Why Did I Stop Reading Books?

In 2021, I read a grand total of zero books. Not a single one.

Big fat zero gif.

Growing up, I always teased my father for never reading. My mom reads a lot and I used to read a lot as a kid and teenager, but the only book my father has read in the last two decades was probably mine. Only now, I don’t have a leg to stand on in the teasing. In the last few years, my reading just tanked. I have a friend proudly announcing that she hit 100 books last year. She makes time for it. I do not.

Why have I done this to myself? Instead of getting into bed early and doing some reading like a normal person, I crawl to bed too late all the time, and if I do have some time, I play Mario Kart or scroll social media.

In Bed On Phone GIF.

I’d be lying if I said it’s because I don’t have time. I do have time. I just choose to do other things. I choose to hang out with friends virtually. I choose to watch dumb YouTube videos and scroll Tumblr. I choose to play video games. I choose to do just about anything else than read. I just can’t seem to force myself into it.

It’s like my attention span for reading is gone, and before any boomers come at me, it’s not because I’ve trained myself to only pay attention to six seconds of content. It’s just that I guess the act of jumping into a whole new story that I have to learn and forcing myself to do the work of progressing just doesn’t appeal to me, and the benefits of reading don’t outweigh that hurdle the way it used to for me.

I've Changed GIF.

There are books I want to read, too. I have every intention of reading, and then I just don’t. My best friend’s mom lent me a book over a year ago because she thought I’d like it. I told her I don’t read much, but she insisted I take it. I haven’t even started it. Last month, I knew I had three hours of train rides ahead of me so I brought the book with me and intended to read it. I just didn’t. I sat and looked out the window and listened to music I’ve heard a thousand times and just couldn’t bring myself to pull out the book and start it.

My goal for 2022 is to return the book to her having read it. Is it sad that that’s my goal? Maybe. In fairness, the book is pretty hefty. Think Order Of The Pheonix size.

 I can do this gif.

I used to read so much. Maybe one day I’ll get back to that lifestyle. I’d like to. This is the point in the blog post where I’d ask for book suggestions or something, but please don’t tell me those because I assure you, I won’t read them.


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11 thoughts on “Why Did I Stop Reading Books?

  1. It’s as if I wrote this blog. Karen B lent me a book over a year ago. I read the first 2 chapters and haven’t touched it since. I 😘 ve reading, I probably read Harry Potter five times, the Rangers Apprentice series and many more. I just don’t feel like reading these days. But, I just ordered someone’s book on Amazon, so my goal for this year is to read it and give you my honest synopsis ( I’m sure you can’t wait lol ) then finish Karen’s book and return it to her. You have motivated me.

    But I will not , in any way, be counting my sneezes. I will leave that for you.

    • Here’s a sentiment you may appreciate given your profession: I only accept critiques of my book when I’m drunk. On a related note, I don’t get drunk too much in a pandemic lol

      I’m glad I can be of some motivation to read, though. Getting lost in a book, even one for kids, is a great feeling. It’s been a while since I reread Harry Potter…maybe I should try that to get me back in to the routine.

  2. What book is it? Now I’m curious since you said it’s big 👀 Good luck with your goal regardless! Reading take a lot of mental energy even when it’s a good book. I have to force myself to put my phone away regularly even if I’m reading something I genuinely really enjoy. (I’m sitting here typing this comment while I’m at lunch with my Kindle on in front of me…case in point.)

  3. I don’t read books either, and any books I force myself to read are self-help books. I stopped reading self-help books in 2019 and last year, I stopped buying books altogether. I don’t read fiction books because they are a colossal waste of time. Even Harry Potter – I just don’t get the hype and why Millennials are so obsessed with Harry Potter. I’ve only read the first book in elementary school and have watched the movies only because my husband watches reruns. Tbh, it’s boring and I much rather play Mario Kart!

  4. Reading has been my saving grace throughout this pandemic. It’s my escape and allows me to travel somewhere new and experience different adventures outside of my predictable and now stifled life. It allows me to meet different people with different life experiences and maybe broaden my thoughts by understanding different points of view.
    I urge you to try it sooner than later. Choose it over social media and video games for a little bit everyday.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading in such a way and during such /uncertain/ times! I’m sure the authors you read would be so pleased to know how much reading has helped you!

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