My Music Classification Scale

I don’t specifically remember when I came up with this concept, but I believe it was during my normal at-work daydreaming. With the radio always playing in my ear and my new self-education on music from decades before I was born, I came up with a sliding scale of classifying all music. And I think it’s rather good.

It is also, I’ll admit, kind of dumb, but it’s just the right kind of nonsense that this blog needs more of. Plus, when I explained it to a friend, she said, “that actually makes sense,” so there is at least one other person who can verify the accuracy of this scale.

trust me on this one gif.

Here’s how it works: it’s a sliding five-point scale, and what it does is rate the energy of a song. It goes from a song with low energy to a song that you can dance to at a high-energy dance party (a banger). The mid-point is a bop, and that’s a song that has a good, fun beat you can bop around to, but you wouldn’t play it at a dance. Every banger is a bop, but not every bop is a banger.

my music classification scale.

Of course, what would a post about music be if I didn’t provide examples?

Low energy: ‘One Hand, One Heart’ from West Side Story or ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele

Half a bop: ‘Long Time Running’ by The Tragically Hip or ‘How Would You Feel’ by Ed Sheeran

A bop: ‘You And I’ by Lady Gaga or ‘Uptown Girl’ by Billy Joel

A bop and a half: ‘If I Had You’ by Adam Lambert or ‘Wasted Time’ by Keith Urban

A banger: ‘Don’t Lose My Number’ by Phil Collins or ‘Shut Up And Dance’ by Walk The Moon

What I think is cool about this system of mine is that, though it’s a complete scale, there is a bit of room for personal preference. You may not think ‘Don’t Lose My Number’ is a banger, but you can agree it’s a bop at the very least. And I’m not saying one level is better than another, either. I like Lady Gaga’s ‘You and I’ better as a song than ‘If I Had You’ by Adam Lambert, but in terms of energy, it’s lower, and that’s fine! But if I was building a playlist for a party where there’d be dancing, I’d want songs above a bop.

Furthermore, with only five points, this scale is simple. And all music fits into it. I personally do not like house music or EDM at all, but a lot of it is upbeat and good for dancing, so it gets its place. There’s no judgment on this scale. And no limit to how many songs can fit under one level.

At a curling bonspiel one time, I said to this guy that “Elton John has some bangers” and he blinked at me surprised before saying, “I guess I’ve just never heard anyone refer to Elton John’s music as ‘bangers’.” But, now with this chart, it’s very clear. I mean, ‘Still Standing’? ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’? Absolute bangers in my book.

car dancing gif.

So, in closing, I hope you enjoy this music classification system. I hope you listen to songs and think of this. I’m sure there are music classification scales not too different from this, but none as easy and fun as this one, right?

That’s all for now!


P.S. I recently got the notification from WordPress that I have 1000 followers on this blog! I am flabbergasted and so grateful for everyone who is a part of that impressive number! Thank you!

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