I Went On A Mystery Road Trip

It was a series of fortunate events for my friends and I: none of us had been on a road trip before, we all wanted to go on one, we also wanted to go camping, and then we found a mystery road trip service that had a trip on the way to the area we planned to camp in.

Kronk Oh Yeah It's All Coming Together GIF.

My mother was the one to tell me about this service. It’s called Guess Where Trips and it’s a Canadian company that has pre-planned mystery road trip packages for day trips. The idea is that you pick a trip based on your location and interests, and then they send you all the info in individual envelopes so you can open them up as you go and have it all be a complete surprise. My mom’s friend had bought a few as gifts and they went over well. I looked on the website and was excited to find one on the way to the park my friends were going to camp in that perfectly aligned with our interests (it was called the Weird And Wonderful trip⁠—a perfect way to describe my friends).

This is not a sponsored or affiliate post. I genuinely just think it’s a cool thing and wanted to tell you about it.

Because I Like It GIF.

Each trip package comes with 3-4 main attractions that can be done in a day but also lists some other places nearby to see, eat, or even sleep to extend the trip. Everything is organized and laid out so all you have to do is drive and enjoy, which is nice considering how stressful trip planning can be.

The mystery/surprise aspect is very fun, but I also like being in control. So what my friends and I did was I bought the PDF version of the trip plan (instead of the physical version with the cute envelopes) so I had all the info ahead of time and could ensure we stayed on schedule so we could get to our campsite at the proper check-in time before it got dark. I set the GPS and didn’t tell my friends any of the fun destinations until we were approaching. This way, we managed to keep that surprise element and we were able to see some cool places.

We didn’t see or do everything on the plan that we wanted to due to the camp check-in time we had, but if you have a full day to use for this adventure, it’s very worth it and fun to go to places you didn’t know existed.

Hobbit going on an adventure gif.

As I said, Guess Where Trips is Canadian, so all their trips are in Canada only. If you’re visiting the country and want to see things outside of the normal touristy destinations, give it a go! I don’t know if there are similar companies in other countries, but if there are, I can say that my friends and I enjoyed this experience. It’s a fun way to explore new places with friends, family, or dates.

I’d love to share pictures of what we saw on our trip, but that’d ruin the mystery for you!

That’s all for now!


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Let’s Predict New TV Show Fates!

May is a big month for TV. Every Twitter notification I get on my phone from TV Line raises my heart rate a little. This month, any shows that have not yet found out their fate (which is most of them) do, and all the TV networks debut the trailers for new shows at the Upfronts.

I love watching the new show trailers. I watch them all, even if I know it’s a show I won’t ever watch. I read up on them all. I share them with TV-loving friends so we can discuss them.

This year, I thought I’d make a bit of a game of it.

NCIS man saying 'game on!' gif.

Just like with movie trailers, sometimes you can watch one and just know the show will flop. And sometimes the show runs for ten years and becomes a beloved favourite. Predicting these fates based on the trailers really serves no purpose but I think it’s fun and do it already, so I wanted to get more people in on it. I reached out to a few other bloggers who I know also keep up with TV a lot because I want to compare with people who I knew have the same level of passion for this, but I also wanted to open the fun to anyone who wanted to try!

The TV bloggers, in case you’re looking for some quality blogs to follow, are Georgia’s Favourite Things, World’s Common Tater, The Leasure Time Blog, and Life And Other Disasters. I have a whole list of great bloggers here, actually.

So here’s how it’ll work, if you want to play. I have a Google Spreadsheet here all set up for it. All you gotta do is claim a column and make your guesses. All the trailers I can find are all linked there. I implore you to do as I instructed the bloggers, which is to try and guess simply based on the trailers, so no reading comments or seeing what Twitter has to say or what the TV Line writers think. Just your immediate response. And then next May when all the fates are all revealed, we can see who predicted the best.

i'm a little competative gif.

Of course, I should mention the slight asterisks with things like this: coronavirus. As we’ve seen in the 20/21 year, the pandemic affected a lot and disrupted TV for everyone, and while I think we’re in a decent place where production is safe enough and will only get better, there’s no guarantee that it’ll all be fine in the next year. Just something to keep in mind. I actually wanted to play this last year and had the spreadsheet all ready to go, but most shows never finished filming a pilot, and Upfronts kind of never happened.

Anyway, I’m sharing this now, but I know that not all the trailers are out yet, so this is a live document that I’ll be updating as fast as I can. Bookmark it and come back if there are gaps you need to fill in later! When things are all filled in, I’m going to try and lock the column.

oh it's on gif.

I hope you join in! You don’t need to be a blogger, but I hope you’re a TV lover and I hope you have fun! If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!

Again, the link to the Spreadsheet is here. Enjoy!

That’s all for now!


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What Is A Meme?

I’ve had to explain to my parents and to a few other people what a meme is many times. I’d imagine you’ve had to do the same, and it can be hard to do. So I figured I’d make all our jobs easier by making this post, so the next time your uncle asks for the third time what a meme is, you can just send him this URL.

A meme is an internet joke that is shared quickly via social media and edited so there are many variations. These variations are the key because otherwise, it’s not a meme, it’s just something funny.

An OG meme that you may be familiar with is this success kid:

Image result for baby sand meme

This image is a meme because the text that accompanies it isn’t always the same and it’s easily recognizable. Here are just a few examples of this meme.

Image result for baby sand meme Image result for success baby meme Image result for success baby meme

See, the image is the same but the text changes to create relatable contexts, and these get shared a lot. This is a meme.

Now, as I said, this is an old meme. This is a meme that the Facebook Moms have found and used. And in this day and age, new memes come up every other week. Sometimes there are several good memes going on at once. It’s fun. Though I should tell you that the above meme style (white block text on an image) is very old-fashioned and a sign that you’re not up on your memes at all.

Where do memes come from? They come from social media. Usually they begin on Reddit, 4chan, Tumblr, or Twitter. Some memes don’t make it to multiple platforms because they don’t get popular enough, or they’re not adaptable to the platforms. Right now, a meme that’s fairly popular on Twitter is this poll meme:

Harry Potter poll meme   Finding Nemo poll memeMamma Mia version of the poll meme

It’s a good and pure meme, if you ask me, and I very much loved coming across it on my Twitter timeline. This is an example of a meme that was very popular for a week or two, and only on Twitter, and will eventually die out. Some memes live long fruitful lives, but most end within a month or two when a new meme rises. People even put together meme calendars. Here is one made for 2017:

I remember most of these. Good times.

Anyway, that more or less is a meme. Of course, like anything, memes aren’t black and white, and there can be some discussion as to what is a meme (are reaction images/gifs a meme? Is imitation without alteration okay?) or how much reach a meme has to have before it reaches dank level (the danker the better) or if videos/vines are memes, but overall, most memes are just silly ways for the internet to have fun collectively. They’re a part of youth culture and a part of internet culture. The internet can be an awful place at times, but for the most part, memes are light and fun.

I hope you now have a good understanding of memes and their relevance to the internet now. Memes are not going anywhere any time soon, so it’s good to know what’s up. And I hope I’ve managed to explain it so everyone can understand.

What’s your favourite meme? Mine is the Shia LaBeouf “Just do it” meme from a few years ago. It was so random and adaptable and funny. (Watch a Vine compilation of it here)

That’s all for now!


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Make Your Own Magic Eye!

You guys know what Magic Eyes are, right? Those 3D hidden optical illusion images that you have to kind of cross your eyes to see?

Can you see the two seahorses here?

If you can’t see them right away, don’t worry. There was a time when I couldn’t either. I remember my dad handing me one of these in a newspaper and asking if I could see a lady on a beach. I could not. I was sure he was making it up. And then a year or so later, I looked at one and I could see it! I could see the duck. It was there. Hidden. Magic.

The only tips I have to see these (and there’s no guarantee that they’ll help) is to either put it right against your face and slowly pull it back but keeping your eyes on the center, or to stare at it but let force your eyes to unfocus/cross a little. It’s hard for me to put into words what I now do so naturally. But just work at it.

Anyways, I was procrastinating homework bored in December and came across a website where you can make your own Magic Eye. If you’ve Liked my blog on Facebook, then you would have seen this work of art I made and shared:

a coolbean magic eye

I’m not the most artistic, but this wasn’t too hard or time-consuming.

The site I used to make this has been shut down, but here are some other sites where you can make your own.

This one lets you draw your own. You’ll have to play around with a bit to get used to it. You’ll never be able to make anything outstanding, but you can draw simple images or write a small message. I wish there was an undo button, but I can you can just draw over your mistakes with white.

This site allows you to upload images or play around with a gallery of already-made ones.

I just found this really neat. I’ve loved Magic Eyes for ages. I think I had like seven years of Magic Eye calendars and I think they’re all still in my closet at home. So to be able to make my own now is cool.

And I’m wondering if it’ll help people who can’t see them automatically do so when they know exactly what and where the hidden image is because they made it. If you’re in this boat, let me know!

It’s funny, before I started this blog, and was just thinking of possible posts, I definitely wanted my blog to be a place where I could just share whatever weird thing I come across, but I don’t do it too often in actuality. I don’t come across that much, I guess. So I’m really pleased that I found and could share this, especially since I really love Magic Eyes! If you make a cool image, Tweet it to me or something! I want to see!


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