Best Things On The Internet: Videos

I’ve mentioned before that I have a Word document on my desktop where I drop links to what I consider to be The Best Things On The Internet. Every time I find something amusing, I save it for a day when I need a laugh.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite videos (and Vines). The internet’s creative culture and sense of humour is so great, and I’m so glad it’s so easy to share and find this kind of stuff. Tumblr is crawling with it, and I love it. Sometimes I’ll be doing something mundane, like brushing my teeth, and I’ll randomly think of something on my document, and I’ll just start laughing. That’s how much I enjoy these.

I know this isn’t my usual style of post, but I have nothing else ready to post and I’ve been busy, so for now, this is what you’ll get. But don’t worry, you’re guaranteed a laugh or your money back.

Note: some of these videos may contain swear words or just things that you don’t really want a boss to catch you watching, so heads up! 😀

I don’t even know what this is, or who made it, but it’s a work of art. Genius.

This mom’s reaction gets me every time. She was so ready to go.

I’m so glad I got a normal, Anglo-Saxon name, but I’m sure many subs deal with this often.

Exactly as it seems, and the more you watch, the funnier it gets. Oh, America, you guys are crazy.

My brother and I have declared this our favourite Vine. Maybe because this is the last music we’d think to dance to, or maybe because of the amazing dancing that’s happening, or maybe the use of the word ‘crunk’ in the title, but either way, it’s the best.

I have no excuse for this. It’s hilarious. I’m so glad little me never watched this show or my childhood would be ruined!

This is one of my favourite commercials! “No. Not like hot to trot.”

This is my all-time favourite commercial. I shared it before in my first blog post, but here it is again. I know all the words and gestures. A classic!

So fitting. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what was going on in Matt’s head.

Amazing. These fit together so well, and it’s so amusing. I didn’t see it coming!

And that’s it! I have many more things in my document, but I’ll save those for another day and another post!

What videos or Vines are you loving? Leave me links so I can laugh!

That’s all for now!

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