I Still Love And Miss You, Clippy

I’m going to admit something very controversial: I like(d) Clippy.

Do you remember Clippy? He was that little paper clip Microsoft Word assistant. He could also take the form of a few other characters, like a dog or a wizard. Microsoft got rid of him ages ago, and he’s now the subject of memes galore. People hate Clippy. Sure, perhaps he was a little too talkative and didn’t really help you that much, but I liked him.

Clippy gif.

See, Clippy was around when I started writing on a computer way back in 2007. I was in grade six and decided to write the next big novel. Picture little me alone in the corner of a cold unfinished basement, typing away at my dad’s desktop computer after school. I didn’t know much about computers or Microsoft Word or writing, and no one was there to teach me or keep me company (my brother was off playing mini sticks by himself). So who was my companion during this time? Clippy. Always there, always smiling, and always ready to try to help, if I ever needed it. His existence made me feel less lonely.

So I was sad when he was gone from later versions of Word. Once my family got a laptop, no longer was computer use regulated to the cold basement, which was good, but Clippy was gone.

i miss him gif.

I wish we had the option to use him still. If people wanted that feature off, they could have it, but I assure you, writing essays in university or updating my resume would have been so much better if I had that friendly little face on the side of my screen.

These days, we have Alexa and Siri as virtual helpers if we so choose, but they don’t have a physical form. They don’t feel like a friend. I mean, heck, Alexa feels like an eavesdropping spy (because she is one). How can people tolerate these bodiless know-it-all robots but not cute characters like Clippy? It’s hypocritical. It’s unacceptable.

judgemental gif.

So I’m making it clear. Even as the haters go on dragging Clippy’s name and legacy through the mud, he’ll always have a special place in my heart. I still love and miss you, Clippy.

That’s all for now!

Clippy sticker gif.


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