Monthly Look Ahead: October 2022

Welcome to the spookiest month of the year and the start of the last quarter of 2022. Fall is here, and soon shall also be these things that I am looking excitedly forward to:

monthly look ahead updated image.

  • Curling is back! It’s always so fun to hit the ice again and see everyone after the summer break. This year I’m also helping out with one of the leagues’ communications, so that’ll be a fun challenge.
  • Halloween isn’t a holiday I particularly love, but a friend has a birthday on that day, so there’ll be a party I hope to attend. My boyfriend and I have a cute couple’s costume planned!
  • And on the day we plan to put together said cute couple’s costume, my boyfriend and I are going to a local Halloween/fall fair event with a lights show, so that should be fun.
  • After seeing trailers for literal years, Black Adam is finally coming to theaters on the 21st…unless DC/Warner throws another curve at us. I hope the wait is worth it.
    Black Adam poster.

So that’s my October. What’s going on in yours? Make your own MLA post and let me know!

That’s all for now!


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: October 2022

  1. Great post!

    Besides a few books I’m hoping to finish reading / read, the only other thing that I’m looking forward to in October are all of the new musicals coming to Broadway. & Juliet starts at the end of October, and it looks so good!

    • &Juliet was here in Toronto this past summer and I heard great things, but they jacked up ticket prices before it left, so I never went to see it! I hope you like it, though! I’ll see it one day!

  2. I have never curled? is that the word? I have never done ice curling before. Is this mostly a winter thing? I’m trying to find another winter activity to do and was considering taking up snow shoeing.

    • Yes, it’s very much a winter sport that I highly recommend! There are beginner and social leagues that are perfect for those who only want a bit of competition and a lot of fun. I’d start looking into it now if you’re seriously interested, as a lot of clubs start back up again this month!

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