The Best Feeling In The World

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve figured out what the best feeling in the world is. I know there’s been some debate over what it is, but I assure you, I know it.

The best feeling in the world happens when you finally remember something you know you’ve forgotten.

Lemmie explain. Sometimes I’ll be doing something like scrolling through Twitter and somewhere mid-scroll, I’ll think to do something afterwards like, oh, I have to check the weather on Friday or oh, I need to defrost broth for dinner, and I’ll have every intention of doing it right away when I’m done my scrolling, but then I’ll forget. But it won’t be an out of sight out of mind situation, because I know I’ve forgotten something. Somewhere in my body, in my mind, I can feel this tiny knot of discontent that will just live in me until I remember what it is I’ve forgotten. Sometimes I’ll remember something else I’ve forgotten and I’ll think surely, that was it. But I’ll still feel that discontent, and I’ll know that I quite haven’t gotten it yet.

Neville not knowing what he's forgotten

There’s no real way to remember it. I’ll try everything to recall it. I’ll try scrolling backwards on Twitter hoping I’ll see whatever it was that triggered the thought the first time (this has, like, a 20% success rate). It’ll try looking around the room. I’ll try checking my recent apps to see if I’ve left myself a hint. And unless one of these tactics works, I just end up going about my day like normal, but still feeling this tiny, bothersome sense of dissatisfaction.

And so, my friends, the best feeling in the world is when I remember whatever thing it is I’ve forgotten, and right away, my body eases up, my head feels lighter, and I know that I’ve finally remembered the specific thing causing my little inner knot. The knot then just unravels and I am free. It’s pure bliss. Usually nothing triggers this remembering, as I just end up remembering it during my normal thoughts, though sometimes it happens when I’m lying in bed, and have to focus on remembering things so I can get to sleep.

Have you ever felt this? Do you what this sensation is like?

Emma Stone yelling "THIS IS THE BEST!"

Two things are amusing about this feeling though. One, all the things I forget are usually very inconsequential. Checking the weather, replying to an email, watching a new YouTube video…. they’re things that shouldn’t bug me as they don’t affect my life all that much. And two, I often wonder if this happens to me because I’m overstimulated. As I said, this happens sometimes when scrolling Twitter. Because I scroll so fast and am hit with an onslaught of info in seconds, this is perhaps causing my brain to go too fast and I end up forgetting little things easily. If I wasn’t so attached to my phone, would this happen as often? Not that it happens often…maybe once or twice a month?

To conclude, this is indubitably the best feeling in the world.

Obama mic drop

That’s all for now!


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Empty Followers: A Problem Plaguing Social Media

A few weeks ago a friend asked how many blog followers I had. I told him I had 776, as that was the number at the time, and he was impressed…until I added that most are inactive and really shouldn’t count. It’s easy to measure one’s followers with that number, but a lot harder to measure engagement. And because I’ve been meaning to do it anyway, I decided to take some time and go through the blogs of my followers who I don’t follow back. I follow about six hundred blogs, but they’re not all my followers. I often get followers who write about things I have no interest in, and as much as I feel a bit guilty for not supporting them the way they support me, I shouldn’t have to put up with things I don’t care about in my Reader. I am under no obligation, and anyone is free to unfollow me if they don’t dig my posts either.

Anyway, I went through probably close to four hundred blogs over two nights. And you would not believe how many of those blogs were inactive. I wish I counted and had an exact number to share, but I did not. Some were straight up deleted, but most were just left abandoned. I’m going to assume that if a blogger hasn’t updated their blog for whatever reason, they’re probably not going through their Reader to read my posts either.

My followers didn't even say goodbye

I have hundreds of followers but on average I get maybe twenty likes on a post and maybe ten comments. I am so grateful to the people who take the time to interact with my posts, especially those who do it regularly (I do try to interact with posts I read too, but I know I kind of suck at it. I will be better.). I think the level of interaction I get is quite low considering the number of followers, but considering how many inactive blogs follow me, it’s really not surprising. But of course, no one can tell. WordPress says I have 776 followers and anyone who sees that number can and will judge based on that because it’s all there is. The same goes for other social media platforms like Twitter. It says I have 231 followers, but how many do I really have?

And then there’s this whole issue about fake followers. I haven’t heard of it being a problem on WordPress, but it definitely is on Twitter and Instagram. If one wanted to buy ‘followers’ so that it makes them appear more popular so others feel like they need to follow them too, they legally can do that if they so choose. I don’t think it’s ethical, and I think most people feel the same, but it is an option out there that some people do use.

Related image

It’s unfortunate that this is a problem for social media. I will admit that I do use one’s follower count to quickly judge their quality. Of course, I’ll read their work and all that, but the first impression is made by whatever number is shown. Imagine if social media instead showed the number of active followers? Imagine if instead of 776 followers, we saw ‘392 active followers’ or ‘103 followers who interact with this person’s work’. Imagine if platforms could just delete all those inactive accounts from our count so we stop celebrating milestones that are completely fake. That one YouTuber, Pewdiepie, has almost 60 million subscribers, making him the leader, but how many subscribers does he really have? Does someone have a lower number of subs but regularly gets more views and thumbs up?

But I guess WordPress has no business going around deleting blogs just so I can be happier with my blog stats. And do I really expect Twitter to get a handle on their spam problem? Yes, but that’s my mistake.

What are your thoughts on empty followers? How many followers do you really think you have?

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Monthly Look Ahead: November 2017

Happy Halloween and Happy November’s Monthly Look Ahead Day.

While November in the past has been a really hectic month for me, this one, at least so far, doesn’t seem to be too crazy…yet. And there are some cool things happening, so I am actually kind of looking forward to this month. I hope I don’t come to regret that statement. The eleventh month is upon us, and here’s what I’ve got going on.

monthly look ahead logo

  • Thor: Ragnarok is out in theaters on the 4th. While the past two Thor movies failed to impress me that much, this one is apparently really funny and has some cool characters, so I will definitely be making my way to see that ASAP.
  • Likewise, I’m pretty excited for Justice League on the 17th. This movie could make or break the DCCU and I’m hoping it does well. I’m so excited to see Diana again.
  • Also on the 17th comes The Punisher to Netflix. I liked Frank Castle in season 2 of Daredevil, but based on the trailers, this show looks to just be a dark, military drama, and I can’t say I’m super psyched for that. I’ll still watch it, but I’m not expecting to love it.
  • My Quidditch team is not only having a Games Day, but also a double-header movie night, both of which I’m excited for. I’m glad we’re doing double-header movie nights because I’m hoping we can get through them all and still have time to perhaps watch A Very Potter Musical before April exams start. We’ve all seen the movies a hundred times but there are people who still haven’t experienced AVPM, and I refuse to graduate under these circumstances.
  • The Arrowverse crossover! Happening on November 27th and 28th, this four-way crossover is sure to be wild. I love seeing the characters from the different shows interact. I am a little sad that I’m scheduled to have a late class on the 28th, meaning I won’t be able to watch The Flash‘s episode live, though…unless, of course, the college strike shifts that around…

arrowverse crossover poster

  • Christmas music! Yes, it’s beginning this month, and I will be listening as soon as it does. I think my local radio station starts it on the 19th. I’ve got my portable radio ready to go!
  • On November 1st I’m planning to meet a friend downtown. I haven’t seen her since April so it’ll be fun to hang with her again. I hope it’s not too cold that day.

Here’s hoping that the above things will be enough to get my mind, body, and soul through the month. I can’t believe the year is already over. Who allowed that to happen? And as I always want to know, what do you have going on this November? Let me know!

That’s all for now!

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Fear Is The Worst Emotion

It’s October, which means that the number of horror movies watched this month skyrockets. Not by me, of course. I would never. I could never. I get scared far too easily. I joke that the evening news scares me, but half the time, that’s not entirely false.

Fear is the absolute worst emotion. Like, if you’re sad or mad, it’s not too hard to become not sad or not mad. There’s usually one direct fix. But fear? Fear has no direct fix. Fear lives in you and stays with you and ruins your sanity.

There are two levels of fear, I’d say. The first is those fears that you have no problem talking about. For example, I’m afraid of insects. Do you know how many times I’ve cried because I saw a spider or something? I hate insects and bugs, and I’ll always fear them. I’ll tell anyone and everyone that I’m afraid of this. But my fear of spiders doesn’t keep me up at night. That’s the work of second level fears.

scared girl hiding under covers

I’ve had fears that keep me up at night. I’ve had fears that force my body to shake and my stomach to churn. I’ve had fears that creep up when I least expect them to. There are movies and TV shows that I’ll never watch again because something in them just creeped me out so much.

Anyway, I just don’t really get why people want to purposely scare themselves. Even if these horror movies y’all watch are more jump-scares than creepy scares, I still don’t get the attraction. But I did some Googling and apparently, it has to with our brains and the chemicals released in the fight or flight situations. I guess some people like their beating hearts and shaky breaths, even in safe environments, but I do not and will not. My brain just isn’t built for that.

And that’s fine. I can live a normal life never watching a horror movie. And I’ve learned to trust my body and not watch or read things that are creeping me out so to avoid more sleepless nights. It’s fine.

But if you’re one of those people who keep pressuring friends to watch scary things because “it’s not even scary at all” or “it’s not that scary” then you’re a jerk and should knock it off. I don’t care if Get Out is one of the highest rated movies or if Stranger Things is just sooooo good, I will not be watching it.

Image result for i dont care what you think gif

Fear is the worst emotion and I will be avoiding it at all costs, even if that cost is friendship.

Are you in the same boat or are you always first in line to the newest horror movie?


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‘Gayle’ Is The Mom I Love To Hate And Hate To Love

No, Gayle is not my mother….though there are moments where there is a resemblance.

A year or two ago, I came across this video online in which a young man was pretending to be a middle-aged mom frantically cleaning the house before guests came over. It was funny because a lot of what he did and said reminded me of my own mother who also goes a little unnecessarily crazy before people come by.

What I didn’t know until recently was that this video is part of a larger webseries called Gayle. Chris Fleming, a comedian, plays a middle aged suburban stay-at-home mom, named Gayle Waters-Waters, desperate to have order in her family and neighborhood. She’s quirky and aggressive and relentless and overall not a great mother, and it’s hilarious.

The series began in 2012, and it’s 40 episodes long (though episode 18 has two parts) and went until 2015. The last video says that more episodes are coming “at some point” so there’s hope we’ll see Gayle again, which is great because I’m really upset that I missed out on this when it was happening.

Here’s why you need to watch Gayle if you haven’t already. For one, it’s a perfect representation of all the mom cliches and jokes.  My mom isn’t nearly as crazy or intense as Gayle, but there were so many moments where Gayle did or said something my mother has, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same, but you’ll also be glad your mother is often not like Gayle because Gayle is just the ultimate mom. Secondly, it’s so unique. Even the zaniest of moms on family sitcoms can’t match the unadulterated wildness and weirdness of Gayle, who is so authentic and yet inauthentic at the same time. She lives in her own world, and it’s a trip. The webseries is filmed so there are regular scenes of Gayle interacting with her family and whatnot and then there are scenes of Gayle powerwalking and talking right to the camera, which is so brilliant and funny and in character. Thirdly, Gayle’s dialogue is so funny. She goes on these rants and tangents and her way of describing and comparing things is so unusual and amusing. It’s something I’ve never seen in a character or comedian, so I have to commend Chris Fleming for that. And lastly, the supporting characters are so funny too. There’s Bonnie the frenemy, Terry the exasperated daughter, Dave the spineless and faceless husband, and so many others who just add to the whole environment of suburbia and play so well off Gayle’s antics.

Don’t be intimidated by the 40 episodes either. Most of the episodes are between 5 and 15 minutes, so they’re easy to consume. I got into a habit of watching them while I ate meals because they were just the right length. The downside of what I did was that laughing while eating led to two instances of almost choking. Gayle is worth it. Yolo.

gif of Gayle

The one thing I have to admit that I didn’t love about the websites is that sometimes it went a little over the top. Gayle sometimes took things too far so the show was more weird than funny, or the weird parts dragged on a little too long. But overall, it wasn’t too bad, and if anything, the over the top unrealistic parts only highlighted just how ridiculous and interesting Gayle Waters-Waters can be.

If you’re looking for something light and utterly hilarious to watch, I definitely recommend Gayle. Aside from some swear words and the odd sexual reference, the show is pretty safe. All the episodes are on YouTube, which I’ve linked right below, so you have no excuse for not giving this a try. At least watch a few episodes.

And if you’ve seen all that and are still looking for some more hilarity, Chris Fleming has some other comedic rants on his YouTube channel that I find amusing, like this one about theater kids. I know he also tours around sometimes, so if he ever comes to a stop near me, I’ll definitely have to try for tickets.

Gayle very much amused me and if you haven’t yet let this headstrong lady into your life, you’re missing out on something brilliant.


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