Sneeze Count 2021

Ted Lasso pointing to the 2021 sneeze count.
Ted Lasso was a big part of 2021 for me. Love him.

Hello and welcome to my ninth year of counting sneezes (and my seventh year of documenting it on my blog. See past years here: 20152016201720182019, 2020). This silly hobby of mine is always a pleasure to share because it’s so silly. I’m proud that I’ve kept at it for so long and I always look forward to the day when my count year ends and I can crunch the numbers. These posts don’t do too well on my blog, but I’ll keep posting them because I want everyone to know just how dedicated I am to this.

So here’s what my sneezing was like in 2021:

My 2021 sneeze count bar graph.

For the first time in three years, my sneezing has gone up by a couple hundred to get me to a total of 1910 for the year. It’s nowhere near where I have been in past years, but that’s fine.

There are no huge surprises this year. That one big week in September is due solely to one day where I visited my best friend who has two big dogs. What was I going to do? Not pet them? Of course not. I love them, though I suffer for it.

2021 was also a full year of the pandemic, though in Canada things got fairly calm in the summer, meaning I was able to leave my house and see people more than last year. That being said, I also worked all year, and my ‘office’ is my bedroom, so I spent the majority of my time in a space that probably should have been dusted more than it was. I don’t know if that contributed too much to my sneezing, or if my lack of outdoor time lessened it, but it’s something to consider. Given that we’re starting 2022 back in lockdown, it’ll be interesting to see next year if there are patterns as I have a feeling my year will be similar.

Not that it was ever in question, but I can safely say that two Moderna COVID vaccines do not affect sneezing. In case any scientists were wondering.

I also added to my mega chart so you can see all nine years in one (blurry, sorry!) graph.

A bar graph of all years of my sneeze counting.

Anyway, that’s all I have to report this year. A solid sneezy year, and now I’m on to my tenth(!) year of counting, so stick around to see that data! Otherwise, thank you for checking out my 2021 stats and I hope I amused you enough.

That’s all for now!


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