The State Of Romcoms

Like a lot of people, I enjoy romcoms (romantic comedy movies, for anyone who lives under a rock). I think they’re great and fun and cute. Some are so iconic and everyone knows them, or parts of them at least, to the point where they’re sometimes more relevant in pop culture than big blockbuster movies that made twice as much money in theaters.

I love romcoms gif.

But I think romcoms and their popularity and purpose has changed a bit over the years. There certainly still are romcoms being made in recent years that are well done and overall enjoyed by their viewers, but I think that compared to the romcoms of yesteryears, they may not have that longevity and popularity years down the line.

It seems to me that romcoms really took off in the 90’s. There of course were some in the 80’s that checked the boxes of having romance and comedy, but a lot were the iconic teenage coming of age movies, and as much as they’re in many ways great in their own right, I don’t know if anyone’s calling Pretty In Pink a classic romcom, ya know? But in the late 80’s and leading right into the 90’s, that’s when romcoms really took off and made lasting marks on the genre. People like Huge Grant, Julia Roberts, and Meg Ryan became legends.

Notting Hill gif.

And then in the 2000s we got a wide mix of content. Romcoms may have kickstarted in the previous decade, but there were so many that were made in the 2000s, with old and new names joining in and contributing. Ones that stand out to me are Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, and Ryan Reynolds. Not all of the movies are worth talking about today still, but they were entertaining, and it is always fun nowadays to turn on the TV to find some old forgotten mid-2000’s romcom and recognize the whole cast (this happened recently with the movie View From The Top).

Off the backend of the 2000’s and going into the early 2010’s, I noticed that the number of romcoms started to dwindle and there was a shift in the kind of comedy (more hokey and dumb) as well as in the leads for the romcoms. I feel like they went from some big-name staples in the genre to being comprised of mostly people who, for some reason, either had or later did have a deep association with an NBC show (eg. Kristin Wig, Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, Steve Carell…).

Once in the 2010s, I don’t know if it was because of the 2000’s romcom overload or if the better movie technology just lead to more action movies being made instead, but there are not a lot of romcoms in this decade. There are some, and luckily for us all, some of the some are really good and favourites of mine, but I find that overall, the genre kind of died out. A lot of the ‘top romcoms’ listed in articles online are ones that I don’t find to be that memorable in terms of a movie and especially not in terms of a romance, like Easy A, Trainwreck, Silver Linings Playbook, or Sleeping With Other People. It’s too bad. The dozens of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies made every year prove that people aren’t opposed to watching simple romance in movies still.

Where Is The Love? GIF.
Me @ 2010’s “romcoms”

What will the romcom genre look like in the 2020’s? I don’t know and based on the trend, I don’t expect too much. A lot of the romcoms released in the last several years came from streaming services rather than theaters, and maybe that’s for the best as romcoms are best enjoyed at home rather than in a large theater. I also think a reason for a lack of recent romcoms is because there aren’t a lot of mid-20’s/early 30’s aged actors who are a) super popular and b) want to be the romcom legends of the era. There’s a good chunk of early 20’s people (Timothee Chalamet, Tom Holland, Zendaya, Noah Centineo, Hailee Steinfeld) who largely have already jumped into more edgy, action-packed big paycheque projects. 

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I don’t think the genre will die out at all, but I don’t know if anything made any time soon will be able to match some of the purity and quality of older romcoms and lines like “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her,” (even though I kind of find that line very cringe).

What are your thoughts on romcoms over the years? Do you enjoy modern ones just as much as 90’s classics? Do you think the genre is dead or dying?

powerful and relevant performance gif.
My mom, rewatching Love Actually for the 1000th time

That’s all for now!


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Sneeze Count 2020

pikachu holding sneeze count 2020 on a sign
Pikachu or Pik-achoo?

Welcome everyone to my eighth year of counting sneezes! Luckily for me, sneezing is not a symptom of Coronavirus, so as long as I covered my mouth when I did it, no one had an issue with my above-average bodily function!

In case you’re new here and bewildered by my hobby, yes, it’s all real and true! You can catch up on my sneezy history in these blog posts: 2015201620172018, 2019.

Anyway, onto the 2020 sneeze count stats.

sneeze count 2020

With a grand total of 1713 sneezes in 2020, I did sneeze less than last year, but this is not my all-time lowest. Due to the way the weeks align (as I start week counts on Mondays) and the Leap Day, 2020’s count covers 371 days.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the pandemic when looking at these stats. There’s no guarantee or proof that it really affected that much in terms of my numbers, but I do know that I am prone to a sneeze or three when in sunlight, and due to the lockdowns, I didn’t go outside nearly as much this past year, so there’s a chance I’d have higher numbers because of that or because of perhaps not seeing friends with pets as much.

In other sneezy news, a thing I did this year was combine all my bar graphs into one mega sneeze count chart. Because I had years of data already made, it took me a while to find software that would let me import it all in the way I had it arranged, but I manage to find Venngage, and now I have this that I can add to every year!

all years of sneezing
Yes, it’s blurry. Sorry. I couldn’t zoom in any more or get it any clearer for free…

As always, thank you for putting up with my weird hobby once a year. In case you haven’t noticed by now, I do this all mostly to amuse myself, as I really do find these stats and graphs deeply fascinating, and I just love looking at all the years in one chart like this. But I know many of you also enjoy it so I’m happy to share, and I hope this brought a smile to your face, even if it may have likely been accompanied by an eye roll.

That’s all for now!


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Things I’m Grateful For In 2020

2020 was one hell of a year, but you already knew that. I think most of us felt loss this year, be it people or experiences or time or money, and I know it’s hard to find the good in any of that. That being said, I think because of this, it’s especially important to take time for gratitude, and I wanted to really highlight some things that I’m particularly grateful for this year.

Here's An Expression Of My Gratitude GIF.

  • I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m grateful to still live at home with my parents (and brother). Not having to stress about rent while also getting human interaction has been honestly great. Of course I still want to have that independence and feel like I can start my adult life on my own eventually, but 2020 was apparently a good year for me to not have that.
  • I’m grateful for my friends. From the ones who have me crying with laughter at midnight to the ones ready to support me when I’ve had a bad day to the ones just checking in once in a while, I’m grateful that there are good people in my life. 2020 reminded us all that even in the darkest times, you still need friends, and I’m glad I’ve been able to maintain and build those relationships even if we can’t be physically together.
    Internet keep in touch gif.
  • I’m grateful that we have unlimited internet in this house. I remember a few years ago when we’d have to be rationing data at the end of every month to get by. I don’t know how we would have survived this year without it, given that I am online for most of the day.
  • I’m grateful I graduated university when I did. I feel so bad for kids just starting school this year or kids like my brother who just graduated and have little prospects because of this pandemic. I’m not in a supremely better place in terms of life, but it could be worse. My life plans weren’t all that interrupted. 
  • I’m grateful for online games. I love games, and throughout the year I’ve been able to play many fun online games with many different people from the comfort and safety of our homes. The internet has once again proven to be a superb tool for connection, communication, and entertainment. If you have a favourite free online game, please recommend it in the comments!
  • I’m grateful the people around me aren’t complete idiots. I see America’s COVID-19 stats and I hear stories from people with morons for bosses, and I’m just so glad that I’m not anywhere near that. Like sure, do I have to constantly remind my grandmother to not cough into her hand, yeah, but otherwise, the people around me are accepting of science and facts and able to adjust to the safety restrictions for the most part.
    I have very little patience for stupidity gif.
  • Speaking of my grandmother, I’m glad she lives so close to us that she could still see us and come over for dinner almost every night throughout the pandemic. Even though she’s been a handful and is not loving the world’s situation (she told us living through the war as a child in Italy was better), I know my whole family is grateful we can be there for her and she’s not alone.

Take a moment or two to reflect on what you’re grateful for. It’ll be important to cherish these things as we go into 2021 and beyond. 

And as always, I’m grateful for my blog and my readers. That’s one thing I’ve never forgotten to be thankful for. I adore this outlet I have, and I’m always so glad to hear that I’ve amused you for a short time every week. 

thank you for following me gif.

That’s all for now!


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Monthly Look Ahead: December 2020

December is finally here. 2020 has been an absolute ride, and I know many will be pleased to see it go, but I do always like Decembers. So let’s enjoy this last month as much as we can. Here’s what I’m looking forward to. I’d love to know what you’re excited for as well!

monthly look ahead logo

  • On the 11th, Netflix will release a movie called The Prom. If you’re a theater fan, you probably are aware of this, but if not, here’s the deal: it’s a star-studded musical about a teenager’s prom dream and a handful of actors helping to make it happen. The show opened on Broadway in 2018 and closed in 2019. Honestly, this show is not my favourite musical, but of course I’m gonna watch! Plus, I think it’s really, really cool that a recent, original musical was made into a movie so soon and is being released on an accessible platform like Netflix. The clips I’ve seen look very energetic, so if you like musicals or Meryl Streep (because yes, she’s in it!) then give it a watch!
    First Look: The Prom on Netflix | Broadway Direct
  • And since we’re talking about musicals, I’m also looking forward to the NBC Best Of Broadway special airing on the 10th. It’ll be performances from a handful of shows currently on Broadway, and Tina Fey is hosting it. Since we got no Tonys this year, this will help fill in the gap.
  • Wonder Woman 1984 is getting a Christmas release online, and I’m excited. The movie was pushed several times because of the pandemic, and while I think it’d be more of an experience in a movie theater, I’m just glad I’ll be able to see it. It looks pretty good.

    Wonder Woman 1984 poster
    I adore this poster
  • Usually every December my mother and I make cookies and caramel popcorn. I may even be able to convince my father to make gingerbread cookies with me.

Christmas day will probably be quiet for us this year, which is too bad, but it’s what needs to happen to keep everyone safe. It sucks that this pandemic has taken so of this year and forced us to miss out on so much, but we have to stay vigilant.

That’s all for now!


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Everyone Cross Your Fingers For My Laptop

On Friday night my laptop decided to just stop charging. No amount of jiggling the plug or anything could get it going. And so it eventually ran out of power and died.

My father opened it up and tried to poke around, but he couldn’t get it working. And our neighbour, who is our usual go-to tech fixer is out of town for a few days which is so rude. How dare he abandon me in my time of need.

I’m offended by that gif.

I use my laptop a stupid lot. Like, we’re talking close to 11 hours a day. And while my mother has nicely allowed me to use hers, I feel bad hijacking it just to watch dumb YouTube videos, so I’m making do with my phone for the dumb stuff and only using her laptop for important stuff like Virtual Quidditch. It’s a good, humbling throwback to high school when I almost exclusively used my phone for internet needs.

But even in high school I did not blog on my phone. I always like doing ‘work’ of any kind on a larger screen, even if WordPress has made blogging fairly doable on mobile. That being said, this post was fully written, edited, and published from my phone. So if it looks weirder than other posts, you know why. I think WordPress should spent less time forcing block editors at us and more time making sure mobile editors have all the features we need because I already know editing text colour will be a pain here. (Update: after an hour of playing around with code, I cracked and edited the text colour on the old family laptop. Get it together, WordPress).

But what’s a little more suffering? 2020 has and surely will continue to be a hellish year, so a busted laptop is really just par for the course.

 Oprah shrug gif.

I know we have other old laptops somewhere in the house too, so I’ll probably go dig one of those up to also use in the meantime. I hope mine is fixable. I have hard drive backups so I’m not too worried about the stuff on it, but I really don’t want to have to buy a new one and adjust to it.

So that’s what’s up with me. I like doing update posts, but lately I don’t really have anything worth sharing. What’s going on in your life?


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