9 Alternative Things You Definitely Should Do While Stuck At Home

So you’re in quarantine. Self-isolation. Social distancing. Sorry, I just needed to get those keywords in. Anyways, maybe you have work to do still and aren’t as bored. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re like me and have been unemployed for months, so these weeks of panic and staying home are really nothing different for you except that job postings are slowing down and you can’t go curl a few times a week.

And while you can just binge watch Netflix and I’m sure there are 5001 articles and posts suggesting fun shows/movies to watch during this time, I’m here to outline some…other things to do with your time. You’ll thank me later.

hear me out gif.

  1. Clean up your email inbox. Whether you have 20 unread emails to 20000, get rid of ’em. Doesn’t seeing that number bother you? Just thinking about it bothers me. Now, you could just mass mark them all as unread, or you could take time to unsubscribe from silly mailing lists and organize your inbox so they don’t pile up again. I never want to see another Tweet like “lol look at how many emails I’ve yet to open! Didn’t even know it could go that high lol” because there’s no excuse for not having time now.
  2. Memorize all the lyrics to the musical Hamilton. This is a three-fold goal because a) you can appreciate the beauty of the lyrics and great songs, b) you can flex on people who don’t know the lyrics, and c) you can prepare for when the movie is released in theaters next year. So sit down and don’t get up until you can recite ‘My Shot’ in its entirety.
  3. Watch TikTok compilations on YouTube as a crash-course in youth culture. Don’t let yourself be that one loser who doesn’t know what Renegade is.
    tiktok logo.
  4. Read the novel your best friend wrote two years ago because I know she gave you a copy.
  5. Play the Alphabet Game. This can go on for ages, and I know this because about ten years ago, my brother and I once played over a weekend, and it was so intense that we haven’t played since.
  6. Train yourself to see Magic Eyes if you can’t do it already. It’s possible. (Related: this blog post on how to make your own Magic Eye, which is weirdly one of my most popular posts)
  7. Pull out your Nintendo 64 from the back of that closet and beat that one game you could never finish. Simultaneously, if you have young-ish kids, introduce them to the wonderful world of crappy graphic games. Remember when Link looked like this?
    N64 Link.
  8. Organize and maybe label your drawer full of random chargers and wires and cords. This tip is brought to you by the fact that three days ago, I almost started a fire by somehow charging the TV remote overnight with a Blackberry charger (no one in my family has a Blackberry????) and apparently the batteries got very, very hot.
  9. Put on your old wedding dress or prom dress. Have a fancy day. Just ’cause. Bonus: counteract the formal attire by speaking in pig latin all day only.

Like last week’s post, this is a little jokey. It’s the only way I know how to be right now. I didn’t want to give y’all some downer post on COVID-19 because I’m sure you see enough of that on the 24/7 news channels, and honestly, my family and I are totally fine. And I considered posting one of the non-coronavirus posts I have written, but it just feels weird. Like, denial or something. But I promise this will be the last one for a few weeks at least. Back to regularly programmed nonsense after this.

Take care of one another. Stay home. Do your best in these trying times. I’ve been at home for months now, and it’s not that bad. You’ll find things to do. And if you really do need TV or movie recommendations, hit me up!

Inside Good, outside bad.

That’s all for now!


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11 thoughts on “9 Alternative Things You Definitely Should Do While Stuck At Home

  1. Lololololoololololol. What is renegade anyway? My sister and I used to play Atlas with so much intensity and focus that we controlled our pee to keep the game going on

  2. Honestly have no idea- but some ideas.

    Still can work on this blog; continue reading The Odyssey; outlining/planning my next two WIPS (Lizzy the Lizard and Greatest Discovery)

  3. Awesome post! Very informative and easy to read! If you have a minute to spare, can you check out my first ~real~ blog post? I just published it and I am eager to promote it on my socials but wanted to get some other blogger insights on it first! If you like what I have to say, hit that “like” button and let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Thank you so much in advance!!

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