Why Apple Shouldn’t Get Rid Of The Headphone Jack

Well, it’s basically confirmed. Rumors have been going for several months, but now new images were released showing that Apple will be removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and instead will use wireless Bluetooth headphones. Tech geeks around the world may be squealing with delight but I am not. I think this is a very bad decision that will really change a lot of things that most people don’t even realize.

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While this is kind of cool from a tech perspective, I’m being practical. I am a realist. And now I’ll explain why this is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing.

First of all, those ear buds are tiny. They’re sure to get lost. And I guess Apple is smart for that reason because they’ll sell more and more as people will keep needing replacements. Please look at this image I photoshopped so you get my idea.


But here are some facts to really help you understand. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack has been around for over 50 years. It was first used on a Sony radio in 1964 and since then, your current headphones can fit any device, from radios to mp3 players to phones to laptops and more. You’ve never had to worry about anything. Not to mention that headphones can be bought anywhere. You can buy $300 ones and you can buy $2 ones and they all work just fine.

But think about it. Apple is changing that. And Apple isn’t just some small insignificant company. Apple is a leader in our world, a titan of the industry. When the iPhone 5 came out and they changed the regular charging port to the smaller lightning port, I was sure no one would go for that as it’d mean buying different cables and different speakers. But guess what? Now I’m the one struggling to deal as I can’t easily find the old charging cables in stores for my 4S.

Is that our future? In five years will some of us be struggling to buy headphones with wires? Will we not be able to find devices that work with our old 3.5mm headphones? A lot of companies follow what Apple does in terms of technology, so this can perhaps affect everyone, not just loyal Apple users. You Android users think you’re so much better…until you’re not.

I love Christmas music and each December instead of streaming the music on my phone for the majority of the day, I carry around a small black radio. It’s slightly smaller than a brick (seriously!) and it also plays cassette tapes, so you know it’s old. But my headphones work on it and I can listen to as much Christmas music as I want on the go for free. Will I even be able to do that next year?

And to think that this change is all in the name of thinness. By removing the 3.5mm jack, the iPhone can get thinner than it could before. And I wonder, do phones really need to get thinner? Taller or wider I can somewhat understand. But thinner? No.

But what really bugs me the most is how profitable this change is for these companies. Apple will not only make millions selling the iPhone 7, but it’ll also make a fortune on the headphones. Apple will be able to privatize and sell brand name buds that people will need to purchase in order to listen to music. They’ll be able to sell new speaker systems, new adaptors, new phone cases and more. And then other companies will get in the game, changing all their products to keep up, and the consumers will just have to fork over the money at some point or another.

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If it ain’t broke, right? Like I said, the 3.5mm headphone jack has been working perfectly for 50 years. I think it could last another 50. And then Apple can do what it wants with it. I’ll be too old to care.

Maybe I am just thinking way too big. Maybe people won’t like this change either. Maybe the old and new style can live in tandem. But maybe not.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you excited to be wire-free?


P.S. This is my 100th post!

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31 thoughts on “Why Apple Shouldn’t Get Rid Of The Headphone Jack

  1. Congrats on the 100th! Yeah, I’m skeptical of it. Maybe they’ll be able to coexist. Either way it’s totally a money-grab. As an Android user 😛 I’d like to think it won’t affect me, but who knows?

    Man, how are people going to stop themselves from losing these new ear buds?!

    • When my 4S dies, I think I’ll switch to Android too. My brother loses his headphones all the time and mine often get caught between couch cushions, so my family should stay far away from these new buds!

  2. My mobility provider called me last week and begged me to buy a new phone. I said my iPhone 4S still works brilliantly. He said it was a fossil. I said I like fossils. He said newer phones are faster for data. I said I don’t use data. He asked what I use it for then. I said talking mostly (duh!), texting, music and photos. He said newer phones have better cameras. I said I already have a very nice camera. He said PLEASE JUST BUY A NEW PHONE ALREADY! PLEASE!

  3. Yep. The 3.5 jack is iconic and works with every system on the planet. There’s also no need to make phones thinner than cards. Sometimes, it’s okay to have a solid phone in your palm.

    That being said, I am kinda seeing why Apple has chosen to remove it. It is one of their ‘innovations’ They took away the CDs, the Walkmans, and now they’re taking away the 3.5. The Lightning Port will obviously be the new headphone port. But if Apple does it, then soon Samsung and pretty much everyone will gradually phase the 3.5 away in favour of headphones that work with USB-C. USB-C other than being reversible, doesn’t offer anything significant. This could change that. Now this means you won’t be able to use your headphones and charge your phone at the same time (but who does that anyways?)

    Secondly, if USB-C indeed becomes successful, people will design adapters for the Lightning port. Bluetooth headsets are slowly improving too. If this happens, then it will be one of their changes we recall after a decade.

    Maybe 2016 is too soon, but someone is definitely taking it away in a few years. Apple is just trying to get ahead.

    • I know what you mean, and you’re right. Technology is advancing and I can’t be bitter about every little thing. But I feel like this is just one of those things that don’t need to be changed and perhaps people will really miss it in the same way some people miss vinyls.

        • 3.55 still exists for now. The adaptor exists for now. And still, it’s one more thing that people will have to purchase and carry around and maintain.
          I still think this change will be more of a hassle than people want.

          • Agreed. This not what I was expecting when I said it could be a great idea. I was thinking they were going to introduce headphones, over the ear, with nice comfy pads and all. Not this awkward thingies.

  4. What a terrible idea on Apple’s part. I have an Android, but I can see this affecting us eventually, like you said, and I don’t enjoy that thought.

    I like being able to get $1 replacements when my old headphones break down. I don’t want to have to pay for expensive earbuds that will constantly get lost.

    I hope people see through this sham, and that this backfires on Apple the way Windows 8 backfired on Microsoft. (Not that I wish financial catastrophe on them, necessarily. I just mean I hope they get the message clear enough that they make changes to the next model.)

  5. I hate this idea, through and through.

    I am fairly active in my job, and sometimes my earphones fall out, or I need to take them out for a moment to listen to a person speaking to me, but I never need to worry about the buds falling out and getting lost, dirty, or stepped on, because, hey, *wires!*

  6. I don’t know about everyone else, but in my own experience the charging port is the first thing to stop working on a lot of phones. After a few drops off of the night table, the connectivity in that port is touch and go at best. They’re not only going to make a killing on selling the earpieces, but also on people sending their phones in to get repaired. It’s a shame.

    Also, congratulations on 100 posts! Looking forward to 100 more!

  7. Yeah my friend and I were talking about how Apple shouldn’t do that. Like when you’re listening to music, and your iPhone happens to fall, the cord kind of gives it protection. And you won’t lose them easily, as you said. Great conversation topic!

  8. This is a very good point. Personally, I haven’t gotten an updated phone because at the moment I can’t afford a new phone/case/charging system every 6 months… And my husband, while big on audio-visual stuff, is “old-fashioned” and proud of it, so wireless ear buds would drive him crazy. This type of thing I think will bug people. Also there’s the whole (very serious) issue of whether or not companies should really be forcing us to change our lifestyles just so they can make money. Very well put.

    • So far, all the reactions I’ve seen on the Internet have been negative, so perhaps Apple has finally made a seriously bad move.
      I can’t believe headphones will soon be old-fashioned…crazy, right?

  9. Oh my gosh, yes!!! I saw this on the news and I was so peeved. I am happy to know there is someone else out there like me with an iPhone 4 that is still going strong. I found the power cord frayed near the plug so I had to scour the internet to find another one. Not an easy task. I ended up getting one from a Best Buy in like Oklahoma or somewhere. But phones are expensive, and I don’t want to buy another one until I absolutely have to. Back to the headphones though, I am not happy about it. I like that headphones now are so interchangeable and Apple is going to ruin it with their need to be innovative. But they are going to have to come to my house and pry my iPhone 4 with headphone jack from my cold lifeless hands before I am giving in.

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