Losing The Self-Promo Mojo

When it comes to blogging, writing the posts is one thing, and promoting/sharing them is another. These days, it’s highly suggested to put a lot of effort into both if you want to succeed. You can’t just write to get it out, you really have to be smart about how you market it.

When I publish a post, it automatically goes to Tumblr, but I manually post it to Facebook and Twitter so I can customize the message for those platforms. I also try to retweet and pin said tweet a few days later in case people missed it the first time, but I often forget to do that, and you can’t schedule retweets on Hootsuite. Otherwise, that’s it. Once in a while, if I can think of an older post that would be relevant to share again on Twitter, I sometimes share that. I should do that more, but as you can tell from the title of this post, I really think I’ve lost the self-promo mojo.

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There are people who promote their posts 10+ times a day every day on social media and people who share their posts in every Facebook group they’re in and people who use every blogging hashtag in the book. And aside from some of this stuff being actually annoying to followers, it’s also so time-consuming. I can’t bring myself to do that. Even if I did, because I don’t have a lot of social media followers, I doubt my numbers would go up that much.

Furthermore, I also used to go through a few WordPress tags every single day and a few Twitter tags once a week, and even that has gotten reduced to a few times a month. I’m just not finding a lot of things I’m interested in reading or following, and I’m well aware that I kind of suck at interacting (though I do try to be better…sometimes).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I miss the WordPress Community Pool. It was so fun and easy to do the self-promoting in that one place while helping others out at the same time. In the Pool, there were a lot of hobby bloggers too, whereas on Twitter I find a lot more job/serious bloggers, which of course ties into why they promote so much more, but still.

we had a good thing and you let it fall apart gif.
Me thinking about the Community Pool and its sudden end

I kind of dislike how blogging has turned into such a production that you need several social media accounts and hours of time and a knack for interacting and strong self-confidence in order to blog. One should be able to write and publish and do some light networking without it being a second full time job or uncomfortable. No one’s forcing this on us, but the nature of the blogosphere has certainly changed a lot to this way as the suggested norm for success. And I’m someone who went to school for marketing and writing, so this is literally my passion, but that doesn’t mean it’s always pleasant, especially when you’re a one-man-show just kind of promoting yourself all the time.

I’m sure this is a phase I’ll get over (soon?), but it’s just something that I’m going through, whether you can tell or not from my Twitter activity, and I’d bet that it’s something that others have felt at some point too. If you have tips to help, that’d be nice.

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5 thoughts on “Losing The Self-Promo Mojo

  1. I hate the promotion part. I have my posts feed directly to Facebook and Twitter. I’ve noticed my Facebook page isn’t drawing the eyes it used to do I share posts to my personal page as well. I do try to post older stuff in Twitter when it’s relevant but I feel like I just annoy people when I share posts. I need to be better at Twitter in general. I’m also terrible at integrating with other blog posts

  2. You nailed it on why losing the Community Pool sucks. I’m impressed that so many people can still have moneymaking blogs these days, especially because (to me?) it seems like if you want to make money as a blogger you should have started like in the early 00s when blogging was just becoming profitable. But there are so many people for whom blogging is just a hobby and I like connecting with those people most, but they’re harder to find these days.

  3. I love all of your posts but this subject is particularly interesting. I don’t think that WordPress does enough to promote and/or recommend other bloggers (when compared to Instagram for example) however with my blog I’ve noticed something that you might want to consider…

    I do not have many “followers” or garner that many “likes” but my readership continues to grow year on year and that despite posting less content. I think the value of WordPress is over a period of time, it takes more to read and engage in our type of online content.

    Your blog is amazing, keep at it and I wish you continued success.

    • I’m glad your readership is growing! Having dedicated people is better than numbers.
      I think it’d be super interesting to see WordPress have a promotion algorithm as good as Instagram’s. Could really make the Reader more useful as I feel like most people turn to social media for finding new blogs to read and follow these days.

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