A Tribute To Microsoft Paint

Stop laughing, I’m serious.

I’m not very artistic. I’m good enough for Pictionary but that’s about it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like being creative. Once in a while, a creative urge will form and I make do with the tools I have: Microsoft Paint.

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Microsoft Paint is terrible. It is somehow so basic but also not user-friendly at all. It’s awkward and lacking and needs updating. But it gets the job done. For the longest time, it was all I had, so I know how to use it to get what’s in my brain into reality.

And I know Photoshop is great. I get it and the rest of Adobe suite for free from school. So what I can’t do on Paint, I do on Photoshop. But Photoshop is also really complex. It’s an art itself. And I am unskilled. A course I took last year involved it, but we were only taught really basic things that I already forget and for a week only, so my knowledge is laughable. I don’t have time to teach myself more when I already have mastered Paint.

So why this tribute? Why now? Well, in the past 24 hours from writing this, I have used Paint twice for major projects at school. And not to brag, but the results look really good. I am impressed and proud. I’d show you, but that’s what we educated folks call an academic offence.

Even my blog logo, that little bean, is a product of MS Paint. It took me twenty minutes and I love it. I’ve considered changing everything on my blog, but never that bean.


I think people underestimate how useful MS Paint is. As much as doing somethings are a pain with it, it is great for very basic cropping, drawing and editing. Plus it’s free. The program is just there. Always.

Anyways, this post idea was the result of doing homework at 2am, but I just really felt the need to publicly declare my love for Paint. No one appreciates it enough, so I have to make up for it by bothering all of you readers with this post.

Here’s to you, Microsoft Paint. Thanks for being with me through that awful grade 11 class when learned nothing so I literally just messed around with you for the whole semester. Thanks for being with me through five plus years of blogging, always there when I needed a quick edit or a header. Thanks for being with me through school projects. I probably shouldn’t be using you in University but here I am…it’s worked out so far. Thanks for being with me through boredom, making it fairly easy to be creative on a whim.

Image result for shoutout gif

I feel bad for you suckers on Macs. You’re missing out on MS Paint. What do you guys have? Paintbrush or something? Lame.

Anyways, I’ll go back to my assignments now. Feel free to leave a comment expressing your love for Paint. Or if you can, copy and paste a picture of your best Paint creation.


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25 thoughts on “A Tribute To Microsoft Paint

  1. You had me at the title. MS Paint is terrible but it’s so useful! Every picture on my blog has been opened in Paint, changed to a JPEG, a disclaimer added somewhere and a comment emblazoned. Like you, I don’t have time to teach myself the big programs even though I have invested in Dummies books. However, I am digitizing all my parents’ photos and I am going to need a program better than Paint. Sigh.

  2. I could never get anything good going on MS Paint. I would mainly just take the mouse and make circles and squiggly lines. Now, I feel like I need to go and try to draw something…anything, just for the heck of it!

    • Drawing is really hard, especially with a mouse. It’s easier to use the shapes to outline first, then carefully draw over and zoom in a lot for detail, pixel by pixel sometimes!

  3. The good old paint! I used to use ALL THE TIME> I have to agree, it does need some updating bit it does the trick.
    Now, I have a chromebook, I don’t have paint but for blog-related images, I use CANVA. though MS paint is really great!

    Thanks for stopping by @ My Bookish Life

  4. Hey there! I’m stopping over from Susie’s Blog. I just thought I’d let you know one of my characters in my Super Spies series says “Cool Beans” all the time. I thought you’d like to know! LOL! Anyway, I enjoyed your commentary on Microsoft Paint. I might actually try to use it some day. 😉

  5. Great post! I know that’s s’posedly a lame way to begin a comment but it’s true! I love MSPaint, but can and have used other programs enough. However, even artistically, I love low-tech methods of visual creation. Even my film-making (not yet edited/published) is often deliberately lowest possible and intended specifically only for the micro-small screen such as on a phone. MSPaint may seem clunky but I’ve been using it since my first Windows 3.1 pc in 1999 and wouldn’t be without it and so my daughter could make computer pics with it way before she was 2. I really don’t much like using online drawing software as the server has shared rights and use of creative work (I guess, much like any other creative online facility).

      • I’m hoping to dig out some of my old freebie magazine CD software until I can afford a creative suite subscription but looking at training with InDesign first but not in a hurry as can do most of what i need to for now with what I have already 🙂

  6. A couple of the pictures for my blog so far (All one post of it) were made with MS paint, if only because it’s what I’ve got. I find it useable for what I want to make, so it doesn’t really bother me. Glad I’m not the only one who uses it.

    • Just this past weekend I had to use Adobe InDesign for a school project and honestly, there were a few things that I was doing that I know is easier on Paint. Paint is great.

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