Our Current Workforce: Do You Dream Of Labour?

Perhaps you’ve seen this phrase or a variation of it online: “I don’t have a dream job because I don’t dream of labour.” Though I don’t fully agree with it, it’s an interesting concept, and I think it speaks to a larger problem that’s facing the world.

Most people, while maybe they like their jobs enough, they’d probably prefer to not have to work. There’s a reason why people hate Mondays and why people look forward to the weekends. Most people just work for the money because we need money to survive, and in this economy, we need a lot of it. So we let our jobs consume our life, define it even, so we can live. From literally the age of 4, we’re put on this path (aka school) that’s designed to get us to a place where we can go work for the rest of our lives. If you’re lucky, you end up with a good job that supports your lifestyle, a job that you enjoy doing, and a job that will allow you to retire at a reasonable age. But is that the reality for most people? What’s more, is that enough for most people?

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I can’t speak for older generations, but it certainly seems that this younger generation is far less interested in just accepting this life. That’s why beliefs like the dream job phrase are so popular. People aren’t afraid to express their unhappiness with this very capitalist society we live in where we’re replaceable bots just built to serve a higher, much richer power. And then to go home to expensive rents, long commutes, student debt…I can understand why people dislike it and why people are struggling to find their place in the world.

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Is the solution to just like, get rid of jobs? No, of course not. I’m not anti-job or anti-consumerism; I know that there are jobs that need to be done and there are services that people benefit from/enjoy, and that will never go away.

But perhaps people would be more willing to take a job they’re not super passionate about or even suffer through a bad job if it wasn’t such a huge part of life. People need more time to not be an employee. Between the working hours of 9-5, there’s often a hefty commute for many that’ll add an hour or three, not to mention things like making lunches the night before, working through lunch, working overtime, and whatever else. It adds up, and if you’re a parent, you have even less free time outside of that. You gotta sleep and go grocery shopping and still do all that. Is there room for friendships, family, or hobbies?

I know there’s a push for 4-day work weeks that some companies are starting to do, and I think that’s a great idea. I hope it becomes the norm. I think there’d be a huge decline in depression and suicide rates, and not to mention that people would be able to use that extra day of not working to put money back into the economy by going out and doing things and investing in hobbies.

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I do believe that dream jobs exist. I do believe that there are people who love their career and wake up excited to go do it every day. We should still definitely encourage people to try and do what they love and lean into the things they’re good at. But I think we in general need to be more realistic about passions, how hard it can be to make money with passions, how many people don’t end up with dream jobs, how unpleasant the workforce can be, and how much of our life is consumed by our employment. If we’re more accepting of these less glamorous realities, we can make changes to improve so that life is better for everyone.

The idea for this post came from watching this video below that YouTube recommended to me. After watching this girl, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole and watched several others speak on the topic. I can’t really relate to some of it, as I do believe that I’m in the field I’m meant to be in and quickly found footing when I was unsure after high school, but I do agree that the pressure of a career so early in life and for so long can be toxic and hard to manage.

I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you have a dream job? Are you in that dream job? Do you think the workforce as we know it is healthy? As someone kind of just entering it, this does fascinate me, so any insight you have is welcomed!

That’s all for now!


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Please Don’t Make Me Work From Home

I know that with Coronavirus being still a big issue and concern, going into work is not an option for most people at this time, so those who can are working from home, and I’d imagine that by now, everyone has adapted to this the best they can.

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So there’s a chance that when workplaces and office buildings do open up again, people will opt to not go back and instead continue working from home. And there’s a chance companies will encourage this going forward so they don’t have to pay for office space or utilities or coffee.

As someone who is currently job hunting and has many, many years of being in the workforce ahead of her, this concerns me. I don’t want to work from home. I think that if this becomes the norm, it will be detrimental to people’s careers and health and just the way companies function.

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Let’s say I got a job tomorrow at a company that has decided to solely employ people remotely. This means all my interactions with coworkers would be over the computer/phone (which is a whole problem in itself as some people are really not computer literate and should not be conducting professional business this way), and because of this, there would be little to no room for anything other than pure work. No longer would I ask my coworker how their weekend was as we wait for the kettle to boil in the breakroom. It would be so much harder to form bonds, and the lack of these bonds could mean that I have less quality connections, which is critical when Who You Know is always a valuable thing in life. And with coworker interaction down severely, what have I got left? I live with my parents currently and I have a very small handful of friends I talk to with some regularity, so I guess I’d still talk to people during the day, but imagine if I didn’t, as I’m sure some people do. I think the lack of human interaction could lead to some mental health issues, as we’ve even seen happen during this pandemic. I want to be able to get out of the house and go to a place to work. I want to be able to separate myself like that. I want to be able to connect and grow and learn from my environment.

My best friend’s dad is close to retirement, and I was talking to him the other week about this. He set up an office in his garage when COVID hit and likes it, but he totally empathizes with me as a young person facing this. He told me that there’s a young girl who he works with and, when they did work in person, he would try to ensure she sat in on meetings and learned from his experience. He said she’d was able to hear most of his phone calls and he knows she picked up so much from that. But now that they’re apart, he can’t do that, and he despises how communication now is limited to a lot of messaging.

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I know working from home is ideal for a lot of people like those with kids at home or those with physical limitations or those who don’t live near their work, and I am not at all saying that they should be forced to go to into a workplace. I totally think companies should try to be flexible in those cases. My point is more about the workforce in general. My field is marketing and communications, and yes, it is stuff that could realistically be done from home on my own, but I really hope I don’t have to do that.

Of course, I don’t mean to sound like a choosing beggar. A job is a job, and I am adaptable. But as I said, as a young person, I can’t help but be a little worried for my future and the future of my peers regarding careers. There are a lot of changes that could and should come from this pandemic but everyone working from home always is not one, in my opinion.

People working from home now, what’s the vibe like? Are you more or less productive? Are you itching to get back to the office?



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