6 Things In The Face Of Disappointment

Everyone has experienced disappointment in their life at one point or another. It’s a weird emotion, this awful mix of being sad and mad and tired. And it weighs on you. I know because I felt it recently.

As we all know from our own lives, there’s no quick fix to disappointment and all the distractions in the world can’t make that weight disappear. But here are 6 things I thought about and did that really helped me deal with my disappointing situation.

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  1. Consider your role.
    It’s really easy to direct some of your negative feelings onto yourself. And if you’re like me, you don’t hold back. Maybe you think you deserve it or didn’t do enough to stop it/change it and therefore must accept it. And maybe that’s partly true. Either way, knowing your role in the situation and knowing your worth can help you come to terms with your disappointment and move through it. It can help you sort out how you feel and how to perhaps better direct those feelings.
  2. Count your blessings (or some similar non-denominational sentiment).
    No matter what it was that brought on the disappointment and as consuming as it is in that moment, you’re not left with nothing. Try to focus on nice things, valuable people, or positive outcomes specific to the situation. Not only will this take your mind off of the disappointment a little, but it’s good practice and a good reminder of what’s important in your life, even on a normal day.
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  3. “Suspense is worse than disappointment.” 
    This quote by writer Robert Burns is true. Disappointment is an answer, though not an ideal one. But it allows you to begin to take action, to learn from what happened, and to grow. It’s a spark, and you can now choose what you do with the fire.
  4. Feel what you need to feel.
    Disappointment is a lot to feel, and you can’t push it down forever, so don’t try to. No one likes to cry, but sometimes you just need to do it and move on. Take some time to let it all out and get the pent up negative emotions out of your body. It’s not unproductive.
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  5. Sleep it off.
    All the emotions tied to disappointment are easier to feel the next day. The initial surprise is gone and you’re not so caught up in it. You go to sleep and wake up and all of the sudden it’s yesterday’s issue because you’ve got a new day to focus on. The disappointment won’t be fully gone, but it won’t be as consuming.
  6. Disappointment means you care.
    What’s life without love? Or at least a mild positive inclination? Part of being human is to live our best lives, and our best lives come from passion and love and care. If you have none of that and you never attach yourself to anything or anyone, you may be able to avoid disappointment, but you’d also be missing out on so much. I think we’re never wrong for caring, even if there are low points that can come with it.

Sometimes you expect disappointment, and sometimes you can prepare for it. I like to think I’m a pretty realistic person and am good at managing expectations enough to protect myself from unnecessary pain, but I managed to get slapped sideways by disappointment and it sucked.

Life goes on and I know there’ll be much more disappointment to face. But this is a post that I wish I had and I wrote it so I have something to refer back to when I’m in a situation like that again.

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That’s all for now!


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