Monthly Look Ahead: August 2022

Well, here we are: deep into the hot, hot summer. Yeah, crops are drying out, but at least we’ve had good weather on weekends and the forecast says it won’t end soon. Here’s what my August will consist of, and I’d love to know what plans you have too!

monthly look ahead updated image.

  • My boyfriend and I are going proper stargazing. We’ve been wanting to do it for ages, so we’re going out of town and making it happen.
  • There’s a series of animated shorts coming out all about everyone’s favourite tree, Groot. I love Baby Groot, so though these seem pretty irrelevant to the MCU as a whole, I will definitely be watching I Am Groot. I just hope these aren’t too goofy.
    I Am Groot poster.
  • Also in Marvel news is the new show She-Hulk starting on the 17th. Anyone whose seen the trailer knows the CGI is not outstanding, but I’m hoping that I’ll get lost in the story and not even notice the effects. The plot does seem interesting, and I like that Hulk will be in it too.
  • There’s a big fair in Toronto called the Exhibition that happens at the end of every summer, and it’s finally back after two years of being cancelled. I’ve only gone once before but had a great time, so I’m looking forward to going again this year.
  • There’s a musical called 13 that’ll be out on Netflix on the 12th. I’ve heard of the show, but know nothing about it except that it’s about kids and the music is all by Jason Robert Brown, who also wrote The Last Five Years. I love The Last Five Years, so that alone plus the fact that it’s a musical–and I am not one to turn down opportunities to see musicals–means I will definitely be checking this out.

I have a feeling August is going to fly by. Summer certainly has so far. As long as I have good weather for the times I want to be outside, that’s fine. May you also have good weather too.

That’s all for now!


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5 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: August 2022

  1. I hope August goes as you planned. I’m excited to see I Am Groot, since Groot is my only favourite character from GOTG. I’m excited about She-Hulk too, it seems interesting.

  2. Great post!

    I am such a fan of Jason Robert Brown! I saw the film adaptation of The Last Five Years. Really thought the production of the show that played at Second Stage a few years ago would have transferred to Broadway, but unfortunately for me that never happened. So I still have yet to see that show on stage. You should check out his music from the stage productions of The Bridges of Madison County and Honeymoon In Vegas. Great scores!

    • I knew he did Honeymoon In Vegas and that’s been on my list of shows to check out for years. Thanks for the reminder! I thought the film adaptation of TL5Y was great as long as viewers knew what was going on.

      • Oh, I hope you get to see Honeymoon In Vegas at some point because it is such a wonderful show! I was so sad when it closed because it definitely deserved a longer run on Broadway.

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