Making The Most Of My Pocket-Less Existence

It’s a known fact that women’s clothing, pants in particular, have either no pockets or very small, barely usable pockets. So what do we have to do? Carry bags.

If I’m leaving the house for more than two hours and it’s to go somewhere farther than a 1km radius, there’s a good chance I have a bag with me, and it’s as jam-packed with as much stuff as I can fit.

girl with oversized bag.

Last year I when I went to FanExpo and I met up with a friend, I asked him if he had a bag, worrying that perhaps he left it on a train, but he was like “I don’t have one” and I was like “oh okay,” but I was so shook. He was just living life with a phone, a wallet, and a portable charger in his pants pockets, and there I was with a bag that contained a water bottle, a deck of cards, granola bars, gum, a bagel, headphones, printed tickets, a small bottle of lotion, a compact of coverup, a wallet, a charger, and probably other stuff that I can’t remember.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was set for the day. That’s my goal, always: to be set for any and all occurrences. If I have to carry a bag because my must-haves can’t fit in my delicate lady pants, then I’m gonna make sure it’s stocked. It’s sensible. And it’s not like I’m carrying around things that weigh as much as bricks. No, it’s little things like lip balm. Could I live without it for that outing? Yeah, probably, but I choose not to.

i know what i'm about gif.

I was like this way back in high school too. On top of the usual school materials like pens and stuff, I always had in my backpack a small sewing kit, hand sanitizer, tissues, a deck of cards, a flashlight, band-aids, a mirror, and also a bunch of little brain-teasing puzzles that made me a lot of friends when classes got boring. Did I make weird jangling sounds when I moved at any speed faster than walking? Sure did. But I always had anything I needed.

And because I’ve always been walking around with my own version of Hermione’s enchanted bag in Deathly Hallows, it’s so normal to me. I’m only reminded that it’s not a shared experience when someone, usually a male, says to me with skepticism “do you always carry granola bars with you?” Yes, boys, I do. I own two small purses and two bags, and there are multiple granola bars in them all, just in case. Actually, three bags because I also keep granola bars in my curling bag. And, for those bag-less outings, I keep a granola bar in my coat’s inner pocket. Granola bars are the best. They don’t melt, they don’t leak, they don’t go bad, and they’re so easy to carry. A few weeks ago I ate a granola bar from my jacket that I later realized may have gone through the wash, and it was fine! It tasted totally normal!

lady dancing while eating a granola bar.
Me eating a granola bar I had in my bag

I’ll be honest, even if the women’s pants industry decided tomorrow to give us the pockets we deserve, I think I’ve gotten so used to carrying around so much good stuff in bags that I’d continue to use a one rather than have like ten things in each pocket. Men, you’re missing out.

So ladies, do you share this habit of carrying everything you may need at all times? How many granola bars are in your main bag right now? Or am I just a weirdo who does this?


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