Monthly Look Ahead: August 2020

Welcome to August! Normally I make some comment like “August is the last chance to enjoy summer” but really no one has enjoyed this summer and I doubt this coming month will really change that. July was alright and so far, August seems to be on track to be decent, but I don’t have that much going on, and I apologize in advance. Nevertheless, here’s what it is:

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  • At the start of this year, my brother was doing an internship in a different city and when Corona got bad, he came home, but left some of his stuff behind. Now he/my family has to go get it, and I’m probably going to tag along because a change of scenery always does me good, and it’ll only be for the day, so it’s not a huge health risk.
  • I mentioned it in last month’s MLA too, but I’ve been kind of co-running a virtual quidditch league for friends, and season 2 of it starts this month. There are new features and teams and we’re really excited for people to try them out. It’s always good fun.
  • Agents Of SHIELD is ending for good this month and though I am very much not looking forward to its end, I do have faith that the finale will be really cool and I am excited to celebrate the legacy of this amazing show.

agents of shield s7 gif.

Job interviews picked up in July, so that’s nice. Fingers crossed for August. And fingers crossed we keep getting nice weather. Anything you’re looking forward to this month?

That’s all for now!


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