All I Want To Talk About Today Is The New Neon Trees Album

I was due for a post today and had one ready, but then I spent literally all day yesterday vibing to the new album from Neon Trees so this is what you’re getting from me now. I’m so sorry if you genuinely have no interest in their music, but also know that you’re wrong.

I Can Feel You Forgetting Me came out yesterday on Friday the 24th, and it’s in many ways a new vibe for the band but is still the pop/punk/alternative music I love from them. All their music over their career is just so fun and upbeat, and the songs on this album are no exception. It’s been six years since Neon Trees’ last album, Pop Psychology, so I was more than ready to hear this new stuff from them, and I was hitting play on every single they released as soon as I could.

Who's ready? I'm ready! gif.

Honestly, I’m so hyped that there’s new music and I have no chill so here is a track by track breakdown of my thoughts on this album.

  1. ‘Nights’ – As soon as I heard the chorus to this song, I was sold. It was so infectious and it quickly became my favourite song of the bunch. Such a powerful start to the album.
  2. ‘Used To Like’ – They released this single first way back in November and it was just an instant banger. I knew just from this song that we were in for some jams.
  3. ‘Holy Ghost’ – This is just so, so, so fun! It picks up so much at the chorus. Slaps.
    guy dancing to music on headphones gif.
  4. ‘Skeleton Boy’ – Compared to all the other songs on this album, this one’s not quite as strong and it’s probably my least favourite. Not only does it feel slower and quieter, but the chorus is a little more electronic-sounding than I prefer. That being said, it’s not a bad song at all.
  5. ‘Mess Me Up’ – It’s so nice of Neon Trees to write a song for when I start a new TV show. This is the haunting, deeper song on the album, but even it is still upbeat and catchy. It’s a lost-in-your-feels-at-2am kind of vibe.
  6. ‘Living Single’ – A fun middle of the road song. I like how it parallels the line in ‘Holy Ghost’ of “modern romance” with the mentions “modern love”.
  7. ‘Everything Is Killing Me’ – I adore the multiple singers (or is it layering? Or echo?) in this song. So groovy.
  8. ‘Going Through Something’ – This chorus is so catchy! And I feel like we’re, all to some extent, going through something, so it’s the most relatable.
  9. ‘When The Night Is Over’ – There’s a poppy, funky element in this song that makes it stand out for me. I dig it so much.
    great stuff gif.
  10. ‘New Best Friend’ – this isn’t my favourite song on the album but I think it would be the song to best enjoy live. Sing-yelling “crazy!” with a bunch of people just seems like the best time. I just love how it builds its way up to the hype.

As fun as their songs are, so many of them, especially on I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, are so honest when discussing relationships and feelings, and seriously, it had me wishing I had a broken heart so I could really feel it, ya know? Anyway, so please do yourself a favour and listen to this album. And their others as well because there is no shortage of absolute bangers from Neon Trees. You need them in your life. I don’t think ICFYFM is my favourite album from them, because Pop Psychology was it for me, but this album is overall really good and there are some songs on here that are definitely some of their all-time best.

I Can Feel You Forgetting Me album cover.

I am crossing my fingers that I won’t have to wait another six years for another album. I am also crossing my fingers that when Coronavirus clears up and live music is allowed to happen again, Neon Trees will tour and come to Toronto so I can go see them live.

If you need me, I’ll be listening to this album on repeat for the rest of my life probably the next month.

That’s all for now.


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4 thoughts on “All I Want To Talk About Today Is The New Neon Trees Album

  1. Do you know what is hard for me to wait for?

    Certain books- I don’t want handbook book, so sometimes I have to wait a while till the book I want comes in paperback.

    Along with musicals I want to See- I had to wait five years till I actually saw Rent in person.

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