DC Stars Have Musical Abilities Too

A few months ago, I wrote a post about Marvel actors who have/had music careers that no one really knew of. And then I asked on Twitter if I should investigate any possible music from DC actors, and I got more yesses than nos, so here we are. With Marvel, most of the actors I found were from the movies, whereas with DC, I knew it’d be the many TV stars that I’d spend more time looking up, and I really underestimated how many actors there were. I’ve organized it by show, so you’re welcome. This post is very long, but there were some interesting results. Here is what I found:

Barry and Kara dancing in the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover.

The Flash

  • Grant Gustin starred on Glee before he became the Flash, so we knew there was singing ability there. In the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover, he sings. Before Glee, he was in a touring cast of West Side Story.
  • Carlos Valdez, who plays Cisco on The Flash, was a part of Team Starkid at UofM with Darren Criss, so he helped with music for some of those shows. You can see him in the background of A Very Potter Musical. He also has music of his own, very jazzy stuff, and you can hear it all on Bandcamp under his music name Tha Los. My favourite song of his, though, is this cover of ‘Open Your Eyes’.
  • Jesse L. Martin not only sings in the crossover as well, but his most iconic role is Collins in RENT, both on stage and in the movie. He also sang on a concept album called Bright Lights, Big City, which is on Spotify.
  • Keiynan Lonsdale left the Arrowverse to pursue his music. He’s got a bunch of singles and features on Spotify.


  • Colton Haynes has two singles on Spotify, including a Christmas song(!) and a handful of features.
  • With several full solo albums, several cast recordings, and songs in the Flash/Supergirl crossover, John Barrowman is one decorated entertainer, but he’s more well-known in the UK, where he’s from.
  • Colin Donnell has no solo original music but has been on Broadway many, many times. In fact, he’s going back soon to star in a stage production of Almost Famous.
  • Though I can’t find any of it on Spotify, Rick Gonzalez made music for many years. It’s rap, and not very remarkable or recognizable at that, but not awful. Listen to some of it here.
  • Kat McNamara apparently started her career on Broadway but then quickly moved to TV/film. She has one single from 2017 called ‘Ember’ that I thiiiink had something to do with that show she used to be on, Shadowhunters.


  • Under the name King Gvpsv (like ‘gypsy’, I think), Mehcad Brooks has several singles and an album from the last few years. It’s r&b/hip-hop, and pretty catchy.
    king gvpsv single art.
  • Melissa Benoist was on Glee for a few years and sang in the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. She also starred as Carol King in the Broadway musical Beautiful during a Supergirl hiatus, but she wasn’t the original Carol so she isn’t on the soundtrack.
  • Jeremy Jordan doesn’t have solo stuff but he’s starred in several musicals (Newsies is a favourite of mine) and was in the musical crossover.
  • Chyler Leigh sings her with musician husband Nathan West under the name WestLeigh, but she’s also been a part of his solo stuff. They sing covers, but also have a few original songs.

Legends Of Tomorrow

  • Arthur Darvill has a rather impressive musical history including being on both Broadway and the West End, writing songs for some shows, and being in an old indie band called Edmund. Their presence seems to have been wiped from the internet save a few YouTube videos. Their lyrics are kind of repetitive but the songs slap, and I’ve been listening to the whole album on repeat for a several weeks now.
  • Ciara Renee has been on several Broadway soundtracks.
  • Broadway has also featured Victor Garber. And he sang in the crossover. And he was in a Canadian folk/pop group called The Sugar Shoppe. They even performed on TV.
  • Caity Lotz was in a girl group! Called Soccx, they released a few songs between 2006-2008, and got really popular in Germany. It’s just mid-2000’s generic pop, but it’s wild to see young Caity. Only one song is on Spotify, but others can be found on Youtube.

    GIRL!!!!! That hair!!!!!

Black Lightning

  • China Anne McClaine sang a lot during her Disney days on various shows/movies, and then sang with her sisters in a group called the McClaine Sisters, but the group hasn’t done anything in years.
  • Marvin Jones III is also known as Krondon and has been rapping for over a decade as a solo artist and in a rap group called Strong Arm Steady. Spotify has all that music.


  • John Schneider was a successful country singer in the 80’s and has continued to release music through the 2000’s and 2010’s.
  • Michael Rosenbaum is in a new band called Left On Laurel and they have a debut album that came out a month ago. It’s got 90’s country/pop vibes.
    Left On Laurel performing.
  • Annette O’Toole has written songs with her husband for over a decade. The songs have usually been for movies, and one was even nominated for an Oscar.
  • Cassidy Freeman has a band with her brother and their friend called The Real D’Coy where she sings and plays piano, but it’s been several years since they had new music, so I don’t know if they’re still active.

Other – TV

  • New addition Ruby Rose has one single with someone named Gary Go, and you can listen to it and a bunch of remixes on Spotify.
  • Alan Ritchson, who plays Hawk on Titans, apparently auditioned for American Idol way back when, and Wikipedia says he has an album from 2006. I couldn’t find it at all, but what I did find instead was a debut single of his called ‘Mojito’ and it’s probably one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. But he sang recently on Titans with costar Minka Kelly, so we know he has a decent voice.
  • Matt Bomer, voice of Larry on Doom Patrol, can sing, but doesn’t really do it often. He sang when he guest-starred on Glee, he sang on the Magic Mike soundtrack, and he sang in that one episode of Doom Patrol.
  • Powerless was short and forgettable, but it was still a DC show, so I have to mention that Vanessa Hudgens obviously sang in High School Musical and had a small solo career in the following years. She performed as Rizzo in Fox’s Grease Live a few years ago.

Other – Movies

  • Ezra Miller, the movie Flash, is in a band called Sons Of An Illustrious Father, and their music is pretty indie, bordering on alternative. He plays the drums and sings.
    Sons of an illustrious father.
  • Zachary Levi, Shazam star, has a small singing past including the Disney movie Tangled and a few Broadway shows like She Loves Me.
  • One of Christian Bale’s earliest roles was in the original movie version of Newsies in 1992 as the lead, the same character that Jeremy Jordan played on stage two decades later.
  • OG Catwoman Anne Hathaway has sung in movies like Rio and Les Miserables and more recently in the TV show Modern Love, but Spotify also lists her featured on a few other songs.
  • Michael Caine has sung a little bit for some roles, but more notably, he has released a compilation album of slow, jazzy music called Cained which I couldn’t find on YouTube or Spotify, but here it is on Amazon, to prove it exists.
  • Gary Oldman, who played Commissioner Gordon, has never ventured into solo music for a career but he plays several instruments and has played music for some movie roles and even sang with David Bowie.

I think I looked up everyone from the past few decades, but I’m sure there’s some I missed. If you know of any other DC stars’ music, let me know! Like with my Marvel post, there were some surprising finds, but that was the point! DC may not have the same reputation as Marvel when it comes to box office smashes, but they’ve got some real talent in their arsenal. And hopefully I’ve introduced you to some new music that you actually get in to.

That’s all for now!


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