Monthly Look Ahead: October 2017

Time for pumpkin spiced everything and overpriced candy in stores because it’s October! September was pretty warm and while the forecast was calling for a mild October, that’s still cold for me. And then, of course, there’s Halloween. As I’ve stated before in blog posts, I don’t really care for Halloween aside from pumpkin seeds. And I’ve got a project due that day. But there are a few things happening this month that have got me ready to embrace it with moderately open arms, and here’s what they are.

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  • Fall reading week 2017! I was about ready for a break a week into this school semester and I guarantee I’ll be even more ready in a few weeks. Thanksgiving and reading week will be much appreciated.
  • More TV shows! Half my shows came back last month, but the other half start this month. Returning to my small screen in October are Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Riverdale, Blindspot, and The Middle.
  • Apparently, PBS is airing full musicals on TV on Fridays, which is really cool! She Loves Me and Falsettos are just two of the handful of shows that will air, according to this. My little TV does manage to pick up PBS so hopefully I can watch them that way, or stream them online if I can’t. Either way, free pro-shot musicals. Yay. (Even though I didn’t love Falsettos…)
  • I am hoping some of my novel’s beta readers finish their read this month and give me some feedback. As busy as I am and as much as I complained about editing, I do kind of miss working on my story. I spent so much of my summer on it, I’m kind of itching to go back. If any of you beta readers are reading this, no pressure, take your time, of course, but just know that I am very eager to hear your thoughts!
a hedgehog in leaves
This is cute. Happy Fall!

Well, that’s about it. Kind of a quiet month. Fun times, right? What’s your spooky month consist of? Make an MLA post and let me and your followers know!


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Monthly Look Ahead: September 2017

Who allowed it to be September, because I sure didn’t? I am appalled that I am a few days away from being back at school. Where has my summer gone? I went swimming once. ONCE, you guys. But I guess if I have to accept this new month into my life, I should embrace all the goodness that comes with it. Here’s what’s looking good this September.

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  • A fresh new schedule. Going back to school for the last time meaning I’m back in classes, back on my own, back to business. I do enjoy the first few weeks of school.
  • Back to Quidditch. I was very inactive this past summer, so I am looking forward to hitting the pitch again and getting even a little exercise, and especially now when it’s still kind of warm outside.
  • I’m getting Invisaligne braces put in. I don’t know how exciting this is, as it’s a lot more work on my part, but I’m hoping that it’ll fix up my teeth’s crowding and minimize the damage I apparently do to myself in my sleep. Have any of you had them?
  • This isn’t confirmed yet, but I am planning on volunteering at my local Wordcamp again. Last year I had a good time, so I figured, why not do it again?
  • The sequel to Kingsman called Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out on the 22nd. The first movie was great, so I think I’ll make a trip out to the movies to see this new one.
    kingsman 2 logo
  • Marvel’s newest cinematic endeavour, The Inhumans, is out this month. It’s a TV show, but the first two episodes are being shown in IMAX theaters before the rest of the show airs on TV on the 29th. I gotta say, this is the least excited I’ve been for a Marvel project in a while, so I may not be first in line to see this in theaters, but I will give the TV show a chance at the very least.
  • As for other brand new TV shows, there’s nothing too exciting coming this fall. I’m considering watching The Mayor and Ghosted but I am not overcome with anticipation, so we’ll see.
  • I’m more excited for returning TV shows. Returning to me in September are: The Good Place, Superstore, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, This Is Us, and Mr. D.
  • Shania Twain’s new album is out at the end of the month. I loved the first single and I’m just so happy she’s back making music.

So that’s how my September is looking. I’m guessing a lot of you are going back to school too. Are you excited? Or are you more excited for fall TV, like I am? Make your own MLA post and share the goodness! I’d love to read and I’d love to see more people spreading the positivity by participating in this blogging feature.

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Monthly Look Ahead: August 2017

The last month of summer is upon us. Summer has flown by, and it’s weird to think that this may be my last ‘summer’ as after this upcoming school year, I’m graduating and hopefully finding full time work. But let’s not stress out about that now. Let’s instead look at the fun things I’ve got going on in August. There’s not a lot, but there never is.

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  • Of course my number one is The Defenders, hitting Netflix on the 18th. I’m done work by then so I have nothing stopping me from waking up at 3am to watch it. I can’t wait to see the four heroes team up and fight together because I’m sure their dynamic is going to be hilarious. I’m also very excited to see all the secondary characters. I’ve missed Trish and Foggy and Claire. I hope we see a lot of them.
    Defenders black and white poster
  • The band Neon Trees announced last week that they are back and that in early August (like, in the next few days) we’ll be getting a taste of their new music. I loved their last album, Pop Psychology, so I’m hoping their new music is just as good.
  • I finish my work term in the middle of the month. Though I wouldn’t complain if I worked for a bit longer (mo’ money), I guess it would be good to relax for a few weeks before school starts up. Maybe finish my novel editing before I get others to read it.

So that’s it. Not an exciting month at all. I was supposed to also be going to New York state for a weekend away, but I don’t think that’s happening for me, so…I’ll just be at home, taking in the last of summer in front of the TV, like usual. I know I got a great job over the summer that I am grateful for, but I do wish I had done something fun this summer, gone somewhere exciting, even for a few days. Summer 2017 did not impress. But I’ll stop being bitter now. I have a whole month with essentially no plans, so who knows what may happen! There, that’s positive!

Hopefully you’ve got exciting plans for August? Let me know in your own MLA post!

That’s all for now!

P.S. I’m still looking for a fall internship, so please pray for me, y’all. I need them good vibes.


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Monthly Look Ahead: July 2017

Well, it’s summer now! Can you believe it? I can’t. June flew by, and I don’t say that about months often. But I’m not upset about July’s arrival. I love the sunshine, and I have some fun things coming up. As always, you are more than welcomed to use the below graphic and write your own MLA post.

monthly look ahead

  • July 1st is Canada Day. I wrote a whole post about this special year for Canada (which you should check out), but I do have plans for the day. For the past five or six years, I’ve been accompanying my best friend and her family to a little party. There’s food, live music at a local park, fireworks, and fun. It’s always a great day.
  • Spider-Man Homecoming is out on July 7th. While I liked this new Spider-Man’s presence in Civil War, I was a little hesitant about a new solo movie. But the trailers look good, and there are apparently some cool surprises in it, so I will definitely be hitting up a theater to see it at some point.

Image result for spider man homecoming

  • For my birthday last month, my parents got me tickets to see a local production of Mamma Mia and I am so excited. Mamma Mia is my number one favourite musical. I saw it live ages ago when I was really young so I don’t really remember that, but I’ve seen and worshipped the movie so many times.
  • My mom’s cousin is getting married so we’re going to the wedding. I just hope the music is good.
  • Since getting a summer job, I’ve taken a (much needed) break from applying to things, but this month I have to start applying for internships because in September I am taking an internship course. There are a couple places I already know of that would be a dream to intern at, so cross your fingers for me.

It rained basically every other day in June, so here’s hoping my July is sunny and bright. Here’s hoping yours is too. Here’s hoping July is the ideal, satisfying, relaxing month I think we all need.


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Monthly Look Ahead: June 2017

We’re almost halfway through the year and that is WILD. But summer is upon us and who doesn’t love the sunshine and warmth? June is a nice month and there are some exciting things coming. Here is my Monthly Look Ahead.

monthly look ahead

  • Wonder Woman on June 2nd! I’m so excited for this movie because my girl Diana was the best part of Batman V Superman and I’m hearing great things about Wonder Woman. Not to mention that it’s the first solo female superhero movie in this new age (because we as a society have agreed to just never talk about Electra and Catwoman). DC movies have never really impressed me (or anyone) so I hope Wonder Woman changes that up.
    Image result for wonder woman posterShania Twain is FINALLY releasing new music. It’s been several years (like, seven I think?) since her last single and several more years since an album, so I am very much looking forward to new music, and luckily for me, her first new single called ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ is coming out this month. I don’t know what date for sure but I am so excited. I saw her in concert two years ago. She’s so amazing
  • My birthday! Ya girl’s turning 21! In Canada, turning 21 means nothing because I can already drink and vote and drive, but I think it is a cool milestone either way. June 16th is the day!
  • The Tony Awards on June 11th. I’m in Canada so I can’t afford to see Broadway shows live in New York, so the Tonys are a nice way for me to get to see songs from shows before I go find bootlegs.
  • There’s a band called Jim And The Povolos that fans of Team Starkid should know of and they’ve got a new album called Make Party coming out on June 16th. It’s been a few years since they’ve released a full album so I’m looking forward to this for sure.
  • Hollywood Game Night, a fun TV game show is returning for its fifth season on the 22nd. I’m so glad this show is airing in the summer rather than during regular season.

Image result for hollywood game night

  • Unreal‘s third season should be starting this month but they haven’t announced the premiere date yet (what slackers!). This is the only scripted show I watch in the summer and it’s always so dramatic, so I’m looking forward to it.
  • I’m going with my parents and family friends to see the musical Strictly Ballroom. I don’t know anything about it, but it’s a musical with fun dancing so I am excited. Have any of you seen it?
  • I have finished the first draft of my novel(!) so June will be the month of editing, and I am kind of looking forward to it and also not looking forward to that at all because I know how tedious editing can be and I know I have a lot to rewrite and fix.


And that’s my June. I’m also still jobless so this month will be the month where I decide what I do all summer. Luckily, no matter how that turns out, I’ll have the above things to look forward to. What’s going on in your June? Make your own MLA post and let me know!


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