My Favourite Fictional Cats

I watched The Mummy trilogy for the first time recently, and that scene in the first movie where they use a cat to scare off the Mummy had me thinking about how Carol did the same thing in Captain Marvel, and that got me thinking about Goose and other great cats from media. So here we are. I love cats and there have been some great ones in movies and TV, so here’s me talking about ones I like because I want to.

  • Goose (from Captain Marvel) – Goose makes this list even though he is not technically a cat. He was just a fun addition to the movie. Using him to ward off the Skrull, his relationship with Fury, and the eventual reveal of his species was just plain fun. I had this picture as my phone lock screen for over a year.
    Captain Marvel Goose poster.
  • Salem (from Sabrina The Teenage Witch) – Salem from the Melissa Joan Hart TV show was great. Sassy, chatty, funny, and just a great character, despite looking very much like a fake cat on a TV show that did not have a budget to do better. They did not do the legacy of this cat justice in the gritty Netflix version.
    Salem the cat gif.
  • Hobbes (from Calvin And Hobbes) – I grew up reading these comics before I even had the brain to comprehend most of what I was reading. Hobbes is a genuine ride or die friend, and his adventures with Calvin were and still are always a delight to read. He’s also wonderfully complex, sometimes being wise and thoughtful while also sometimes being just a furry goofball with a one-track mind.
    A Calvin and Hobbes comic.
  • Lord Tubbington (from Glee) – Brittany’s fat cat started as just a funny gag that I adored when it was sprinkled in. I wish the show kept it as just a mild gag rather than leaning into the absurdity of him a little too much in later seasons, but goodness knows there were bigger issues plaguing Glee. Anyway, I think fondly about Lord Tubbington and the Fondue For Two theme plays in my head often.
    Lord Tubbington being kissed gif.
  • Cheshire Cat (from Alice In Wonderland) – I never really watch the animated version of the story, but I really liked the live-action movie, and in particular, I really liked Chesh. The animated cat was creepy, but this live-action cat was a perfect mix of cute and creepy and worked so well with the slightly cyberpunk world of the movie.
    Cheshire Cat GIF.
  • Mooch (from Mutts) – Mutts is an adorable comic that I enjoy reading in the newspaper. One main character, Mooch, is a cute, adventurous cat with a slight speech impediment that makes him even more adorable. His favourite toy is a pink sock, and I love when that sock appears in the comics.
    Mooch and the Little Pink Sock comic.
  • Puss In Boots (from Shrek 2) – I was a kid when Shrek was in its heyday. I remember when Puss was introduced in the second movie, perfectly appealing to kids and adults watching. Those big, cute cat eyes contrasting the sword and fighting words made for a hilarious character that remains iconic even years later.
    Puss in boots gif.
  • Skitty (from Pokemon) – There are many cat Pokemon, and Skitty isn’t even the most known one (that’s Meowth), but look at this thing!!! Adorable!!! I would die for it!!!
    Skitty Pokemon Gif.

Lastly, here are some honourable mentions to cats I never really connected with in a meaningful way but I respect: Tigger, Pink Panther, Garfield, the Cowardly Lion, and Sylvester.

I know there are some other great fictional felines out there, so let me know which ones you enjoy!


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