I’m Fine Not Being That Patriotic

Here’s what I don’t understand about patriotism and politics: how dedicated people are to it. It’s insane. Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian and Canada is seen as a joke or maybe because I’m just not a passionate, informed person, but I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that there are people so willing to do or say anything in the name of their country and/or political views.

Last week when watching the absolute hellscape that is the United States Of America and all the nonsense regarding the invasion of the Capitol, I just found myself so confused. How is it that so many people were so willing to stop whatever they were doing that day and go participate in that anarchy is beyond me. I don’t understand how their loyalty and absolute dedication to Trump is that strong.

I'm Very Concerned About What's Going On Right Now GIF.

I mean, like, who’s my number one celebrity crush? Darren Criss, probably. And if he asked me personally to go break into Canada’s Parliament building, I don’t think I’d do it. Like, sorry, Darren, but that sounds kind of weird and chaotic and illegal. Also, it’s January, so it’s cold outside. I think I’ll stay home and be a reasonable human being.

Even if Jesus drifted down from heaven and appeared before me and asked me to do such a thing, I’d decline. No offense to that guy in the bible who was about to kill his own son because God told him to, but I’m different. I’m just not someone who’ll blindly follow others like that, and especially not into such chaos. Nor do I know anyone who would do such a thing, so I don’t think it’s just me who’s not into it all.

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Critical thinking really is a dying art, and this is proven time and time again when it comes to politics, and not just American. Between the fake news and lying and manipulation, it’s just so sad that a system that is supposed to help the people and the county is doing the opposite.

To some extent, I can understand having biases. Racial biases, sexual biases, political biases, etc, I don’t know if anyone is completely free of them, as unfortunate as it is. But I do understand how some people depending on how or where they were raised can have stronger beliefs. I just don’t get how so many people are so keen to act on them in such harmful ways. At least the jerks in power are making money off their hideous actions, but what’s the average Racist Joe Shmoe getting out of it? Is it worth it to be such an antagonist, such a villain, such a heartless person?

It takes zero dollars and zero cents to be a nice person. It takes zero dollars and zero cents to think critically. It takes zero dollars and zero cents to unlearn toxic behaviour and mindsets.

You can do better gif.

Hopefully 2021 and Biden’s transition to power brings some sense of peace and normalcy and productivity to the American political system, and hopefully any other country dealing with a fight for human rights/reliable leaders can come together too. It’d be really cool if Canada’s leaders could stop travelling for fun and lying about it! Reminder that we’re still dealing with a pandemic, so we need to work together and care for one another that much more.


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3 thoughts on “I’m Fine Not Being That Patriotic

  1. I am not a right-wing extremist expert by any means, but I think that maybe partly what happened at the Capitol last Wednesday is people desperately wanting to act out their patriot-warrior-revolutionary-look-at-me-i’m-the-hero fantasies. I feel like a lot of conservative culture revolves around this idea of “protecting” your family and your rights (or whatever you believe your rights to be) and so many people are unable to translate that into anything but war scenarios. And then you combine that with the toxic white supremacy that pervades America so much that we can’t see that a more diverse, just, equitable society is good for everyone, and you get what we got on Wednesday. Ugh.

  2. Speaking of thinking critically:

    1) Loyalty to Trump is not patriotism. Neither is loyalty to Biden.

    2) Trump did not ask anyone to storm the building and break windows. Quite the contrary, he told them to go home.

    3) There is strong reason to believe that the Capitol storming was spearheaded by members of Antifa and/or BLM who infiltrated the protest and used their expert rioting skills (they’ve had a lot of practice) to lead the rest around by the nose.

    4) I do not endorse what happened at the Capitol, and I have realized that it is supremely important to never cross the line that separates you from being just like your enemies. However, this still pales in comparison to anything and everything the Left has done. One can only tolerate so much of that before going nuts and listening to the wrong voices, the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    5) There were THOUSANDS of peaceful protestors who had nothing whatsoever to do with storming the Capitol building.

  3. I absolutely agree with you! No matter how many times Trump screws these people over by passing tax cuts only for the rich and not having a COVID19 response, they are still loyal to him and firmly believe in the propaganda spread by Fox News and QAnon.
    It truly makes me sad.
    Here in Italy, we are in a difficult situation politically. We’re in a crisis and I sincerely hope it is resolved soon.

    You wrote: “It takes zero dollars and zero cents to be a nice person. It takes zero dollars and zero cents to think critically. It takes zero dollars and zero cents to unlearn toxic behaviour and mindsets.” and I think this is so important.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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