Books I Wrote

I don’t just write blog posts, you know! I have two published works out there available for your consumption, and I am very proud of them both.

The first is a novel. It’s called The Time Company. It’s available on Amazon, Kindle, and iTunes. It’s self-published juvenile fiction in the genre of adventure/fantasy, and it’s about a company that produces and controls Time. Here’s a post on it with all the links you need.


The other published work of mine is an iBook on Muggle Quidditch, and it’s called Muggle Quidditch: Yes, It’s Real! It’s short but informative and interactive! It’s available for free from iTunes. Here’s a post with all the details on that.

The cover for Muggle Quidditch: Yes, It's Real!


So those are the two published works I have under my belt…for now! Thank you in advance for your support!