6 Things In The Face Of Disappointment

Everyone has experienced disappointment in their life at one point or another. It’s a weird emotion, this awful mix of being sad and mad and tired. And it weighs on you. I know because I felt it recently.

As we all know from our own lives, there’s no quick fix to disappointment and all the distractions in the world can’t make that weight disappear. But here are 6 things I thought about and did that really helped me deal with my disappointing situation.

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  1. Consider your role.
    It’s really easy to direct some of your negative feelings onto yourself. And if you’re like me, you don’t hold back. Maybe you think you deserve it or didn’t do enough to stop it/change it and therefore must accept it. And maybe that’s partly true. Either way, knowing your role in the situation and knowing your worth can help you come to terms with your disappointment and move through it. It can help you sort out how you feel and how to perhaps better direct those feelings.
  2. Count your blessings (or some similar non-denominational sentiment).
    No matter what it was that brought on the disappointment and as consuming as it is in that moment, you’re not left with nothing. Try to focus on nice things, valuable people, or positive outcomes specific to the situation. Not only will this take your mind off of the disappointment a little, but it’s good practice and a good reminder of what’s important in your life, even on a normal day.
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  3. “Suspense is worse than disappointment.” 
    This quote by writer Robert Burns is true. Disappointment is an answer, though not an ideal one. But it allows you to begin to take action, to learn from what happened, and to grow. It’s a spark, and you can now choose what you do with the fire.
  4. Feel what you need to feel.
    Disappointment is a lot to feel, and you can’t push it down forever, so don’t try to. No one likes to cry, but sometimes you just need to do it and move on. Take some time to let it all out and get the pent up negative emotions out of your body. It’s not unproductive.
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  5. Sleep it off.
    All the emotions tied to disappointment are easier to feel the next day. The initial surprise is gone and you’re not so caught up in it. You go to sleep and wake up and all of the sudden it’s yesterday’s issue because you’ve got a new day to focus on. The disappointment won’t be fully gone, but it won’t be as consuming.
  6. Disappointment means you care.
    What’s life without love? Or at least a mild positive inclination? Part of being human is to live our best lives, and our best lives come from passion and love and care. If you have none of that and you never attach yourself to anything or anyone, you may be able to avoid disappointment, but you’d also be missing out on so much. I think we’re never wrong for caring, even if there are low points that can come with it.

Sometimes you expect disappointment, and sometimes you can prepare for it. I like to think I’m a pretty realistic person and am good at managing expectations enough to protect myself from unnecessary pain, but I managed to get slapped sideways by disappointment and it sucked.

Life goes on and I know there’ll be much more disappointment to face. But this is a post that I wish I had and I wrote it so I have something to refer back to when I’m in a situation like that again.

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That’s all for now!


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How Did I Exist Without Data For So Long?

When I got a cell phone in high school over a decade ago, it was a slide phone (a Samsung Vice, to be exact). The plan I was on was pay-as-you-go, allowing me 2500 combined incoming and outgoing texts and nothing else for $10 every month. I stayed on that plan for 11 years, even when I moved to an iPhone and actually had the means to go on the internet. That $10 plan was eventually forced up to $15 but they gave me 10 minutes of talk time. A few years ago, they forced it up to $20 and gave me nothing more, and that was my villain origin story breaking point.

I've Had Enough Of That GIF.

Last November I finally made the switch to a different provider. I now pay $17 now for unlimited text, 100 minutes of outgoing calls, and 250MB of data*. I barely make calls, and most of my messages are free iMessages, but that data….life changer. How did I survive so long without it?

It’s not a lot of data, and in the few months I’ve had it, I haven’t used more than 75% of my allotment (even when the power went out for 24 hours), but it’s come in handy so many times. Most recently, pulling up Dairy Queen coupons on the app after deciding to spontaneously make an ice cream stop. To think I used to wait until I got to my destination, connect to the wifi (if there even was any), and then tried to find what I needed. Being able to quickly check things like that and search for things something online whenever is great. Curling scores from the highway? Yes! Looking up that actor’s name from the beach? Yes! This power is wild.

I'm Drunk on Power GIF.

I guess to answer my question of how I survived without it, the answer is public wifi and screenshots in advance. Most places have free wifi, so if you’re in a city, it’s not hard to connect to something on the street, be it a fast food place or a bank. There were a few times I got lost going downtown for a job interview or something, but I was never panicking because I’d just walk to the nearest McDonalds and be okay. I’d love to see more places have free, easy to connect to wifi, though. Of course, this only works in a city where there are fast food joints on every corner. Being out in the suburbs isn’t as easy if you’re lost and without data. And I know because that has happened to me too.

Anyway, I’m sure most of you reading this have data and aren’t as wowed by it as I am. That’s fine. This is about me. I always kind of wonder how people without smartphones got by in life, and I’m sure there were people who thought the same about me when they heard I was data-less. But now I’m not, and I am happy about that.

exciting about using a phone gif.

That’s all for now!

*if you’re reading this and thinking “damn, what kind of deal is that?” note that I am Canadian and there’s a media duopoly going on so prices for phone, TV, and internet are such a mess up here. Interestingly enough, the provider I switched to (Lucky Mobile) is owned by the company I was with previously (Bell).


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Things I Don’t Trust

I went downstairs for an afternoon snack recently to find my father installing a new light switch in the kitchen. Only it wasn’t a regular light switch. It was an Amazon light switch of some sort, so on top of being able to turn on the light, it had an Alexa built-in.

I don’t trust Alexa. And I didn’t think my father did either. Yet here we are. I think it’s very creepy. It’s not even about Amazon, it’s about the fact that there’s this device always listening. It’s in the kitchen, the hub of the house, and I don’t care that now we can listen to the radio from the light switch. This better not be a gateway drug for my father to turn our whole house into an automated ‘smart’ hellscape.

I Don't Trust Them gif.

Alexa and Amazon aren’t the only things I don’t trust.

I don’t trust Roombas either. Like Alexa, they’re handy, but I don’t like the fact that they know your floor plan. They know what furniture you have and where. They know your doorways and where you are. The newer versions of Roomba collect this data to better improve the robot’s movements and cleaning capabilities, and I don’t like it. Does the company just have files of house maps saved on some server somewhere? What could they do with that?

I don’t trust mobile banking. I do online banking, but only from my one laptop. I don’t want apps tracking me and my money from my phone. Additionally, I don’t trust Apple Pay or any form of digital credit card. Phones are lost and stolen so often, and though it’s never happened to me, I don’t want to take that risk. Not to mention that I don’t want Apple having that information in the first place. I don’t care that it’s easier to make purchases or e-transfers, I’d rather feel safer when it comes to my literal life savings.

Doesn't That Seem Suspicious GIF.

I don’t trust Instagram ads or products (mostly). I don’t know why, but Instagram in particular feels like such a scummy place in terms of shopping and ads, which is unfortunate because a lot of honest businesses and creators use it. I know there are good and honest products and stores on there, but so many that I see just have such bad vibes. I just feel like any product being promoted is some fast-fashion/poorly made literal scam. Luckily, I’m not one for online shopping, so I’m not too concerned about this personally affecting me.

Do I have trust issues? Maybe. But I don’t feel bad about it. Can you blame me for being a bit skeptical about some of the pervasive tech around us? We live in a screwed up world, and I’m trying my best to keep myself safe (Related: this post about online privacy).

Or maybe I’m just being overly paranoid. What are you distrusting of?

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Me, constantly.


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What’s Something No One Would Guess About You?

There are these two female bloggers I follow who post lifestyle/girly content, and they’re good at it. Looking at them and their content, you’d never guess that they’re also big fans of race car driving. Maybe it’s because NASCAR and all that isn’t too popular here in Canada (or amongst anyone I know), but it’s so strange to me. Every time I see one of them tweet about Formula 1 or whatever, I’m always so shook. An interest in such a thing just seems so different from the kind of persona they portray through their blogs.

Don’t get me wrong, though; I’m here for rounded people with a variety of interests!

what you'd call a well-rounded person. gif.

We know the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is true, and this is an example of it. And it got me thinking: do I do this too? Do people ever read my blog and can’t believe the info I share? Do people who know me in real life occasionally find themselves shook when I say or do something?

I feel like I’m a pretty open book, but a boring one, so the idea that I inflict this similar shock onto others seems unlikely. The best I can offer is (and these are all things I’ve mentioned before on my blog):

  • that I count my sneezes, and even that is a goofy thing that’s not really awe-inspiring as it is slightly concerning
  • that I like 70’s/80’s music
  • that I’ve never broken a bone
  • that I used to play a variety of sports including hockey
  • that there were years where I’d be actively keeping up with around 15 TV shows a week
  • that I’m a very picky eater
  • that I make my own pickles

Stuff GIFs | Tenor

None of this is very exciting. None of this makes me seem like someone that’s got a rich history. No one hears that I make my own pickles and thinks “wow I want to get to know her better!” And that’s fine. I am who I am.

But for those of you who do have something a bit more shocking or interesting in your back pocket, what is it? What are the reactions when you mention it? Do you like mentioning it? Do you also think it’s weird/surprising?

I think it’s sometimes just interesting when these things come out because it forces us to remember that people aren’t one-trick ponies, and maybe some preconceived notions you had are false. I know I would do well to remember that sometimes.

That’s all for now!


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There’s Something About Spring

Two hours ago, my father came into my room and opened my window. He does this a lot because I never do (I like to be not cold, and fresh air is often cold). So I’ve spent the last two hours hearing birds chip and hearing kids play outside and adjusting my laptop screen to not have a glare from the sunshine coming in.

There’s something really nice about this time. There’s something really nice about spring. I live in Canada, and we experience all four seasons to the max. Winter was pretty strong this year, so everyone is ready to move on like bears coming out of hibernation. Suddenly we can go outside without layering up and we can be excited about fresh air. Though it’s not too warm out yet, you get the illusion of a peaceful, warm spring because it’s sunny and there’s no dirty slush everywhere.

woman enjoying warm weather gif.
Me going outside in just a light jacket instead of a heavy winter coat.

It’s really nice to look outside and see birds and flowers and green grass. It’s really nice to not be shivering while I eat breakfast. So many of the changes we experience at this time are pleasant.

I’m not even someone who likes going outside too much but I’m already thinking fondly about going down to the lake with my best friend. I’m planning hiking and camping trips. I’m not dreading the scurry from a car to a building. Even the curling season being over now isn’t too upsetting to me because it means warm weather is coming. That’s the power of spring. And I like it. I can’t wait for summer.

Coincidentally, I think I’m in a good place in my life (and this is NOT an invitation for the universe to change that), and I really like this feeling that goes along with spring. Hope, excitement, peace, freedom, and a readiness for growth.

Feeling Good GIF.

It’s weird to think that experiencing seasons is a bit of a rarity in the world. Apparently the Brits are jealous of us Canadians. But we take it for granted (and with good reason; even with all my above blabber about sunshine and chirping birds, the threat of snow is never zero) because it’s so normal for us. To everyone who never gets to feel this serenity of springtime, I’m sorry. I shall enjoy it doubly for you this year.

This post is a bit rambly, but it’s what you get from me this week. Are you in a spring mood too?

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That’s all for now.


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