I Love Jeans!!!

Jeans are the best. I will go to my grave proclaiming my love for jeans. I wear jeans just about every day. Even when I had to ‘dress’ up for work, a lot of the time I was just wearing black jeans. Love them. 10/10.

jean hearts gif.

Jeans often get a bad rap, though, and I don’t know why. I mean, what do we look for in our pants? Comfort, fit, style.

I find jeans super comfortable. If you don’t, you’re probably wearing a wrong pair.

In terms of fit, jeans have a wide variety of them. There’s skinny jeans, wider jeans, flared jeans, boot cut jeans, boyfriend jeans, high-waisted jeans, and more. Not to mention shorts (jorts, if you will) and denim overalls. There is surely a fit out there that’s perfect for your body and your desired look. All genders look good in them, you can dress them up or down, and they’re a lot more socially acceptable than sweatpants or khakis.

Which brings us to style. Listen, I know jeans aren’t viewed as a luxurious, fancy product, but to me, jeans are perfectly stylish. I really like that they go with everything. T-shirts? Tank tops? Sweaters? Jackets? All hell yes. I never have to worry about clashing colours or patterns because jeans, blue or black, just go perfectly with any top. It’s so great to get dressed with minimal effort while still looking put together. I’m no fashion icon, but I never look sloppy or bad in jeans. Of course jeans aren’t a substitute for a cocktail dress or prom attire, but in terms of everyday life, they’re perfect.

a variety of shirts with jeans.
Wow look at all these shirt (and shoe!) styles that all work with jeans!!!!!!

It’s time to end this “no jeans” rule that a lot of places like restaurants or my beloved curling clubs have (I’m not saying I want to curl in jeans, I don’t think they’re good for that, but people should be allowed to if they want to, or even just exist in the building wearing them).

Another benefit to jeans is that they’re thick/heavy enough to keep me warm (I’m Canadian, of course this is a concern!) and not roll up my leg, exposing my ankles/calves uncomfortably. 

I just really love jeans. I can’t see myself ever not wearing jeans, because I don’t know what would replace them. I don’t like leggings, I’m not a frequent skirt/dress wearer (though I do have a denim skirt!), and I think sweatpants are too casual and basic looking. I’m not a huge fan of some jean styles like wide jeans or high wasted ‘Mom jeans’ but I’d rather wear them than sweatpants almost any day.

Mom Jeans GIF.

So shoutout to jeans and jean lovers. This one’s for you. 


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12 thoughts on “I Love Jeans!!!

  1. I get all my pairs of jeans at American Eagle. It’s been my place for years now to find comfortable jeans. What are you supposed to wear curling btw? I saw that you mentioned your curling clubs don’t allow for jeans.

    • When I curl I wear athletic pants that are like cross between yoga pants and sweatpants. Most people wear some type of stretchy pant since curling involves sliding/getting low to the ground.
      Honestly, my curling club does allow jeans in the sense that no one’s gonna send you home (we’re not as bougie lol) but it’s just one of those things like in churches or some restaurants where it’s an older rule that could be frowned upon and some places probably do take seriously.

    • That’s valid! I personally need to get out of pajamas in order to feel ready for productivity, but there have certainly been a lot of days where I’m just not in the mood to change!

  2. I am a great fan of denims too! I have a wide range of collection of all sorts of them! Starting from the normal ones,I have a lot of ripped ones,bell bottom jeans,mom fit jeans etc.
    Jean is never going to go out of fashion plus they are super comfy too! So just stack as many jeans as you can!!!!

    • Hell yeah! While certain fits certainly have gone out of style in terms of general popularity, I still find most of them more attractive than a lot of stuff that is in style.

  3. Haha I respect your love of jeans! If you’re comfortable in them and make you happy, that’s great! Unfortunately, I can’t relate. Maybe it’s as you said – maybe I’ve just never had the right pair? You mentioned curling in this post so I’m obligated to mention that I have curling on the TV in front of me right now lol

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