Monthly Look Ahead: May 2020

How are we doing, folks? Still staying at home, I hope.

April flew by and now May is here. Though it’s not what we want, I think I for one am a little more used to this new normal and can go back to looking forward to things like TV shows and stuff without feeling guilty and wrong. I hope you can do the same. So without further ado, here’s what I’m excited for in May.

monthly look ahead logo.

  • My favourite TV show is finally back for its seventh and final season. Agents Of SHIELD begins on the 27th at 10pm. I’ll be sorry to see this show go, but I’m so looking forward to saying a proper goodbye to it, and I trust that this last season will be very good.
  • The show Blindspot was supposed to begin its final season at the end of April but because of the Parks And Rec special, it got pushed into May. I enjoy this show a lot and the cliffhanger last season has me very excited to get back into the action.
  • The newest CW superhero show Stargirl starts on the 19th. It looks decent, and goodness knows I can never say no to an Arrowverse show.
    Stargirl still.
  • Ben Platt’s filmed concert will be put on Netflix on the 20th, and I’m excited because he’s such a good singer!
  • Season two of Dead To Me is also out on the 8th. I didn’t love the first season, but it was entertaining enough, so I shall continue.
  • There are more proshot musicals coming this month. I thiiiink I saw a tweet about a British theater streaming Fun Home, and Andrew Loyd Webber uploads his shows to YouTube one at a time every weekend, and Playbill last month streamed Bandstand so they may have a new one soon. I’m glad such content is being released because now is the time to lose yourself in a musical for two hours.
  • A few other shows I’m considering watching but am on the fence about so far are Hollywood (out on the 1st), Space Force (out on the 29th), and Upload (out also on the 1st).
  • There’s been a duck laying eggs in our backyard, and towards the end of the month, the eggs will hopefully hatch. There’ll probably be a blog post later on going more in detail about this, but it’s been very exciting for my family.
  • I’ve gotten into decent routines for quarantine socialization. From playing games online to sitting in cars and chatting through rolled-down windows to the curling club’s virtual Bingo, I’m glad to have friends and people to interact with, and I look forward to doing more of it in May.


So a lot of screen time going on, but what else am I to do? I’d love to know what you’re looking forward to in May.

And, because it’s tradition now, here is my favourite May: Melinda May. I can’t wait for her to be back on my screen.

May in 6x13 of SHIELD.
She got stabbed with that very sword and lived to tell the tale. Iconic.

That’s all for now!

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