10 Sounds That I Like Hearing

This post idea came to me very late at night while I was trying to sleep recently, but that’s the experience you signed up for when you loaded this website. Honestly, I don’t know how else to introduce this post because the title is exactly what it is.

There are sounds that are unanimously unliked in this world from nails on a chalkboard to slurping to the sound of whatever alarm we have set each morning. But instead of talking about the bad ones, I’m going to list the good sounds that I like hearing and sometimes go out of my way to hear. In no particular order, here we go.

Listen To The sounds gif.

  1. Thin Sidewalk Ice
    If you live in a place with snow, you’ve probably encountered sidewalk ice, usually along the edges. It’s thin, it’s not really dangerous, but stepping on it gently provides a really nice crackling sound, and you can feel it break under your boot. Delivering newspapers in the winter sucked as a kid/teen, but finding patches of breakable sidewalk ice made it tolerable.
  2. Crunchy Leaves
    Fall hits hard in Canada, and there are always a plethora of dead leaves on the ground in those autumn months, and the crisp crunch of dead leaves is always enjoyable. Unlike ice, there isn’t much of a feeling under you, but you can still hear it nicely. The leaves are already dead, so it’s not harming nature, either.
    stepping on crunchy leaves gif.
  3. Lipstick Tube Snaps
    Putting the lid on a tube of lipstick or lip balm often makes a gentle and satisfying click, and sometimes I’ll just open and close it multiple times just to hear it.
  4. A Gameboy Advance Closing
    The sound of a Gameboy Advance closing shut, even aggressively, is just so fun. Maybe it’s a bit nostalgia-inducing too, but it’s a nice clack. The DS is fragile and not as audibly nice, but you can slam that GBA shut and it makes the same, hearty sound every time.
  5. Those Old Clacky Keyboards
    I don’t have one sadly, but sometimes in my old high school computer labs there’d be an older keyboard that had those thick buttons but made the best clacks and clicks as you typed.
    typing on a computer keyboard gif.
  6. Scraping Pumpkin Insides
    You know when you’re carving a pumpkin and you gotta use that scoop tool to scrape the inner walls of the thing to remove the stringy gunk? I like that sound. It’d be a normal, boring scraping sound if it weren’t for the fact that it’s got a cool echo-y effect from the hollowness of the gourd. And as you scrape more and the walls get thinner and thinner and the inside gets emptier and emptier, the sound only improves.
  7. Heels On Tiled Floor
    A few summers ago I worked at this place where I exited through a tunnel connecting two buildings, and it was long and quiet and tiled, and my slightly heeled dressy ankle boots made just the best sound on that floor as I walked—and I’m a fast walker. I’d be waiting in that hallway for my dad to come pick me up just pacing around so I could hear it more.
  8. Curling Rocks Hitting
    The sound of curling rocks banging against each other is so, so nice. Watching it on TV doesn’t do it justice because there’s something so unique about hearing it live in a curling rink where it’s slightly echoing and there in your space.
    Morris edges Martin in extra end to win Players' Championship - The Grand  Slam of Curling
  9. Paper Cutting
    Have you ever used one of those paper cutter things with the arm you bring down? My mom has a small one that I occasionally use, and the sound of it swiftly chopping through several sheets of paper is so nice and crisp.
  10. Suction Cups Popping
    I don’t know what it is about rubber just popping like that, but the gentle and distinct pop of a suction cup being pulled so it snaps and makes a sound is so nice. We used to have a shower mat that was suctioned, and pulling it back to clean and hearing those rapid pops was just an experience.

listening to good things gif.

Did you think I was going to end on something cheesy like “the sound of your laughter” or something?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this list. What sounds do you like hearing? I think there’s something kind of cool in being able to really enjoy the sound of something pretty average around you.

That’s all for now.


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Monthly Look Ahead: May 2021

May! Warm weather! And a bunch of other things! Would you believe there’s more than three bullets on this Monthly Look Ahead? Exciting. And if you also have a mildly exciting month coming, feel free to make your own MLA post!

monthly look ahead logo

  • Legends Of Tomorrow, the best show from the Arrowverse, is finally back on the 2nd. I love these characters and the goofy plots.
  • If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me mention it, but there’s another mother duck nesting on our property this spring! (Or perhaps it’s the same duck, but we can’t be sure). We’re keeping very close watch on her, and if all goes well, the eggs are due to hatch sometime in the first week of May. On that note, I did a huge blog post about that process last year; are you guys interested in another one about this year’s events even if there won’t be a ton of new info? Here’s a poll to gauge interest.
  • I’m still co-running virtual quidditch almost every night. We’ve done 5 tournaments, but as we approach our 1-year, we’ve decided to shake things up a do an Olympics-style event that starts this month, and I’m super excited for that to begin because I know it’s going to be so fun and a fresh change of play.
  • Curling is still on TV! While a lot of events this spring took place in Calgary, the Mixed Doubles tournament at the end of the month is in Scotland. I’m excited to watch and cheer for Canada, and I like watching Mixed as the games are shorter and more action-packed.
    Kerri Einarson/Brad Gushue.
  • There’s no official date, but to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, they’ve gotten some singers to ‘collab’ and do little mini Pokemon concerts throughout the year. Post Malone performed in February, and Katy Perry is up next, but as I said, there’s no date yet. They’ve just been teasing things recently. I like a lot of Katy’s old music and I was a huge Pokemon fan as a kid, so I’m interested to see her perform, so hopefully that will happen this month.
  • Will there be TV Upfronts this month? Who knows. I want to see some fun TV trailers as there were none out in May last year. Filming has gone on as far as I know so I’m hopeful.

May-be other fun things will pop up as the month goes on, but for now that’s what I’ve got going on.

That’s all for now!


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Don’t Make Director’s Cuts A Thing

I was very surprised when a Synder cut of the 2018 DC movie Justice League was announced. While I didn’t hate the first version, I knew it could have been better, and this Snyder cut promised to do it all and more. But then I watched all four hours of it, and while it was more, I don’t think I can say it was all that. Between the weird colouring, the 20 minute dream sequence, the dumb timeline-messing save, and the random villagers singing, this version of the movie really made some wild choices that I’m glad the studio or apparent trash human Joss Whedon decided to remove years ago.

confused man gif.
Me watching that dream sequence

The Snyder cut obviously took advantage of the at-home delivery by making it six parts over four hours, which is fine, but I think that a) you therefore can’t compare it to other movies because you got two more hours to tell a more fleshed out story and b) even if you edited it down to a reasonable movie length, this version wasn’t that much better. Parts of it sure were, like the explanation of the cubes or Cyborg’s story, but as a whole, I was disappointed. I kind of expected this to be like The Best Movie because it was hyped up to be Authenticly Snyder’s Untold Story and Undoing How Awful Joss Was, but I guess that’s on me for having a high standard. It was better, but it wasn’t worth the years of campaigning.

And that’s why I’m very wary of this new hype train of other directors cuts that may or may not exist. I know some of it is just memeing like this TikTok, but still. I’ve seen far too many headlines saying that there are hours more footage of some movie no one wants to see more of or that studios are considering doing more director’s cuts of other things or that fans are campaigning for other ones. It’s probably not true, but just in case, here’s my official statement: no thanks.

that's a real quick no. gif.

I won’t pretend to know how much involvement movie studios have in final plot or editing, but based on my limited knowledge and my eyes during Snyder Cut, I can’t imagine that this is a useful direction (pun intended) for the film industry. If a studio can’t deliver me the absolute best version of a movie the first time, then they gotta live with that shame and possible financial loss. You can’t just keep pumping out different versions to appease people. As they say, that’s show biz. Justice League may have been a special case because of the crisis in Snyder’s life during original filming, forcing Whedon has to take over, but for other movies that didn’t have something similar going on, I just feel like there’s no excuse.

And who is this even for? The fans? I have trouble believing that, because I feel like if fan satisfaction were the ultimate goal, they wouldn’t have given us garbage to begin with. Is it for the directors? Giving them their moment to shine? Unlikely. So I guess this just smells like a big ol’ cash grab.

Am I Wrong GIF.

The only version of a director’s cut I’m not opposed to is what Lord Of The Rings did. They had the extra stuff as an optional bonus DVD feature that didn’t negate the regular normal-length theatrical release. If studios want to give us that (though without DVDs, it’s just bonus content on streaming services), then sure. Whatever.

Director’s cut? More like cut that nonsense out before it starts please.

Thoughts? Did you enjoy the Snyder cut of Justice League? Is there a movie you want a director’s cut of?


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This Blog Is 6 Years Old!

I don’t really celebrate my blog’s anniversary (blogiversary, as some call it) aside from maybe a sappy tweet on the day, if I can remember (and usually I don’t). But this time I figured I would. Six isn’t even a fun milestone to celebrate, but so what? We still celebrate all human birthdays and anniversaries. I’m really proud of my blog, so today you get this post from me.

Though technically my blog turns six tomorrow. But I was due for a post today.

celebrate gif.

Last year when I was job hunting, my blog would come up a lot in interviews, not just because it’s a hobby but because I work in marketing/content creation, so it’s useful to talk about. One thing I always stressed when mentioning it was that I’ve done at least one post every single week. And when you think about it, that’s wild. Like, I’m so proud of that. For six years, throughout school, jobs, holidays, sicknesses, whatever else, I’ve still managed to get a post out each week, and I never had to resort to a really, really short one or resharing an old one to get by (though I’ve come close a few times!).

In the pandemic and during my time unemployed, still having a blog to maintain was great as a constant thing. It forced me to still do something ‘productive’ and allowed me to connect with people beyond my small real-life circle.

I’m also so proud of my attitude towards my blog. It’s healthy. Perhaps my most healthy hobby, actually. I’m realistic with my posts, my interactions, my goals, and I for the most part don’t get hung up on stats or other people’s successes. I know exactly where I stand. I think it’s so easy in the blogosphere to lose sight of why you started blogging or fall into some unhealthy mindsets, so I’m glad I’ve been able to kind of stay on my own path and do what makes me happy.

Animated gif in collection by elle sutton on We Heart It

I’ve been able to write about so much and it’s been really cool to know that people enjoy it despite the randomness and will go out of their way to leave comments or tell me how much they like my posts. I don’t take that for granted at all.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say today. Yay me. Yay coolbeans. Yay you for reading!


That’s all for now!


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Monthly Look Ahead: April 2021

Well here we are in April. Spring has sprung and it’s nice to not feel the need to put on many sweaters every day, ya know? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still wear one sweater every day, but it’s usually enough.

Anyway, it’s not a busy month, but, like, what else is new. So here’s the very small list of things I’m looking forward to:

monthly look ahead logo

  • On April 1st, the show Manifest begins its third season. I really enjoy this show, so I hope this new season is just as exciting as it was last year.
  • The Men’s Curling Worlds start this month and then at the end of the month is the start of Women’s Worlds. I’ve very much enjoyed watching the Scotties, Brier, and Mixed Doubles this year, and always want to see more good Canadian curling. If you get TSN and are looking to watch good curling taking place in a nice Calgary bubble, tune in!
    The Canadian Men's Curling Team for 2021.
  • Darren Criss has new music of some sort coming out. He’s calling it “a series of character-driven singles” out on the 9th, and I don’t really know what that means, but I’m excited to find out.

Aaaand that’s it. I guess I should be grateful that I actually have a routine this April considering last April I had literally nothing to do. I was applying to like one job a week since Corona slowed down posting so much, and I was playing Zelda games to fill my days.

What’s your April looking like?

P.S. I was on a call with friends when I wrote the majority of this post, so I said to them, “hey y’all, what am I looking forward to this month? I’mma crowdsource this blog post,” and here were their replies:

  • “Doing hard drugs.” I feel like I should start with light drugs first, but thanks for the suggestion.
  • “It’s my parents’ anniversary.” Not my parents, my friend’s parents. Who I’ve never met.
  • “I dunno, isn’t there some curling you can watch?” Yeah, it’s already on the list.

Anyway, lesson learned. Blogging is a solo task.

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