Here’s To The Beloved Blog Posts That Flopped

Not every blog post can be a hit. Given that I write about a wide range of topics, it’s normal for some to do better than others.

But it’s kind of very sad when a post you put a lot of time and effort into does worse than expected. And especially when it’s a post you were very excited to put out in the first place. I’m sure all bloggers can relate to some extent.

So that’s what this post is for. I’m gonna share some of my flops, and the comments are open for you to share yours. I hope everyone reading goes through and takes a second to give all our posts a second chance at love.

I believe in second chances gif.

I think this concept of identifying posts that didn’t do as expected should be a thing that bloggers can discuss without sounding entitled. Please do not think I’m trying to get sympathy with this post; I’m just taking a chance for us all to take another shot with some beloved posts that we worked hard on. I’m not out here demanding so many comments or likes on my posts, and if you genuinely don’t like something I wrote, by all means, don’t read it or interact with it! But it is factually correct and should be normal to say that some didn’t do as well as others for no discernable reason and we can be a little disheartened about that.

Folks The Numbers Just Do Not Lie GIF.

  1. The State Of Romcoms – this was a post I had been mulling over for a while as I’d been considering the state of the genre for years and had had some discussions with friends about Netflix movies and all that. I was excited to see what others thought of the genre’s evolution over the decades.
  2. Marvel and DC stars who make music – these two posts took me ages to write (particularly the DC one) as it involved a lot of research and a lot of time listening to the music I found. Even the biggest fans probably didn’t know a lot of this stuff, so I was hoping for more interest because I myself was surprised to find it.
  3. Spammers Need To Step It Up – I think there was a problem when I originally posted it where it didn’t end up in the WordPress Reader, but by the time I noticed, it was too late to repost, so this one flew under the radar for most people. It’s not a post I’m that attached to, but in terms of numbers, it was a gargantuan flop.
  4. Sneeze Count 2020 – maybe because some of you are used to seeing this from me after so many years so it wasn’t as wow-inducing, but I was kind of disappointed at the numbers this post did. I think my 2019 one did even worse. However, this is one thing I won’t stop though, even if it gets zeros across the board. See ya in six months for 2021, folks.

So those are a few of my biggest flops in terms of numbers or interactions. As I said, fellow bloggers, please put links to yours in the comments. I’d love for this post to be a haven for those flops from around the blogosphere.

Unless, of course, this post flops the hardest. Damn, that’d be awkward, wouldn’t it?

awkward look gif.

That’s all for now!


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