Sneeze Count 2020

pikachu holding sneeze count 2020 on a sign
Pikachu or Pik-achoo?

Welcome everyone to my eighth year of counting sneezes! Luckily for me, sneezing is not a symptom of Coronavirus, so as long as I covered my mouth when I did it, no one had an issue with my above-average bodily function!

In case you’re new here and bewildered by my hobby, yes, it’s all real and true! You can catch up on my sneezy history in these blog posts: 2015201620172018, 2019.

Anyway, onto the 2020 sneeze count stats.

sneeze count 2020

With a grand total of 1713 sneezes in 2020, I did sneeze less than last year, but this is not my all-time lowest. Due to the way the weeks align (as I start week counts on Mondays) and the Leap Day, 2020’s count covers 371 days.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the pandemic when looking at these stats. There’s no guarantee or proof that it really affected that much in terms of my numbers, but I do know that I am prone to a sneeze or three when in sunlight, and due to the lockdowns, I didn’t go outside nearly as much this past year, so there’s a chance I’d have higher numbers because of that or because of perhaps not seeing friends with pets as much.

In other sneezy news, a thing I did this year was combine all my bar graphs into one mega sneeze count chart. Because I had years of data already made, it took me a while to find software that would let me import it all in the way I had it arranged, but I manage to find Venngage, and now I have this that I can add to every year!

all years of sneezing
Yes, it’s blurry. Sorry. I couldn’t zoom in any more or get it any clearer for free…

As always, thank you for putting up with my weird hobby once a year. In case you haven’t noticed by now, I do this all mostly to amuse myself, as I really do find these stats and graphs deeply fascinating, and I just love looking at all the years in one chart like this. But I know many of you also enjoy it so I’m happy to share, and I hope this brought a smile to your face, even if it may have likely been accompanied by an eye roll.

That’s all for now!


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