I Wear Blue Light Glasses Now

I spend basically all my waking hours looking at a screen. Between work, socializing, blogging, and consuming content, it’s a lot, and sometimes it’s more than one screen at the same time. Probably, it’s not the healthiest lifestyle, but it’s one that’s likely going to be my way of life for a good long time. We’re not here to judge me. Or, at least, not for that. What we can maybe judge me for is the fact that I now wear blue light glasses, and let me tell you, they are not cute.

Not A Good Look GIF.

I’ve never struggled to look at screens at all. No headaches, eye issues, or anything, and I sleep perfectly fine. So it wasn’t like I needed blue light glasses, but I figured just in case they do have some long-term preventative effects, it’s not going to kill me to wear them. I do wonder if, in fifty years or something, there’ll be a bunch of data saying that the excessive screen time (that we’re all doing) has caused my generation to have more health issues than my parents’ generation. I wonder this about a lot of things. Is carrying around a cell phone contributing to health issues? Are our salt lamps quietly omitting harmful chemicals? Who’s to say.

Back to the blue light glasses. Studies show they actually don’t do too much and may be a placebo! But there are people who say they help with focus and reducing straining. Again, I’ve never really had any issues, so after wearing these things for three weeks, it’s not really a surprise that I feel like they’ve done nothing for me.

I think they fell for it.
The makers of blue light glasses

Except annoy me. I don’t have prescription glasses (ya girl’s 20/20) and I don’t wear sunglasses too often on account of Rarely Going Outside, so wearing glasses for eight hours a day has been an adjustment because it’s all new to me. I have to consciously remember to put them on, I have to remember not to touch the lens, I have to remember to lift them when I want to rub my eyes. And they hurt! The part of my skull right above my ears kind of mildly hurts from having the glasses resting there. I sometimes alleviate the pain by tilting my glasses up, but that looks even goofier.

Not that anyone sees. How I look in these is between me and God. They come off as soon as other people get involved. And when they do come off, my dragon lamp has proven to be a perfect holding place.

Apparently these glasses were less than 10 dollars and non-refundable, so I’m stuck with them, but even in these three weeks, I’ve developed a respect for people who wear real glasses all the time. It must suck. I’m sure one day I’ll have to as well for reading or driving or whatever, but hopefully that’s not for a long, long time.

Do you wear blue light glasses? Do you find that they help your eyes or sleeping?

That’s all for now.


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Keeping Your Brain Active

Depending on what you do for work, there’s a chance your brain is not stimulated as much as it should be. I don’t know if there’s a statistic on how much you should challenge your brain per day and I don’t care to do any research, but still. My retired father recently asked if he could use my old Nintendo DS to play Brain Age and Brain Age 2. He doesn’t play every day, but I respect that there is an attempt to stimulate learning and brain activity.

exercising brain gif

And it got me thinking about what I do to keep my brain active, even though I’m young and it’s not a huge concern for me (yet?). Aside from work, blogging and any writing I do is certainly good, but I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of complicated things going on here that require focus and critical thinking. I just kind of pour out words on whatever I want and click publish.

I think the biggest thing I do that keeps my brain active is playing Words With Friends. I’ve been playing nearly every day for several years, mostly against random people online. Trying to maximize points by strategically using bonus tiles or big words does force a level of thinking that challenges me to some degree. I can’t just do it on the side while talking to someone or while half asleep.

happy girl on phone gif.
Me defeating someone’s grandmother on WWF

I’ve also been playing Mario Kart Tour every day for over a year, though there’s nowhere near the same amount of brain activity going on, so as much as video games can certainly be great for thinking and puzzle-solving and all that, some games really aren’t the best, even if you have fun playing them. In related news, I also got a Nintendo Switch this month and have been enjoying a higher caliber of gaming once again.

And not everything needs a screen. My mother does crosswords in the newspaper and sometimes I do the sudoku, and those are also good brain activities, provided you’re working at an appropriate skill level. Doing a puzzle or a Rubik’s Cube can also be good.

Currently, Ontario is in a second total lockdown, and since this is now our new normal and we’ve adjusted, I think having things to do that not only pass the time safely or amuse you, but also help you stay mentally healthy and active is important, and will continue to be important even once this pandemic is over.

Big Brain energy gif.

What do you do to keep your brain active?


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