What’s The Point Of Middle Names?

I have a middle name. I don’t think about it that often, but I was recently talking to some friends, and the topic of our middle names came up. I only have one middle name, but one friend has two, and another said they don’t have one at all.

middle name Simpsons gif.

I don’t hate my middle name or anything, but it’s really done very little for me in life. I don’t really identify with the name as I’ve never been called it, and I almost never put it on forms, even if there is a box for it. I do use my middle initial in my main email, but that was because it was the only available username.

No one I know really uses their middle name, honestly. So what’s the point of having one? I looked up the history of them. Middle names have been used for hundreds of years. They apparently began in the Middle Ages when Europeans were torn between giving their child a saint’s name or a common family name. Later on in many places of the world, a middle name was a sign of higher class.

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So, basically there is no point to having one now. I suppose they’re somewhat useful in separating one Joe Smith from another Joe Smith, but even still, I don’t know how often such occurrences can arise in one’s life for one to really like and appreciate their middle name.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give a new baby a middle name, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t put effort into making sure it flows with the full name and all that, but maybe stop at one middle name, as two or more is just a paperwork hassle and, if we’re being honest, a waste of time.

But that’s just my opinion on middle names. I’m curious if others have differing opinions, though. You are of course welcome to talk about this in the comments, but I’ve also got some quick polls here.

That’s all for now!

middle name comic.
Here’s a comic about middle names that made me chuckle.


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15 thoughts on “What’s The Point Of Middle Names?

  1. My dad went by his middle name most of his life. He didn’t hate his first name, Grayson, but when he was a kid on the first day of school, his new teachers would always call him by his first name, reminding the other kids that they could tease him by calling him “Gracie.” So he went by Lee, his middle name.

  2. I don’t use my middle name but I like having it because both of my names are from my grandmother. Incidentally she actually had three names and went by the one that my parents chose to drop, lol. I need to learn more about why my name is a family name and whether it went farther back than my grandmother.

  3. I have a middle name and have never given it much thought because all my siblings have one and most of my friends growing up did, too. I don’t think they’re necessary but both of my kids have a middle name, too.

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