How Right Does Your Life Feel?

I think most adults, regardless of if they’re afraid of change or not, have to evaluate how right their life feels. As a young adult currently, I’m on the precipice of the rest of my life, and my decisions, which I now have the autonomy to make, can make worlds of difference, I have to ensure I use that power for good…or good enough.

with great power comes a ton of weird crap. gif.

Sometimes I wonder if my life is where it’s supposed to be or if I’ve made good choices. Was I right to go into the field I did? Was I right to go to the school I did? Am I right to be friends with the people I interact with? Am I unprepared for the real world? I’d imagine that if I were in a serious relationship, I’d be questioning that too.

Is this healthy or normal?

Is there a version of me in a parallel universe who made different choices and is so much better off because of it?

I do believe that I am slightly afraid of change…but who isn’t? The unknown is scary. I don’t want to settle. I want to be happy. I want to thrive.

In grade eleven, I had a chemistry teacher who I hated, but I vividly remember her often saying in her polish accent, “You riiiight!” and all in all, I just think it’d be really cool if, every time I made a decision in my life, she’d appear and validate me with that phrase.

Is That Too Much To Ask. gif.

What I do know is that a) I haven’t made any critically bad choices that would make someone say “ooh, yikes, yeah that was a big mistake,” and b) change is inevitable, so I better just embrace it as it comes. I recently got a job offer(!) after being laid off and unemployed for a lot longer than I would have liked, and unlike for some past jobs, I really do believe that it’s right for me, my career, and all that. I finally feel like my life is getting back on track, and it’s a wonderful, exciting relief. As the pandemic continues on into 2021, having that routine and normalcy and reason to get out of bed will be good.

I know there are people of all ages who read my blog, so I’d love to know if you’re also always unsure of what’s right or if the feeling wore off (as I also suspect it’s just a side effect of being in my 20’s).

what a stupid age i am gif.

That’s all for now!


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15 thoughts on “How Right Does Your Life Feel?

  1. Being closer to the late twenties than I like… I sort of get this… And whenever all these questions start getting to me, I just turn to my books… They know how to calm me down…

    • Uh-oh! It’s not a fun process at all, though I do think it can be important to check in and reevaluate once in a while. Hopefully you find contentment once again soon.

  2. As someone who is over 60, I can tell you for certain everyone questions their decisions at some point and that’s normal. No one wants to get to the end of their life to look back and wish they’d done something different. It is important to remember making mistakes is a part of life. What we need to do is take responsibility for them, clean up the mess, learn the lesson and move on. I have learned over the course of my life, so far, to occasionally ask myself if what I am doing is what is easy and expected of me or if it’s what my heart wants. I can tell you my heart has always been right, whether I’ve listened is a different story but that is where learning the lesson, cleaning up the mess and moving on comes in!

    • This is great advice and insight! There are certainly little mistakes I’ve made that I’d do differently if I had the chance, and I’m glad that’s normal. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I ate some bad Sushi the other day, and immediately knew it was all wrong. But It took me 20 some odd years to embrace Sushi as something that felt right. So what do I do now?!

    Jumping into the unknown is the right thing to do when your trajectory feels all wrong. When you jump, you never quite know where you’re going to land, but as long as you’re looking ahead, you’ll be closer to where you want to be. And your trajectory will start to feel right again.

    Every now and then you’ll land a perfect back flip.
    Sometimes you’ll break a leg.
    But what’s important is that you keep trying.

    I’m going to try Sushi again.

    • This is a great comment! I know that with almost every big change I make in life, that initial adjustment period can be so weird and feel so wrong, but eventually it’ll be okay, and even more than okay.

  4. Mistakes are made so we can learn. If you don’t learn then you’ll repeat the mistake. Life morphs and changes as we grow and change focus. Live your life. It’s good to question but don’t obsess…it’ll just make you doubt more. We all have a built in “gut instinct” and it is fairly accurate if you tune it in. You got this.

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