Monthly Look Ahead: August 2020

Welcome to August! Normally I make some comment like “August is the last chance to enjoy summer” but really no one has enjoyed this summer and I doubt this coming month will really change that. July was alright and so far, August seems to be on track to be decent, but I don’t have that much going on, and I apologize in advance. Nevertheless, here’s what it is:

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  • At the start of this year, my brother was doing an internship in a different city and when Corona got bad, he came home, but left some of his stuff behind. Now he/my family has to go get it, and I’m probably going to tag along because a change of scenery always does me good, and it’ll only be for the day, so it’s not a huge health risk.
  • I mentioned it in last month’s MLA too, but I’ve been kind of co-running a virtual quidditch league for friends, and season 2 of it starts this month. There are new features and teams and we’re really excited for people to try them out. It’s always good fun.
  • Agents Of SHIELD is ending for good this month and though I am very much not looking forward to its end, I do have faith that the finale will be really cool and I am excited to celebrate the legacy of this amazing show.

agents of shield s7 gif.

Job interviews picked up in July, so that’s nice. Fingers crossed for August. And fingers crossed we keep getting nice weather. Anything you’re looking forward to this month?

That’s all for now!


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Monthly Look Ahead: August 2019

I’m going to be honest, July was not a great month for me. There were a lot of disappointments, so I am very glad to be putting that month behind me. That being said, August doesn’t look like it’s going to be amazing, and I would really like something amazing. But there are a few fun things I’m looking forward to, and here they are:

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  • I am finally getting out of town for the first time in over a year, and I cannot express how badly I need this. Every year my parents get together with some family friends for a weekend, and any offspring who can come do. I missed out last year. There’s a chance that no other offspring are coming this year, and for some reason, we are booked for multiple cheese factory tours, but I don’t care, because as long as I’m not stuck in my boring town, I’ll go anywhere.
  • In June, Archie Comics released a reboot of Jughead’s Time Police, which was a series I enjoyed finding in the digests I read as a kid. Plus, I adored the character January (who, by the way, was the only person Jughead ever loved, so take that, all you Betty/Jughead shippers). Anyway, I don’t really read comics all that much anymore, so I wasn’t going to go buy this reboot, but I noticed my local library had it, so I have it on hold. I’m not totally in love with the art style, but maybe I’ll warm up when I get into it.
    The cover for Jughead's Time Police.
  • FanExpo is this month. I want to go because a lot of cool people are going like the cast of Smallville and Rainn Wilson and Zachary Levi, but now that I am without employment, I feel like I shouldn’t be dropping like $100 for one day. Plus I have no one to go with. That being said, it’s not until the end of the month, so if I get a job before then or a friend is willing to go, I may be inclined to treat myself.
  • Speaking of being unemployed, the one somewhat decent thing about it is having a lot of time to kill, so I want to use the time to write more and watch some TV shows I’ve been putting off. Last week I watched Schitt’s Creek and I loved it. So there are a few series (and even some movies and musical boots) I’ll probably get to this month. Sometimes I ask myself, do I watch way too many TV shows as a way to fill a void in my life? And while the answer is almost definitely yes, I still enjoy it and enjoy being able to enter a new world. It’s a happy place for me.

Anyway, that’s my August. It’s also my best friend’s birthday this month, so there is a good likelihood that there’ll be a social gathering, and I enjoy those. Otherwise, it’s just job applications and a messy sleep schedule for me. Hopefully your August is looking better, and if it is, I’d love to see a MLA post of your own!

That’s all for now!


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Monthly Look Ahead: August 2018

It’s August, y’all. This year is flying by.

This month, though, I have a feeling will drag on because I have very little going on that’s worth sharing. Now that I have a job, I work all day, so it’s not like I’m just sitting around, other than that, I have nothing to look forward to. There are no movies coming out, no TV shows starting, no places to go. Nevertheless, here’s what’s going on this month:

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  • I want to get back into the habit of reading. Adjusting to a new sleep schedule because of work has essentially cut out any reading time, so whether I do some reading during my lunch break or I go to bed a bit earlier, I want to just make more time for it.
  • I was invited to a friend’s cottage but it’s kind of far away and I don’t know how I’m going to get there and I also am not super, super close to that group of people, so…that’s probably not going to happen…
  • There was also some talk with another friend of going camping with some people, but again, I’m only close with one of them and I don’t know where we’d be going and camping isn’t really my style anyway (especially when their idea of camping is just all-day drinking with some trees nearby)…so that’s probably not going to happen…
  • Uh????
  • Yikes, guys, I have nothing to look forward to this month…
  • What a fun and healthy thing for me right now.

Okay, so good post. Be sure to hit that Like button, ya know? And please, if your August is shaping up to be even one percent better than mine (which is a pretty easy thing to achieve) let me know in the comments.

And now I’ll put us all out of our misery and end this absolute failure of a post. Bye.

P.S. On a related note, how do you guys meet new people locally without completely going outside your comfort zone?

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Monthly Look Ahead: August 2017

The last month of summer is upon us. Summer has flown by, and it’s weird to think that this may be my last ‘summer’ as after this upcoming school year, I’m graduating and hopefully finding full time work. But let’s not stress out about that now. Let’s instead look at the fun things I’ve got going on in August. There’s not a lot, but there never is.

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  • Of course my number one is The Defenders, hitting Netflix on the 18th. I’m done work by then so I have nothing stopping me from waking up at 3am to watch it. I can’t wait to see the four heroes team up and fight together because I’m sure their dynamic is going to be hilarious. I’m also very excited to see all the secondary characters. I’ve missed Trish and Foggy and Claire. I hope we see a lot of them.
    Defenders black and white poster
  • The band Neon Trees announced last week that they are back and that in early August (like, in the next few days) we’ll be getting a taste of their new music. I loved their last album, Pop Psychology, so I’m hoping their new music is just as good.
  • I finish my work term in the middle of the month. Though I wouldn’t complain if I worked for a bit longer (mo’ money), I guess it would be good to relax for a few weeks before school starts up. Maybe finish my novel editing before I get others to read it.

So that’s it. Not an exciting month at all. I was supposed to also be going to New York state for a weekend away, but I don’t think that’s happening for me, so…I’ll just be at home, taking in the last of summer in front of the TV, like usual. I know I got a great job over the summer that I am grateful for, but I do wish I had done something fun this summer, gone somewhere exciting, even for a few days. Summer 2017 did not impress. But I’ll stop being bitter now. I have a whole month with essentially no plans, so who knows what may happen! There, that’s positive!

Hopefully you’ve got exciting plans for August? Let me know in your own MLA post!

That’s all for now!

P.S. I’m still looking for a fall internship, so please pray for me, y’all. I need them good vibes.


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Monthly Look Ahead: August 2016

This is the 13th Look Ahead post I’ve done, meaning that it’s been a year since I started this feature. Read the very first one here! I have to admit, I thought I’d have more participants by now. I really only have one regular person (shoutout to JATM) and a few others who’ll join in every now and again. I did consider stopping these posts, but I do enjoy writing them and they do okay view wise, so they’re here to stay for now!

monthly look ahead

Anyways, back to this month. August, aka the last month of freedom before school traps us and consumes our souls yet again. I don’t have a lot planned, but here’s what I do:

  • Wordcamp! Have you ever been to one? They are WordPress conventions, though they’re mostly geared toward dot-org sites. There’s one near me coming up and I’ve decided to volunteer.
  • A few months ago I chipped my front tooth a little bit and I finally have an ortho appointment, so hopefully the doc can shave down my tooth and in turn make my fairly large front teeth more even and not so large.
  • Suicide Squad on the 5th. Okay, I’m not super excited to see this, as DC’s movie history hasn’t thrilled me, but this looks alright, so I’ll probably go see it. This is a pretty cool poster, after all!

  • My brother is going to university! I’m kind of excited to help him move in and see him off as he embarks on this next big life journey.
  • Enjoy my last month of freedom. I’m going to try to get outside, hang out with friends a few more times, and relax.

Well, this is officially my least exciting month. I mean, I included an orthodontist appointment on here? Ugh, well, here’s hoping your August is a lot more thrilling.

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