‘Sing Street’ Movie Review

Do you like 80’s music? Do you like feel good movies?

Y’all. Sing Street. It’s my new movie obsession, so of course I have to write about it. And since it’s not a very big name movie, I wanted to take this chance to tell you guys about it if you don’t know.

Sing Street is about a 15 year old Irish boy named Conor who starts a band with some new pals to impress a girl, an older and pretty model-wannabe. It’s set in the 80’s so the music has that distinct 80’s vibe, and like with any musical/musical movie, the music really makes or breaks it. In this case, it makes it. Big time. But you don’t even need to really know or love 80’s music to enjoy this. I however do like 80’s music (my boss and I listen to it at work all the time), so this appealed to me.

This movie is written and directed by John Carney, who’s best known credits are for writing and directing the movies Once and Begin Again. Begin Again is my favourite movie, and if you want to know more about that, read my old post here. While I found Once to be a little boring, I loved Begin Again and its music, so of course I was super excited when I saw that Carney had another music-centric movie coming out. It was a film festival movie and never came to local Canadian theaters, so I had to wait for the DVD, but it was worth the wait.

This movie was inspiring, magical, beautiful, funny, sweet and had a great soundtrack. I literally can’t ask for more in a movie.

The cast were all no-name European actors, but they were so talented! All the band members were such adorable, likeable characters and it was so satisfying to see them all jamming together and making such great music. They had each other’s backs and even when I expected there to be average band conflict, there never was. The other characters were great too. They added just the right amount of conflict, parallels and drama.

The original music was amazing. I’ve been listening to the songs on repeat. Even my father said he could definitely hear most of the songs on mainstream radio. There were some great fast songs as well as a few slower songs. The soundtrack also includes actual 80’s songs that were either included in the movie or just inspired the writers, so that’s cool.

I don’t really have many complaints about this movie. I did find the ending a little too artsy and open for my tastes, but when set to a really gorgeous Adam Levine song, I can tolerate it. Raphina, the girl Conor is trying to impress, sometimes seemed to embody that manic-pixie trope too much so I really didn’t love her, but she was a decent character. And I do wish the DVD had a subtitles option because there were a few occasions that I couldn’t understand the boys’ thick Irish accents.

And now for some bullet thoughts because I need to say things:

  • ‘Drive Like You Stole It’ is my favourite song.
  • I loved Eamon, the kid with glasses and the rabbits.
  • Conor’s older brother looked SO MUCH like Chris Pratt.
  • Conor could do better eyeliner than me.
  • Was that other girl Conor’s sister or what?
  • I love Irish accents.
  • Who wants to start a band with me?
  • John Carney better be started on his next musical film project because I’m so ready.

If you want to see a fun and charming, music-filled movie that’s light but not too artsy, then watch Sing Street. You won’t regret it!

That’s all for now!


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My Favourite Movie: ‘Begin Again’

For the longest time, if you had asked me what my favourite movie was, I would have likely shrugged and then said “I dunno, one of the Harry Potter movies” and then probably said “like, maybe the fourth” because that was one of my favourite books in the series. More recently, my answer to the question would likely have been “ummm…Alice In Wonderland” because that was a great movie, but deep inside me, I knew it wasn’t my all-time favourite. Now I have a legitimate answer.

On my first night away in university, I was bored and alone at 8 pm. I knew no one and had nothing to do and didn’t know where to go. So I sat on my fresh bed in my brand new room, and I streamed a movie on my phone.

That movie was Begin Again and oh my gosh. I loved it.

I had heard a tiny bit about the movie beforehand. It had a cool cast (Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine) and a slight indie vibe. The director was the same dude who directed the movie Once which I had seen and thought was okay. But like I said, at the time, I was bored and alone, so I wasn’t picky.

I’d like to start by saying that this movie is not a musical. I love musicals, don’t get me wrong, but this is not one. It is, however, a movie about music. So there is a lot of singing and music making.

Which is great, because that’s one thing I really, really loved about this movie. The soundtrack was absolutely fantastic. There wasn’t a single song that I didn’t like (which is saying a lot because I am very picky when it comes to music) and I had some of them on repeat all through Frosh Week.

But what’s this movie about? IMDB says: “a chance encounter between a disgraced music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan turns into a promising collaboration between the two talents.” The executive being Mark and the singer being Keira.

Three reasons why I love this movie (aside from the music): 1. the characters are great. Though they have flaws, they’re likeable and relatable and nice. 2. it’s a feel-good movie. It’s not an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but it’s still a great watch. 3. strong female lead!

I made all my friends watch it, and if I could, I’d make all of you watch it too. I love this movie so much. Whether you like musicals or not, I highly suggest you watch this. Aside from a few f-bombs, it’s pretty safe movie for all ages. I don’t care if it was snubbed at the Oscars this year, this movie deserves ALL the awards.

Give it a go, then report back here. Or, if you have already seen it, leave a comment expressing your love for this beautiful, amazing, masterpiece of a movie! 😀

That’s all for now!