Monthly Look Ahead: January 2021

Happy new year! I’d like to believe that all the drama and tragedy from 2020 is now left behind, but that’s not how the world works. Still, a new year can be seen as a fresh start if you want it to. Either way, it’s important to look forward to things, even little things, in life, and as much as sometimes these Monthly Look Aheads are boring or empty, I like being forced to think about the good things that are to come (I also like 12 guaranteed blog posts every year!). I asked on Twitter if I should continue with them, and people said yes, so here we are.

So, this January, here’s what I’m excited for, and you are more than welcome to make your own MLA post, or share your goodness in the comments!

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  • WandaVision, the first MCU TV show going directly to Disney+ is finally coming out after delays. It’ll be out on Jan 15th, and I’m excited. I think Wanda and Vision are two interesting but relatively unexplored characters, so it’ll be fun to have them as the stars in a show that looks different from any other MCU show.
  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist returns for season 2 on Jan 5th! My parents and I enjoyed this show and I’m looking forward to it coming back, even if I didn’t miss it that much over the summer.
  • Batwoman (with a new Batwoman) begins its second season on the 17th. I didn’t love the first season (though I didn’t hate it), but I’m interested to see how they work in a new lead character and what the fan response is.
  • I start my new job! I signed the papers in mid-December, but it made sense to start me in the fresh new year. I’m very excited.
    I gotta go to work! gif.

I hope you all have a great 2021, or at least a great January!

That’s all for now!

P.S. If you’ve been following me for at least a year, you may know what next week’s post is gonna be, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!


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