Monthly Look Ahead: April 2021

Well here we are in April. Spring has sprung and it’s nice to not feel the need to put on many sweaters every day, ya know? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still wear one sweater every day, but it’s usually enough.

Anyway, it’s not a busy month, but, like, what else is new. So here’s the very small list of things I’m looking forward to:

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  • On April 1st, the show Manifest begins its third season. I really enjoy this show, so I hope this new season is just as exciting as it was last year.
  • The Men’s Curling Worlds start this month and then at the end of the month is the start of Women’s Worlds. I’ve very much enjoyed watching the Scotties, Brier, and Mixed Doubles this year, and always want to see more good Canadian curling. If you get TSN and are looking to watch good curling taking place in a nice Calgary bubble, tune in!
    The Canadian Men's Curling Team for 2021.
  • Darren Criss has new music of some sort coming out. He’s calling it “a series of character-driven singles” out on the 9th, and I don’t really know what that means, but I’m excited to find out.

Aaaand that’s it. I guess I should be grateful that I actually have a routine this April considering last April I had literally nothing to do. I was applying to like one job a week since Corona slowed down posting so much, and I was playing Zelda games to fill my days.

What’s your April looking like?

P.S. I was on a call with friends when I wrote the majority of this post, so I said to them, “hey y’all, what am I looking forward to this month? I’mma crowdsource this blog post,” and here were their replies:

  • “Doing hard drugs.” I feel like I should start with light drugs first, but thanks for the suggestion.
  • “It’s my parents’ anniversary.” Not my parents, my friend’s parents. Who I’ve never met.
  • “I dunno, isn’t there some curling you can watch?” Yeah, it’s already on the list.

Anyway, lesson learned. Blogging is a solo task.

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Monthly Look Ahead: June 2018

June is here! And it’s shaping up to be a busy month (though 80% of this MLA is all happening in one week…). Anyway, June has always been a good month for me, and I hope it is for you too. Make your own MLA and get hyped for it with me! Here’s what I have going on:

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  • Marvel’s newest TV show Cloak And Dagger starts on Freeform on the 8th. I don’t know much about the show or the characters, but Marvel TV has never truly disappointed me, so I have faith. Plus it’s the summer so it’s not like I many other TV choices anyway.
  • Oceans 8 comes out on the 8th. I’ve seen the other Oceans movie and though they aren’t my favourite, I am kind of looking forward to this one because the cast looks amazing.
  • June 10th is the Tony Awards, which I always like watching because I like the performances. Unfortunately this year I won’t be able to watch it live because…
  • I’m going to see Darren Criss and Lea Michele on tour! They’ve got one Canadian stop, so as a treat-yo-self/grad present to myself, I bought a ticket. I was a huge Glee fan and they’re both so talented, so I’m very excited. Should be a good show!
  • My bookmaking class will be holding a book launch at a nice hotel downtown. My novel, The Time Company, is already available, but this is just a little celebration for us all where our family and other profs and people in the community can come and check out our books. It’ll be fun, even if I’ll have to dress up and read a part of my book out loud in front of strangers.
  • I’m graduating! Honestly, I’m not really looking forward to the ceremony, as I’m sure it’ll be long and boring, but it’ll be nice to finally be done school and have a diploma to prove it.
  • Incredibles 2 comes out on the 15th, and I am very excited. I remember going to see the first Incredibles movie in theaters and loving it. It’s one of my favourite animated movies (tied with Monsters Inc) so I’m very ready for this followup.
    Incredibles 2 poster
  • I’ll be turning 22 on the 16th!
  • Season 2 of Luke Cage drops on the 22nd, and I’m excited to see Misty and Claire again…and Luke, I guess. He’s cool.
  • Season two of the Queer Eye reboot is coming out on the 15th. Considering that season one only just came out in February, this is a nice surprise. I’m not in love with this show or desperate for more, but it’s cute and easy to watch.

So that’s my June. Hopefully my June will also involve finding a job. Cross your fingers for me, okay? Anyway, what are you looking forward to this month?

That’s all for now!


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Monthly Look Ahead: March 2017

Can someone tell me what an Ide of March is and why I should beware it?

I can’t believe it’s March already. No offence to this month but I have so many projects and assignments due this month that I’m really not looking forward to it. Not to mention that Agents Of SHIELD is on hiatus all month so I really have nothing to live for except the eleven other shows I watch. If SHIELD can skip out right at the stressful parts, why can’t I?

monthly look ahead

Luckily, of course, there are some fun things going on that’ll get me out of bed, so let’s list them. Here’s what’s looking good in March:

  • The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover on the 20th/21st. This is exciting for three reasons. One, it’s a musical crossover, man! I love music, I love musicals, and I know that most of the involved cast members have lovely voices, so it’ll be great. Two, Darren Criss is the villain, so not only will he be there and singing too, but he’ll be playing a cheesy bad guy, which will be very fun to watch. Three, I look forward to these shows every week anyway.
  • Beauty And The Beast is out on the 17th. I was never a huge Disney fan, but I adore Emma Watson, and this looks pretty neat, so I will definitely have to make my way to see it at some point.
  • Iron Fist hits Netflix on the 17th. This I am very excited for, as Marvel’s Netflix shows are always cool. I don’t know much about Danny Rand, but he’s seen a dragon and that makes him cool in my books. Despite how busy I’ll be, I am aiming to carve out time to binge this!

Image result for iron fist poster

  • My Quidditch team not only has a little scrimmage/game/tournament thing to attend, but we’re also having a Games Day where we play Harry Potter board games and whatnot, so both those activities sound super fun.
  • Warm weather is coming. I know I said I like the cold weather because there’s no bugs and stuff, but I really hate being cold and the two hour outdoor quidditch practices really tested me this year. Lighter coats and feeling in my hands will be blessed.

Okay, these are some cool things and maybe, hopefully, this month won’t be too bad. I’m sure it’ll fly by. Is your March looking more or less exciting than mine? I’d love to know!

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Monthly Look Ahead: March 2016

You can’t tell, but I started writing this post on February 7th…Is that impressive or nah?

Monthly look ahead
I changed the design of this! Feel free to use it in your posts!

While I may not have had a lot of exciting things to share in February, March is looking good! Which is great, because I also foresee a lot of school work to be done (insert loud groan here), so I’m super glad I’ll have things to look to forward to. Such as…

  • Daredevil Season 2! Coming at ya on the 18th on Netflix. Like with Jessica Jones I’m hoping I’ll be able to plan my life enough so I can be able to watch them as soon as possible. It’s weird, I didn’t LOVE season one, but I’ve really missed the characters and I’m super ready to get back to the show!

  • My Quidditch team is hosting a tournament/scrimmage thing, so that should be fun, and I think the following week we may be attending another one.
  • A friend and I got tickets to go see Darren Criss and Betsy Wolfe sing Broadway songs downtown, and I am so excited for that. I can’t even explain how excited I am for this. Darren Criss is so talented and is my #1 celebrity crush, and every time he has come to town for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to go. So I can’t wait!
  • Divergent: Allegiant pt 1 is out in theaters on the 18th…this is iffy for me because I wasn’t thrilled with the past two movies, but I enjoyed the book, so we’ll see. I’ll probably wait to see it…
  •  Easter! Aside from the chocolate, it’ll be nice to go home and chill for a few days.
  • At the end of the month I’ll be going downtown to see Kinky Boots with my parents, and I’m very excited for that as it’s such a fun show with great music!

And that concludes my March. I’m also crossing my fingers for warmer weather, but it’s Canada so anything can happen. What do you have planned for March?

On a different note, today is the 29th of February…it’s a leap year! And while Modern Family‘s Dunphy family may try and do something exciting when they can, I’ve always considered leap days to just be another day of normality. I’m still going to class and watching regularly scheduled TV and feeling like I do every day. But fellow blogger Colette sort of challenged her readers to make the day special, so in honour of that, I’m forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone and go to a presentation this afternoon at school. I may have to interact with people, but in the name of leap days, I’ll do it! 😀

P.S. I have a new blogging friend! He reached out to me to help him with his new blog (I think he thinks I’m cooler and better at this than I really am) but go check out his site: Ryan’s TMBG