relationships, I guess I should mention Mon-El. I never liked him. And this is not because I loved Kara and James together (though that relationship’s ending was so poor and I am a little annoyed still), but because from the start, Karamel, as they were called, was a star-crossed cliché that just went from bad to worse. Mon-El was not great. He caused more problems than he solved, and on a show where there are so many strong and healthy relationships (the Danvers sisters, Kara and Lena, Kara and Clark, James and Winn, J’onn and Alex and Kara…) Mon-El and Kara’s just stuck out like a gross sore thumb. With that said, I did not hate Mon-El. He did grow a lot as a character and his departure was pretty sad. If he does come back, I think he could be a good asset to the DEO (provided they remember he has alien powers too) but not as Kara’s boyfriend. In season one, Supergirl was a representation of the feminist agenda, and while season two had some amazing moments, it did stray off the path a little, and I’d love to see the power and heart back.

Image result for supergirl gif


Dear The Flash,

You were the start of DCTV for me. I adore how you manage to keep the show light and funny as well as get dark and sad when needed. But as far as heroes go, Barry Allen is perhaps the stupidest. Season three was completely about dealing with Barry’s selfish mistake. A conscious, deliberate mistake that had irreparable consequences for everyone. He was lucky that he managed to deal with most of the changes to a point where we didn’t care or it didn’t affect the plot (like Dante’s death) but don’t think anyone forgets or doesn’t care about baby Sara. The audience is supposed to root for the hero, and I do, but Barry has almost let his power go to his head and it’s hard to watch. It can be annoying to watch. I’m not happy he had to sacrifice himself in the season finale because it was sad and it’s not fair to everyone else in his life, but he did make this mistake and no one else can deal with that. And on top of that, we had Barry being all angsty. We get enough angst from Oliver Queen. In that one episode where his memory was erased, Iris remarked that it’d been a while since he was so free from burdens, and she was right. It was refreshing. In season four please let Wally take some of that hero burden and please stop having Barry make poor choices.

But enough about Barry. Let’s talk about girls. Iris is a reporter but did she even do any reporting this season? I know she’s more than just the love interest, so let’s see that a bit more often. Have her do communications for the STAR Labs museum or something. Anything. And then there’s Caitlin or Killer Frost…or whoever she is now. It’s not that I loved Caitlin because she never was my favourite, it’s that she was a part of the team and Cisco’s best friend, and I just want her to be happy. Y’all have her constantly falling in love with these fleeting dudes and she always just seems so sad and reserved. She deserves better. At the risk of becoming like Arrow, season four of needs to return to its roots. Barry is a local hero and a scientist, not a God and not a Time Master. Bring back the lightheartedness.

Related image


Dear Arrow,

I’ve never been a fan of darkness, so you’ve never been my favourite. But I guess the darkness and grit makes the moments of light stand out all the more. Unfortunately, this past season lacked those stand out moments. While Adriane Chase was an amazing villain, Oliver was so angsty, Diggle never stood out, and Billy’s death along with that completely unnecessary and out of character nonsense with Helix made Actual Ray Of Sunshine Felicity a little duller. I know the show will never be as light as The Flash or Supergirl, but at least let these characters have some moments of happiness that last longer than four seconds before going back to immediate crisis.

And while Team Arrow isn’t as smiley as Team Flash, fans still root for them. But this season, half of Team Arrow were new characters. Right away this season we went from just Oliver and Felicity to Oliver and Felicity and Curtis and Renee and Evelyn and Rory, the latter three new and underdeveloped. Bringing in new people isn’t a bad thing. Fan favourites like Roy and Sara and even Laurel and Thea were later additions to the team, but they all came in one at a time, so fans got a chance to see their story/character develop, where as this season, the newbies came in so fast, I couldn’t have cared less if they lived or died. Evelyn betrayed them and Rory left and I didn’t and still do not care. Because Team Arrow is such an underground and dangerous team, having a strong bond between the team is vital, and that just was not felt this season. And then we had Dinah come in as a replacement for Laurel (another quick entrance), and let me say, no one prefers her to Laurel. Having Black Siren as a series regular next season will not and can not make up for killing Laurel. But death is death, and I guess I can accept that. And if you’re looking for someone else to kill, I nominate Curtis because he is getting on my nerves. He never knows when to shut up.

As the flashbacks have come to an end and the season ended with a literal bang, we’ve seen just how crazy the last decade of Oliver’s life has been. He deserves some happiness (with Felicity please) and he deserves not to carry the world on his shoulders. Unlike Barry Allen, he didn’t make any huge mistakes for selfish reasons. Like, sure, he shouldn’t have killed at first, but most of those guys he killed deserved to die, and how was he supposed to know one of them had a psychopath for a son? And it’s not like he’s the only person who’s ever killed. Let’s stop treating him like he is.

Image result for green arrow prometheus gif


Dear Legends Of Tomorrow,

Honestly, you’re my favourite right now, which is interesting considering that I almost didn’t watch you from the start and I definitely did not care for any of these characters from the start. Though I wish I understood the many complicated rules of Time Travel better, you manage to deliver action and laughs from a likeable cast of characters in a constantly interesting places. I’m a sucker for teams and the Legends are a legendary team to say the least. Their interactions as a team as well as in pairs or smaller groups are always so fun. Because they’re all so outspoken and underqualified for Time Travel, it makes their hero work that much more relatable and enjoyable. But you’re not free from flaws.

First of all, I need more girls. Sara Lance is everything, but she needs more than just Kendra and then just Amaya. The Arrowverse has so many amazing ladies to throw on the Waverider. If it were up to me, I’d pick up Nyssa or Lisa Snart or go back in time and get Laurel (because no one wants Black Siren and everyone wants the real Laurel). I know all three of them would not only work very well with Sara, but would bring something special to the team too.

Speaking of Snart, I miss him. I mean, I liked seeing him on The Flash again as well as working with the Legion Of Doom this past year, but his role on the team in season one was so great. We watched as he became a hero and that was interesting, because Ray and Jax and all them were heroes from the start. Bring back Snart the hero.

I really only have one more issue with you, and it’s that the team needs to be nicer to Mick Rory. If the team just trusted him and respected him and recognized the fact that for all of season two he was fairly cooperative despite the fact that he was dealing with the loss of his partner, they would have avoided a few mishaps. I know they’re doing their best to save the world and manage time, but the functionality of this rag-tag team is a huge draw for me and many others.

Image result for legends of tomorrow season finale gif


I know it seems like I’m too critical and negative. I’m not. I could write so many more letters expressing all the things I love about these shows, because I honestly do love them. I am in awe of how magically you’ve managed to tie together these four shows and like I said, I am very much looking forward to the coming seasons. But this letter is to remind and encourage anyone and everyone behind these shows that they could be better. Listen to fans and think about what these characters deserve. You want to tell stories and we want to watch them.

Congrats on all the success so far and I can’t wait until the fall when you return to my screen.

Sincerely, a fan


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So I Have Beef With ‘Joey’

Over the past semester, I rewatched FRIENDS. Four years ago I watched it all for the first time and I thought it was time for another go. It’s such a classic show and it was a perfect destresser. Plus, since I’ve seen it already, I wasn’t sucked into the binge hole.

When I finished my rewatch (and stopped crying, duh), I decided to watch Joey, the spinoff. I didn’t know much about it other than the fact that aired on NBC and it wasn’t the best, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Admittedly, Joey is my least favourite of the FRIENDS group, but I still love him and thought the premise of his show seemed alright. After all the changes that took place at the end of FRIENDS, it makes sense that Joey would move to LA for his acting career.

Image result for joey spinoff

But Joey disappointed me. From only a few episodes, I knew the show lacked a lot and I was going to stop watching…but I was bored and so I watched it all (that binge hole, y’all). I also wasn’t going to write about it. I mean, the show is over a decade old and I’m sure no one cares anymore, but as I kept watching, my disappointment just turned into anger and I needed to rant. So here we go.

First of all, I know Joey is not FRIENDS. I know they’re separate and should not be compared too much, but when you’ve got a spinoff of such an iconic and heartfelt show, I do have some expectations. With FRIENDS, I genuinely love every character and found them all so dynamic and funny. With Joey, I could not care less for anyone, except maybe Joey himself. It’s not that I hated them, but going from Ross and Chandler to Michael is such a downgrade. Gina and Bobby were annoying and Alex was kind of boring. I didn’t feel the connections between any of them, which was especially really unfortunate when they tried to put Alex and Joey in a relationship. Ross/Rachel and Monica/Chandler were two pure, heartfelt relationships that people rooted for, and I hardly cared for Joey/Alex at all.

Related image

My second issue with Joey was that the ties to FRIENDS were awful. And by awful I mean barely there. I wonder if it was a licensing thing? If you didn’t know Joey was from FRIENDS and had ten years of history, you wouldn’t be able to tell. I mean, aside from one mention of Chandler in the pilot and a few mentions of Days Of Our Lives here and there, there was nothing. Even little things, like the fact that Joey and Gina have six other sisters wasn’t really talked about until 1×19 when another sister came to visit, and even then there were plot holes. There was one instance when Joey referred to Rachel and Ross, but not by name and it was blink-and-you-miss-it brief. It really made me sad that Joey went from spending every day with his best friends for over a decade to literally not mentioning them or thinking about them or any part of his old life.

And apparently, FRIENDS must have exhausted literally every actor/actress on the planet because there was not one but two main repeat people on Joey (and, according to Wikipedia, a few other minor repeats), and that bugged me a lot more than it should. I think it’s because it felt like just another way FRIENDS canon was ignored. But seriously, how hard is it to not cast the same people in leading roles? Like, I know there’s been some repeat people in the MCU, but they’re usually not too noticeable.

I think Joey had potential, but it was wasted. They had a chance to take this lovable character and put him in new situations, but it was just the same stuff over and over but worse. Poorer comedy, less likable characters, little plot progression. Like, in the pilot, Michael was desperate to move out from his mother’s place, so I was expecting to see Joey and Michel struggle with adult life without a mom…or a Monica, but Gina was literally at Joey’s house all the time and it just wasn’t enjoyable. Even when the guys went away for a weekend, she was there.

And look, I didn’t hate the show. Joey’s characterization was still great. He still was likable and funny and his dialogue was still spot-on. But he alone couldn’t carry a show, never mind a spinoff of probably one of the best shows ever.

Related image

FRIENDS is loved by so many, and to see its legacy tarnished and practically erased really saddened me. I kind of regret watching Joey, which says a lot, because I love TV and FRIENDS. I guess I’ve never really watched a proper spinoff before, and I think this experience will make me think carefully before I ever do again.

Have any of you watched Joey? What are your thoughts on it? Are my complaints with it logical? Has this post just brought back bad memories?

That’s all for now!

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An Archie Fan’s Perspective Of ‘Riverdale’

(This post obviously contains spoilers for the pilot!)

I struggle to put into words just how much I love Archie Comics and just how freaking excited I was for Riverdale‘s premier. I’ve been waiting for some type of Archie media for forever and my hopes got up each time a new rumor of a movie went around. As I mentioned when I posted my dreamcast, I grew up reading Archie and still do because it is timeless and so classic. There must be hundreds of digests jammed into my book shelf at home.

But Riverdale from the start seemed to shake up the foundations and as much as I was excited, I’ll be the first to admit that I was also a little concerned. I mean, Archie is a pretty vanilla story so I was surprised to find that the TV show’s plot was to revolve around the murder of secondary character Jason Blossom. It’s a bit of an extreme. And that’s only one of many changes I was aware of before the show aired. In the back of my mind, I wondered if I was hyping up the show only to have it let me down?

Image result for riverdale show

But I have just watched the premier and am dying to share my thoughts (in more depth than my livetweeting). Overall, I really liked it. It was enticing and familiar and fun and it was so amazing to see the characters I’ve loved on screen. I imagine that a lot of viewers have read Archie comics but perhaps not with the fervor I did, and then there are those who’ve never read any but were interested in the show, so I thought it’d be interesting to share my opinion as I’m very familiar and devoted to the source material (related: here’s a quiz I made for Popwrapped [that the Archie Comics Twitter account also shared!!!]) and because I like to talk about TV. Here are some things I did and did not like about Riverdale.

What I liked:

  • Cole Sprouse as Jughead. Jughead is my favourite and though I was a little miffed when they first cast Cole, as soon as I saw that his black hair, I was sold. And Cole plays him perfectly. He’s quiet but smart and I can’t wait to see more.


  • The easter eggs (eg. A Town With Pep)
  • Betty and Veronica’s friendship. As much as they’re always in competition with each other for Archie, they’re best friends first, so it’ll be nice seeing that friendship develop in the show.
  • Having the parents all know each other from childhood
  • Cheryl being as crazy as ever. She’s annoying but you’re not supposed to like her.
  • Betty-Archie-Veronica love triangle. It’s iconic and the only love triangle the world needs.
  • Jughead as the narrator. He’s perfect for such a role.
  • The murder is compelling. I want to know more.
  • Kevin Keller! He wasn’t in the comics much with the gang, so he’s a nice addition. I just hope he develops into more than The Gay Best Friend.
  • The show isn’t too dark. I was worried it’d get creepy, but so far so good.
  • All the casting is spot on. I am impressed.

What I didn’t like:

  • Geraldine Grundy being a hot 20-something that is hooking up with Archie. Not only is that super illegal and gross, but comic Archie would never do that. I knew this would be my least favourite thing of the show. I really dislike it.
  • Hiram Lodge is a snake? In the comics he was anything but. But if it means we get a chance for Hermione to shine, I’m okay(-ish) with it.
  • Why aren’t Juggie and Archie best friends??? What happened between them???
  • Archie’s music/football problem….so Troy Bolton.
  • The falling in love with your best friend trope from Betty and Archie. It’s not that I don’t like Betty and Archie, but they amped up the unnecessary drama to have Betty pining over him secretly and Archie not reciprocating feelings so now they have to be all awkward about it….ugh.
  • Betty being all anxious and awkward and a push over. I know they have her mom being a weird psychotic control freak, but I’m looking forward to some development and growth in our favourite girl-next-door.
  • Moose is a closet gay? I mean….okay?
  • Grundy and Archie. Gotta mention it again because I’m really bothered, actually.

Obviously, it’s just the pilot and pilots are never flawless. This show has a lot of room to grow, and I am very excited to see where it takes us. As much as a sitcom happy-go-lucky style show also would have worked with such feel-good source material, The CW is known for their drama and I think it’s working. The small town of Riverdale is being shaken to its core by Jason’s death and I really want to see more. I need answers.

I’m so glad I’m not disappointed by the show. The creative choices and changes made were for the most part, likable and interesting, so I approve. Fans of Archie have waited so long for this show and I am pleased that it’s here and seems like it can last.

Related image

Did any of you watch Riverdale? What did you think of it? Will you be tuning in next week? Please discuss with me!


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