Monthly Look Ahead: January 2021

Happy new year! I’d like to believe that all the drama and tragedy from 2020 is now left behind, but that’s not how the world works. Still, a new year can be seen as a fresh start if you want it to. Either way, it’s important to look forward to things, even little things, in life, and as much as sometimes these Monthly Look Aheads are boring or empty, I like being forced to think about the good things that are to come (I also like 12 guaranteed blog posts every year!). I asked on Twitter if I should continue with them, and people said yes, so here we are.

So, this January, here’s what I’m excited for, and you are more than welcome to make your own MLA post, or share your goodness in the comments!

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  • WandaVision, the first MCU TV show going directly to Disney+ is finally coming out after delays. It’ll be out on Jan 15th, and I’m excited. I think Wanda and Vision are two interesting but relatively unexplored characters, so it’ll be fun to have them as the stars in a show that looks different from any other MCU show.
  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist returns for season 2 on Jan 5th! My parents and I enjoyed this show and I’m looking forward to it coming back, even if I didn’t miss it that much over the summer.
  • Batwoman (with a new Batwoman) begins its second season on the 17th. I didn’t love the first season (though I didn’t hate it), but I’m interested to see how they work in a new lead character and what the fan response is.
  • I start my new job! I signed the papers in mid-December, but it made sense to start me in the fresh new year. I’m very excited.
    I gotta go to work! gif.

I hope you all have a great 2021, or at least a great January!

That’s all for now!

P.S. If you’ve been following me for at least a year, you may know what next week’s post is gonna be, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!


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How Right Does Your Life Feel?

I think most adults, regardless of if they’re afraid of change or not, have to evaluate how right their life feels. As a young adult currently, I’m on the precipice of the rest of my life, and my decisions, which I now have the autonomy to make, can make worlds of difference, I have to ensure I use that power for good…or good enough.

with great power comes a ton of weird crap. gif.

Sometimes I wonder if my life is where it’s supposed to be or if I’ve made good choices. Was I right to go into the field I did? Was I right to go to the school I did? Am I right to be friends with the people I interact with? Am I unprepared for the real world? I’d imagine that if I were in a serious relationship, I’d be questioning that too.

Is this healthy or normal?

Is there a version of me in a parallel universe who made different choices and is so much better off because of it?

I do believe that I am slightly afraid of change…but who isn’t? The unknown is scary. I don’t want to settle. I want to be happy. I want to thrive.

In grade eleven, I had a chemistry teacher who I hated, but I vividly remember her often saying in her polish accent, “You riiiight!” and all in all, I just think it’d be really cool if, every time I made a decision in my life, she’d appear and validate me with that phrase.

Is That Too Much To Ask. gif.

What I do know is that a) I haven’t made any critically bad choices that would make someone say “ooh, yikes, yeah that was a big mistake,” and b) change is inevitable, so I better just embrace it as it comes. I recently got a job offer(!) after being laid off and unemployed for a lot longer than I would have liked, and unlike for some past jobs, I really do believe that it’s right for me, my career, and all that. I finally feel like my life is getting back on track, and it’s a wonderful, exciting relief. As the pandemic continues on into 2021, having that routine and normalcy and reason to get out of bed will be good.

I know there are people of all ages who read my blog, so I’d love to know if you’re also always unsure of what’s right or if the feeling wore off (as I also suspect it’s just a side effect of being in my 20’s).

what a stupid age i am gif.

That’s all for now!


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Things I Learned From My First Full-Time Office Job

I wrote the majority of this post a few weeks ago, knowing my one-year anniversary was coming up for my first real adult full-time job. Two days after the milestone, I was laid off. That sucked. I was told they were restructuring the department, outsourcing my job, and then they packed up my office for me.

The job wasn’t all sunshine and roses, but I was committed to stick it out for a couple years. Adjusting to it took time, just like I know adjusting to what’s next is going to be. Despite how angry and disappointed I am to so suddenly be out of work, the lessons I learned are still true and valuable. That job was the longest I’ve done something consecutively, and I am proud of myself. For 22 years, all I had known was school, and then my priorities and life had to shift. So I wanted to make this post to highlight some things I learned in the year. Hopefully it can help people about to graduate and move into their own full-time adult jobs, even just to understand what it’s like.

For those who didn’t know (which is probably a lot of you since I didn’t talk about work that often here), I worked in marketing. I won’t say what the company I worked for did, but it was B2B and not a thrilling industry by any means. The marketing department was small, and my job was to write a lot (emails, landing pages, social posts, blogs, website updates….) and I liked that because I went to school for communications and I do genuinely like to write/create, even if my creative freedom was obviously limited. I told anyone who asked that I learned so much at work, and it’s stuff that school could never teach me. Now I’d like to share a bit of it.

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  • Not all offices are like The Office. There were days where work seemed similar to The Office, like we’d have a meeting talking about branch goals or something that kind of reminded me of The Office, but that’s about where the similarities end. I wished the office was more like The Office though. They seemed to have good times over there in Dunder Mifflin.
  • Dress codes are dumb. I sat at a desk by myself all day. I didn’t interact with customers. Some days I didn’t even stand up (which is bad, I know. I did make an effort to stand up and move more). So who cares if I wore fancy black shoes or purple running shoes? (Related: this post on my personal style and how clothes shouldn’t matter as much)
  • I am convinced lunch hours go by a lot faster than other hours.
  • I loved meetings. I just had to sit there, listen, learn, occasionally say something, and it counted as productivity! I had a coworker who would sometimes say after a conference call “Okay, we didn’t need a half hour phone call for that,” and I’d be like “We sure didn’t! It was great!” #WasteMyTime2k19
  • Dilbert comics make a lot more sense.
    Image result for dilbert comic marketing
    Image result for dilbert comic marketing
  • I don’t miss school per se, but I miss aspects. I miss being able to lounge around at 1 in the afternoon because my class wasn’t until 3. I miss sleeping in and staying up late. I miss doing a few hours of homework and considering it a good day’s work. I don’t miss lectures and boring papers.
  • School really didn’t teach me much. I learned so much more in the real world. Every company approaches communications, social media, and lead generation differently. The generic concepts from school may have given me a starting point, but I forget most of it. So don’t stress about not knowing and applying everything. It sucks that it cost so much to happen, but it gets you in the door for jobs. And if you’re debating going on to grad school, consider if it’s really needed. For the communications/marketing field, I personally don’t think it is.
  • I had two large computer screens and it made any multi-tabbed project SO MUCH easier. How the heck did I survive all my essays and projects in school with only my single-screened small laptop?
  • It can be hard to figure out when to speak up and voice an opinion. Sometimes it’s best to just shut up and do what you disagree with because no one’s really asking for your thoughts. Just do the job.
    Image result for don't say anything gif
  • Loverboy was right. Everybody really is working for the weekend.
  • I would’ve actually died if I hadn’t been allowed to listen to music while I worked. It was so quiet in the office, and I dislike the silence like that, so I always had the radio going. You can’t always control the volume of your surroundings the way you usually can doing homework at home, so I did have to learn what kind of noise I liked and what helps me work.
  • Just because coworkers are grown adults who’ve been with a company for years, it doesn’t mean they’re brilliant. Especially when it comes to technology.
  • If you have questions, even ‘dumb’ ones, ask them sooner rather than later. Otherwise you end up like me, who genuinely did not know my own office phone number, and even up until the end was too afraid to ask.
  • Have snacks on hand always.
    Image result for snacks gif

I’ll always be very grateful that I found a job in my field only a few months out of school and so close to home. I may have been counting down to 5’oclock every day, but that’s life. The above lessons will prove valuable throughout my career, no matter where I go or what I do now.

I hope the things I learned amused you or help you! To anyone who has workplace lessons to share too, leave a comment!

Wish me luck on the new job hunt.


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Embracing The Future And A Lack Of Expiry Dates

Next week I start a new job! I am excited because it’s a new chapter in my life, and it’s a job in my field so it’s something that I’m trained to do (which is very satisfying after four years of school) but I’m also a little nervous because this new chapter doesn’t have something I’ve always had in almost all aspects of my life: an expiry date.

High school was always four years and university was four as well. Had I decided to do a Masters, even that would have only been another year or two at the most. Any job I’ve ever had has only been for a summer, excluding the paper route my brother and I shared, but I knew I obviously wouldn’t be doing that forever (thought the six years I did do it for felt like it). In high school, I knew my time living with my parents would end when I went to university, and I also knew that my time living in my university city would also likely end when I graduated.

That's the plan gif

But now…now things are different and I don’t have an expiry date. This new job I have has career potential. I could stay with this company and in this field for the rest of my life. Who knows when I’ll be moving out of my parents’ house now. Who knows what my life will look like now. This is both daunting and exhilarating. The future is open, and I need to embrace it. It’s all I can do.

And to do this, I think I’m maybe subconsciously closing doors to the past. I spent this past week, my last week of Being An Unemployed New Grad, playing video games. Specifically, video games I never beat as a kid. On a whim, I dug out my old Gameboy and Nintendo DS, and I’m having a good time. I beat Zelda: Minish Cap, Super Princess Peach, and I’m almost done Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of The Sky. After that, I think I’ll tackle The Legendary Starfy. I haven’t touched these games in eight or nine years, and aside from the two-week long Pokemon stint a few years ago, I haven’t played any video game for that matter. But they were a big part of my childhood, and I’m finally beating them. It’s a fitting way to spend my week and end my time before I enter the big, scary, and limitless world of Adulthood.

Entering adulthood

And besides, there are plenty of other things in my life that don’t have expiry dates. This blog, some friendships, the MCU, my love for pizza…

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post of new-job jitters. I’m going to be honest, I spent so much time playing video games, that it’s really all I have to share this week anyway. But if you’re at a point where you’re starting a new chapter in your life, know you’re not alone, and we can all embrace the future together. Life comes at you fast.

That’s all for now!


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What I Learned From Working In A Book Warehouse

This summer, I got a job. A real one, because according to my parents, having a paper route for six years “doesn’t count.” Anyways, I worked in a book warehouse, which was neat. I enjoyed it a lot. I mean, I love books, so it was perfect. I saw more books in a week than most people do in a year.

Image result for i love books gif
This was me every day at work

I’d never done anything like this before, so I learned a lot. And I don’t just mean learning the ins and outs of a new job. I learned a lot in that way, too. But I learned some really…interesting things. Such as:

  • I’m stronger than I look or thought I was. I was lifting and carrying boxes of books that I didn’t think I could. Male coworkers were surprised. As was I, to be honest.
  • Jenga is nothing compared to the stacks of books I had to deal with.
  • Sometimes I worry that if I was to hypothetically have a baby that I’d drop it, but I am now really good at manoeuvring one hand while dealing with a large load in the other.
  • There are so many books.
  • Like, on every subject imaginable. Why people want to read half the books I came across is a mystery.
  • It’s cheaper to ship a book across the globe than a few cities over. #ThanksCanadaPost
  •  Some customers are whiny brats who don’t read the informative notes we carefully type.
  • Finding shelf space is a treat.
  • Finding a perfect fit for a single book on a shelf is so satisfying.
  • I am a lot faster at my reaction time for Left and Right. (like, you know how sometimes you have to stop and think about which way if left? Not anymore!)
  • After time, one learned to memorize the shelf. Oh, that book? Yeah, it’s on the back of shelf BBK19.
  • My mind wanders a lot because do you know how many times I’d be walking to a certain shelf and on the way I’d forget what shelf and then have to go back?
  • Taking off price and other various stickers is the W O R S T
  • Ounces are such a silly unit of measurement.
  • Fact: chins were created so we could use them to steady the top of whatever large load we’re carrying.

I mean, overall, I loved the job. I had great coworkers and did some cool things during my time there, but the tips and lessons I learned are clearly ones I’ll carry with me throughout life.

ME. (Except this isn’t actually me. I am a girl. I got this picture off Google. But I did do exactly this many times.)