Monthly Look Ahead: February 2021

Well, we’re one month into 2021, and I found it to be pretty good, all things considered. Maybe February will be decent too. I don’t have much going on, but maybe some calmness is okay. I’d rather have nothing going on than a month of chaos and ruined plans.

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  • More Arrowverse shows are back/starting this month. The final season of Black Lightning begins on the 8th, which I’ll see to the end even though I’m not a huge fan of the show overall, and Superman And Lois starts its first season on the 23rd. I also don’t have high hopes for this, but it’s something to watch on my lunch breaks, and maybe it’ll be delightful like Smallville.
  • It’s not confirmed, but it’s rumored that the new Among Us map will be out this month. There’s no date other than “early 2021”, but a few sites I read said they’re thinking February. Of course, the last time I did a ‘this thing should be happening this month’ in an MLA post, it did not happen that month, so who knows.
  • A musical that I adore, Hadestown, has a new behind-the-scenes book called Working On A Song that I was immediately interested in when I heard of its existence. My local library doesn’t have it (though I did submit a request for it), but I found recently that the library in the city I went to University does have it. In ebook form. And my card still works. So I’m excited to borrow it from a distance and read it.
    Cover image for Working on a song [e-book] : the lyrics of Hadestown

As I said, not a thrilling month for me, but that’s okay. I’m in a routine now with work, I bought a Nintendo Switch so I’m gonna be gaming more than I was, and I’m surviving the pandemic. What’s your February looking like?

That’s all for now!


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6 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead: February 2021

  1. When it comes to January- managed to read eight books. It was my birthday month as well- one of the gifts was the Original Broadway Soundtrack of Frozen.

    I have been fascinated by Hadestown since it swept the Tonys. Partly was due to my love of Greek Mythology

    • Hahaha Smallville’s opening is iconic, but I can’t recall any other lyrics other than those three words, despite hearing it like 200 times when I watched the show.

      • That’s the beauty of it! Since English isn’t my first language, when I watched it I couldn’t fully understand what they were singing but Smallville’s and Dawson’s Creek’s theme songs were ICONIC. I think I was 17 when I found out that she sings “I don’t wanna wait” in the DC’s song. Before It was just a string of vowels put together 😂😂😂

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