Monthly Look Ahead: September 2017

Who allowed it to be September, because I sure didn’t? I am appalled that I am a few days away from being back at school. Where has my summer gone? I went swimming once. ONCE, you guys. But I guess if I have to accept this new month into my life, I should embrace all the goodness that comes with it. Here’s what’s looking good this September.

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  • A fresh new schedule. Going back to school for the last time meaning I’m back in classes, back on my own, back to business. I do enjoy the first few weeks of school.
  • Back to Quidditch. I was very inactive this past summer, so I am looking forward to hitting the pitch again and getting even a little exercise, and especially now when it’s still kind of warm outside.
  • I’m getting Invisaligne braces put in. I don’t know how exciting this is, as it’s a lot more work on my part, but I’m hoping that it’ll fix up my teeth’s crowding and minimize the damage I apparently do to myself in my sleep. Have any of you had them?
  • This isn’t confirmed yet, but I am planning on volunteering at my local Wordcamp again. Last year I had a good time, so I figured, why not do it again?
  • The sequel to Kingsman called Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out on the 22nd. The first movie was great, so I think I’ll make a trip out to the movies to see this new one.
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  • Marvel’s newest cinematic endeavour, The Inhumans, is out this month. It’s a TV show, but the first two episodes are being shown in IMAX theaters before the rest of the show airs on TV on the 29th. I gotta say, this is the least excited I’ve been for a Marvel project in a while, so I may not be first in line to see this in theaters, but I will give the TV show a chance at the very least.
  • As for other brand new TV shows, there’s nothing too exciting coming this fall. I’m considering watching The Mayor and Ghosted but I am not overcome with anticipation, so we’ll see.
  • I’m more excited for returning TV shows. Returning to me in September are: The Good Place, Superstore, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, This Is Us, and Mr. D.
  • Shania Twain’s new album is out at the end of the month. I loved the first single and I’m just so happy she’s back making music.

So that’s how my September is looking. I’m guessing a lot of you are going back to school too. Are you excited? Or are you more excited for fall TV, like I am? Make your own MLA post and share the goodness! I’d love to read and I’d love to see more people spreading the positivity by participating in this blogging feature.

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Monthly Look Ahead: August 2016

This is the 13th Look Ahead post I’ve done, meaning that it’s been a year since I started this feature. Read the very first one here! I have to admit, I thought I’d have more participants by now. I really only have one regular person (shoutout to JATM) and a few others who’ll join in every now and again. I did consider stopping these posts, but I do enjoy writing them and they do okay view wise, so they’re here to stay for now!

monthly look ahead

Anyways, back to this month. August, aka the last month of freedom before school traps us and consumes our souls yet again. I don’t have a lot planned, but here’s what I do:

  • Wordcamp! Have you ever been to one? They are WordPress conventions, though they’re mostly geared toward dot-org sites. There’s one near me coming up and I’ve decided to volunteer.
  • A few months ago I chipped my front tooth a little bit and I finally have an ortho appointment, so hopefully the doc can shave down my tooth and in turn make my fairly large front teeth more even and not so large.
  • Suicide Squad on the 5th. Okay, I’m not super excited to see this, as DC’s movie history hasn’t thrilled me, but this looks alright, so I’ll probably go see it. This is a pretty cool poster, after all!

  • My brother is going to university! I’m kind of excited to help him move in and see him off as he embarks on this next big life journey.
  • Enjoy my last month of freedom. I’m going to try to get outside, hang out with friends a few more times, and relax.

Well, this is officially my least exciting month. I mean, I included an orthodontist appointment on here? Ugh, well, here’s hoping your August is a lot more thrilling.

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