Monthly Look Ahead: September 2016

Goodbye, summer. It’s been real. See you next year.

But now it’s September, aka the month with the most change. Students go to school, TV comes back on, leaves turn colour. What a month. So now let’s look ahead at all the things I have going on.

monthly look ahead

  • FanExpo! This’ll be my second year going, and like last year I’m only going for one day (Sunday). One of my best friends was supposed to come with me, but she has to work, so I’ll be going by myself, which is kind of lame considering a lot of people go in groups, but who knows, maybe I’ll meet some new friends! I’m planning to see the Daredevil cast panel and The Flash’s Danielle Panbaker’s panel, so that should be fun!
  • School starting. Each year I tell myself that this will be the year that I make a bunch of really close friends and love my classes, and while I’m sure I’m just lying to myself, the optimism is nice. A new school year is always fun for a week or two.
  • Quidditch will be starting up again at school, and I always look forward to that.
  • Blindspot S2 premiers on Wednesday the 14th at 10 then moving to 8pm all weeks after that. This show was really captivating, so I can’t wait for more! (Though I’m not a fan of the new timeslot…too much overlap!)
  • Agents Of SHIELD S4 premiers on the 20th. I love this show so much.
  • Modern Family S8 premiers at 9pm on the 21st.
  • Superstore S2 premiers on the 22nd.
  • Marvel’s new Netflix show Luke Cage comes on the 30th, and that looks pretty cool. We already know Luke but it’ll be neat to see his own story.

Image result for luke cage

  • The Emmy Awards are on the 18th.
  • Overall just a lot of TV. There are a few more shows that I won’t bother you with.
  • Alex & Sierra‘s album As Seen On TV is coming out on the 30th. I can’t wait to hear studio versions of the songs we first fell in love with, as well a hear a few originals.

As always, you’re welcomed to participate in a Look Ahead on your own blogs. I like reading what people are excited for!

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14 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: September 2016

  1. I always loved the optimism of a new school year, too. All those empty notebooks filled with possibility! Now that I work in research, the new school year just means that my student employees will be busier and I have to remember when classes end to avoid a line in the ladies room.

    I hope this year is great for you. Just remember, though, that there’s nothing wrong with being the person who likes to write and watch TV. I used to make myself go out because I get depressed without enough human interaction. Now, I have an introverted spouse and an introverted child, and we often stay in together. We have friends, we see my parents most weekends, and I have work friends I talk to every day, but I will never be a person who has a lot of close friends, and that’s okay. I need a lot of time on my own to recharge. I’m codependent.

    So my advice to you is: enjoy what you love. Do what makes you happy. And embrace people who help you do that, however and whenever they come into your life.

    Happy September!

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