Monthly Look Ahead: July 2020

And just like that, this dumpster fire of a year is half over. Welcome to July, y’all.

I, to no one’s surprise, still don’t have a lot going on. I spend my days playing video games and applying to jobs and thinking about reading books but in the end just scrolling through Instagram until I fall asleep. So, good times. Anyway, here’s what I’m looking forward to this July.

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  • Neon Trees were supposed to release their new album last month but with all the social issues going on, they decided to postpone it. Its new date is July 24th.
  • The musical Hamilton is being released on Disney+ on July 3rd. This is a big deal because it’s a great musical, but it’s also, as fas as I know, the first modern musical to be pro-shot and released professionally while it’s still running and popular. It was supposed to come out as a movie in late 2021, but they pushed it up. I saw it live in February, but I’m excited to see it in HD and with the original cast.
  • The Umbrella Academy finally has a season 2 date: the 31st. I liked the first season so I’ll definitely watch the second. Hopefully it has a great soundtrack the way season one did.
    Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Poster Hides Spoilery Easter Eggs | TVLine
  • A friend I used to play Muggle Quidditch with made a virtual version of the game and after doing a bunch of test games, we got old teammates from school to join in and we’ve got a little virtual tournament going. Preliminary games started a few weeks ago, but the knockout rounds will start this month, and I’m excited. I was content to just watch the games, but I’ve been playing as the Snitch. It’s all really fun and a good way for us to interact from a distance.

So that’s my July! Ontario also entered into Stage 2 of reopening, and things have been okay so far, so that’s good news for us and the rest of Canada. If only our neighbour to the south could get their act together for one minute…Anyway, make your own Monthly Look Ahead post, okay? Okay.


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