I Have No Traditions

On Facebook recently I saw some pictures of a trip a friend’s family went on. Every year, they and their other family friends go to the same place, and there are pictures of the kids literally growing up together over the years there. It looks like such a fun tradition that everyone is passionate about.

My family, on the other hand, has nothing. I was thinking about it, and we really have no traditions. We used to have some small traditions. A neighbour used to host New Year’s Eve party and a Labour Day BBQ, but those haven’t happened in years because the kids grew up and got busy. We used to see my mom’s relatives at Christmas, and then go to my paternal grandparents’ sometime in the following days, but both of those changed when we were teens due to shifts in the families. My dad’s university friends and the families get together every summer for a weekend and they were fun, but the offspring don’t usually go anymore. All that still remains is that my mom and I bake cookies near Christmas, and even that isn’t long-standing.

That's Just Sad GIF.

It also doesn’t help that I have no culture. That was something I could never really fully understand when hearing POC talk about their experiences and how much they value culture because I have none of it, yet really didn’t feel like I was missing out. It was all I’ve ever known. I’m half Italian, and we do literally nothing about it except maybe eat pasta more than the average family. On the other side, I’m vaguely and distantly Irish, and that has never once meant anything. So yeah, being White doesn’t help, but the truth is, my family is just boring.

Very Boring gif.

I don’t even have traditions with friends. I am my best friend’s plus one to a Canada Day BBQ her family gets invited to, but that’s about it. I went camping with some friends in July and we said “We should do this again next summer!” so we’ll see if anything comes of that.

As I grow up and do my own thing more and more, it’s kind of sad that I don’t have long-standing, special traditions or events to bring me back and reconnect me to my roots. Should I have a family of my own one day, I have nothing to pass on.

…Yet, at least. Just because I don’t have traditions from childhood and a small circle of unsentimental friends, doesn’t mean new traditions can’t be made as an adult. I am open to suggestions. I’d love to hear what traditions (family or otherwise) you have and love.

New Holiday Tradition GIF.
Me to everyone I know

That’s all for now.


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7 thoughts on “I Have No Traditions

  1. I’m obsessed with clothes traditions !
    I wear the same shirt or outfit to certain events. I have been wearing the same green shirt to Shamrock spiel for 10 years. When I go camping I wear the same outfit I have been for the last 20 years.
    When I go to a Skye Wallace concert I wear the same “Skye Wallace is my Uncle” shirt.
    I have a r shirt the a friend gave me that I have to take when travelling and I wear it and send her a picture. So she has a picture of me wearing this shirt from all over the world.
    So that is my whacky tradition.

  2. Do you have any favorite authors? Lots of fans of popular authors (like JRR Tolkein, Douglas Adams, and Diana Wynne Jones, just as a start) have little celebrations in certain months or on the same day annually, that represent something from their books. There are similar traditions for fans of the same comics — without having to go to expensive, crowded conventions! You could also check out one of those calendars, “National Have a Donut Day,” etc., and find a few that you really want to engage in, and see if it’s something you’d like to mark on your schedule for the next year.

  3. You could get together with friends once a month or a quarter and go see a musical or movie or play cards together. Now that my kids are older, I’m able to do more of those things. I also like hiking. I get together with my friends as often as I can to hike. 🙂

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